Clean Clean Clean!6/28/2011 10:38:46 PM

Pros: Beautiful 23'' Bright LED, crisp 2ms, Thin! A desktop saver. cant say enough great things about watching things in 1080p! All the pros have been said i think.

Cons: *Limited Base Mobility, Flimsy (during assembly dont grip the base separately from the screen if you move it around) * Not VESA compliant( ill probably end up modding a mount to the back of it with some double sided sticky tape. def not dual monitor friendly changed my mind about two) * Buttons are quirky (not responsive all the time, also its touch sensitive, so you must touch somewhere on the bottom.front.edge on the monitor) * Shiny Black Surface ( Flat black or/always Matte Black.. finger prints suck, and whats worst is dust.)

Overall Review: Nothing is Perfect and so Newegg should update its rating system. I think it needs more diversity. the Egg system can be misleading. Am i rating the newegg services? or am i rating the product. So many times i see people "not drop an egg" because of how much they like new egg, but sometimes the products needs a separate overview. . *got this at a steal! ty newegg :)

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Beauty and Beast5/20/2011 7:08:40 PM

Pros: Amazing Design, nothing new to say that others already havent expressed * Unparalleled Cable Management. * Built in Fan Controller * Modular Drive Bays * Beefy Construction * Beautiful Scheme, * Built in Dust Screens * etc etc.. Cosair Made me fan! they listen to the enthusiast and deliver what more can i say

Cons: Little Price, but its top of the line in design and looks and features. this is for the enthusiast! Anyone need help building a box? this is a pure joy to assemble and look awesome at after the work has been done.

Overall Review: Bigger Fan Controller on the next box, Higher Wattage, perhaps a replacement for it, if they make the case modular, different mesh, that would be cool. Change parts.. get HEPA filter inserts.. think out of the box. they clearly have in the box mastered :) maybe more u

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