Meh...10/6/2005 8:25:25 PM

Comments: I don't know if I'm just unused to them or what, but this set of head phones just seems FLAT. Slightly above average highs and midrange, and really no bass, period. Don't think that I'm being overly critical of cheap hardware either... I had a pair of MX350's before I bought these, that had dramatically better sound reproduction. On the other hand, I did change over from a Rio Nitrus to an Ipod Mini, so maybe the Nitrus just has better sound reproduction... I don't know...

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Excellent9/12/2005 9:22:48 PM

Comments: My old CRT pales in comparison to this set... However, noticed a small amount of ghosting while watching "The Matrix", on the seen where Neo is talking to Morpheous in the dark room...(not that big a deal) Excellent color reproduction with digital images, games, movies etc. and a lot of room to work with on my desktop. Biggest issue I have with this LCD is that the power LED is yellow, and not blue. (I want it to match my coolermaster praetorian. It's that good. Buy it.

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!!Awesome!!9/23/2004 5:22:22 PM

Comments: 3DMark03-12224-with only enhance mode, no extra overclocking- Performs better in 3D Mark than some X800 XT's (probably not overclocked) At certain points during the 3DMark 2003 tests, achieved 500 fps, that's not a misprint. Cool & Quite (But not silent) One suggestion I have to those complaining about how load it is- Get a pare of decent headphones, when playing games, watching movies, and listening to music, I can't hear my computer at all! (I have a nice pare of Sennheiser Studio Head Phones and an Audigy 2 Platinum, very nice) System Specs: -Athlon 64 3400+ w/ 1 mb L2 cache -MSI K8N Neo Platinum w/ Dynamic Overclocking Technology -1GB Corsair PC3200 XMS memory -Coolermaster Preatorian Silver Aluminum Case

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