Great Product6/2/2012 7:28:41 PM

Pros: Solid Build Quality Outlets are well, if not perfectly spaced

Cons: Need to have a standard outlet, as in screw in the middle for the wall plate. I had to replace me newer outlets. Not exactly sturdy, not terrible but onme screw isn't much to hold it in place, a modern two hole wall plate set up would be better

Overall Review: Very happy with this, especially since I got it on sale. Currently using it for TV cable box and HTPX

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Nice but not perfect5/19/2012 12:40:45 PM

Pros: Solid, lifetime warranty, good grip on the handles

Cons: The smallest of the set slips a little bit after it's set

Overall Review: I got these on sale, and for the price, I'd buy them again.

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Couldn't Ask for More11/8/2010 8:48:52 AM

Pros: Very Sturdy. Easy Setup. Thumbscrews!

Cons: Possibly the Color of the Base.

Overall Review: I checked out several different options to replace my pathetic excuse for a monitor stand I had been using, my Civ III collectors tin plus the factory stand that came with my Samsung 915N 19" 4 by 3 monitor. I was intent on going with an arm setup until I ran into this stand for much less and, what I hoped, was much less of a hassle. I couldn't be happier. The assembly was very easy, the inclusion of thumb screws to attach the monitor was a brilliant idea and the hardest part was getting my old stand off. I didn't have to adjust the tension screw at all and after about 2 min. of adjusting it just right and then readjusting it, which was extremely simple, after a couple hours of use I really could not ask for more. I even got lucky enough that my center speaker sits snuggly inside the ring that makes up the base of the stand. I can't comment on larger displays, yet, but for an older 19" 4 by 3 monitor, this is perfect and a much better solution than my previous one.

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Run Away from EVGA9/22/2010 9:04:05 PM

Pros: This was a solid card when I bought it. In fact one of the best I've owned but, unfortunately, like my EVGA 8800 GTS I had to replace due to over heating, no not an airflow issue the problem was with the card, I cannot recommend this card if you want it o last more than a year.

Cons: I'm currently running into the same overheating issue I eventually had with an 8800 GTS, one of two I bought for my old computer and then passed one onto my girlfriend to play WoW with and the other onto my uncle to watch TV on his computer with, yeah I know. His is still running fine so it may just be my luck. This is not an airflow issue, I've been using the card because my girlfriend wanted one with an HDMI output so we could plug her computer into the TV easier. The 260 GTX is currently in a HAF 932 case with all fans working properly and I even added a couple extra. No other components are having issues but the card gets hot enough that when I touch the air ouput of the card on the back of my case it almost burns me. It's shut down once already, which is when I noticed the issue, and now I listen for the fan to kick up and shut down before the card does it for me. My last two motherboard purchases and last four GPU purchases have been from EVGA.

Overall Review: Because my girlfriend didn't know she had to, and this is at least partially my fault, she didn't send in the registration card so we are S.O.L., it happens, not EVGA's fault but the continuing trend of obviously bad design is. Granted it took 3 years for one of my 8800's to go out for the same reason but two generations later we're down to less than a year. Take my advice, go Gigabyte, MSI, BFG, at this point I'll even support Asus although it hurts, over EVGA. I've been a loyal supporter of their products for years and I am not asking for special treatment as far as the warranty issue goes, our fault, our problem, but if their products are going downhill this fast jump off while you still can, I am.

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Replacing GE Digital 28223EE311/13/2009 10:57:38 AM

Pros: The pros so far really outweigh the few small cons. Let's start with my girlfriend's favorite and requested feature, the Caller ID list will let you erase either one name at a time or all of them. Yeah I don't get it either but there you go. The number buttons are big and responsive and seem to be made pretty well. The menu stick in the middle of the phone works really well and it's used almost like a mouse instead of another ripped off round directional key. As I said there is no speed dial but the phone book works pretty well, hit the phone book button then the key that begins a name, say 4 for G H or I and you'll get the first name in your book that starts with a G. Continue to hit it and you'll skip to the next name in line within that set of letters or number. The voice mail is very easy to access through the handsets. I've read some complaints about the sound level but we actually turned these down so no trouble there. The signal has also always been very strong, unlike the GEs.

Cons: First, there is no speed dial, which my girlfriend does like to use but I don't so again nothing terrible yet. The size of the Talk and Off buttons could be a bit bigger, I did occasionally hit Mute before I hung up on someone, but I'm probably just used to the huge toggle buttons on the GE. There are a total of seven ring tones (three tones and 4 melodies) and all of them are pretty annoying. I stuck with tone 1 as it's the closest you'll come to a standard ring tone. The talking Caller ID is nice but it takes two rings to answer and pronounces many names wrong, no big deal there and kind of funny at first, especially when a name runs off the screen and my doctor is called Willi instead William. Over time though if you use these at a home office this feature will start to wear on you.

Overall Review: I'd buy these phones again. I'd recommend them to anyone as long as they don't have any joint problems as the small Talk and Off buttons could be a problem. If I could improve anything it would have to be the included ring tones, tone 1 is not bad enough that it bothers me but some more choices so we could tell when it's either of our families calling during dinner instead of a telemarketer without the Talking Caller ID on would be nice. I'm lobbying my girlfriend to get that turned off, I work online at home and constantly get calls and faxes coming in so the uniqueness of this feature is wearing thin. One thing I didn't touch on, the build quality is very good all around and the designers really seem to have taken their time here. One last thing for anyone wondering if the NiMH AAA batteries you already have at home will work in these phones, the included batteries are HHR-65AAABU 1.2V Min 630 mAh.

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First Impressions8/21/2009 12:15:46 PM

Pros: I did a couple quick speed tests to see what this could do after I reformatted it using NTFS. For a 4.58g file it took 6:47 to copy while I was working; surfing, printing, etc. I was hoping for closer to 1g per min. but I can definitely live with this speed. I then reformatted the drive and copied a 83.2m file in 35 sec. Again I was hoping for better but no complaints. This was on my XP machine btw which I reformatted yesterday.

Cons: The one complaint I do have is that the USB doesn't lock when pushed out. It's not a big issue but it's worth noting. Another very small point if you're using a HAF 932 or Antec Nine Hundred case you won't see the orange activity light because the Cruzer goes in upside down.

Overall Review: Overall I would recommend this drive. It's a small adjustment getting used to the way the drive plugs in compared to a caped or locked USB drive and the download speeds could be a little better but for $44.07 with two day shipping I really can't complain. If you want to look elsewhere I was looking at either the Kingston Data Traveler 100 (cheaper) or the PNY Attaché (more expensive). As always Newegg got this to me very quickly.

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Update2/15/2009 2:41:58 PM

Pros: Stated earlier, overall a great case and am planning on buying a second.

Cons: I mentioned rattling earlier as well but fixed that with a few thin rubber washers between the 5.25 bays and the plastic sides near the side doors. Can't tell they are there and the case is whisper quiet again. New problem is that one half of one of the casters split off, had the same thing happen with a caster from a stacker case. Looking for solid replacements but finding it tough to find anything better than plastic. Cool Casters (yea) has a good selection but I can't find the right size.

Overall Review: Overall a great case, still. I make sure to clean off the outside of the case once a week and the inside once a month because of the lack of filters but it is a very fair trade for the air cooling I get.

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A few small problems12/22/2008 7:18:05 AM

Pros: Solid build, never scratched or cut myself assembling my computer within this case, plenty of cable management possibilities, plenty of space between the motherboard tray and right panel to hide wires, power and reset buttons are plastic but do not feel cheap at all, very quiet without having to change fans, front eSata port (two would have been nice), dual slots for power supplies if you don't run your water hoses out the back. side panels are very easy to use. Big difference between this case and the Stacker 830, this is a good thing.

Cons: Minor cons first: the front I/O panel feels pretty easy to break especially at the bottom, if you are using a sound card in a PCI E x1 slot and switch between 5.1 speakers and headphones often the top slot is almost impossible to see. The only larger con I have is an occasional rattle, it must be a fan (my hard drives are screw*d in) rubbing against the case because if I touch the left panel or the front grill it stops momentarily. I unhooked the left fan so it must be the front, I hope.

Overall Review: This case replaced my Cooler Master Stacker 830, the worst case I have ever owned and I've owned a Thermaltake Kandalph. The HAF 932 is a very nice case with a few minor problems, as long as you have a second PCI E x1 slot, are gentle with the front I/O and can find or deal with the occasional rattle, if you have it, then this may be the case for you. On the other hand, I was looking for something fairly basic, if you are looking for more I have heard good things about the Thermaltake Spedo Advanced just be careful with the feet.

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First tinme with Mushkin4/11/2008 7:04:37 AM

Pros: Very solid, no BSOD, no DOA. I'm still running Win XP though. Upgrading to Vista 64 next week. I was a little worried about how they would work with my EVGA 6801 because it can be finicky, but this was not a problem. I have not overclocked them yet though.

Cons: Packaging was a bit weird, they came in a DVD box. I was expecting something similar to Crucial's packaging. No Damage though but they slipped very easily out of the slots built into the side.

Overall Review: When I was looking for the Redlines NewEgg was out so I ordered them straight from Mushkin, big mistake. It took them 6 days to ship them and a total of 10 days to arrive. The worst part, it was like pulling teeth to get any information out of them. 3 emails later and asking for my money back if they didn't ship them on the day they did finally got them to ship them out. They said the reason shipping was delayed was for quality purposes. The website said they were in stock so what could quality possibly have to do with anything? I personally would have gone with Crucial if I knew what a fight it would be to get them shipped. If it is this hard to get them to ship their product how hard will getting a replacement be?

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Good case with a BIGGER flaw11/8/2007 8:24:45 AM

Pros: I wrote a review last month, Good case with a BIG flaw, mainly complaining about the rattling side panels. Unfortunately i now have a new problem. I have owned this case since 4.20.7

Cons: The new con, the power button has stopped working. For the past week or so it has been temperamental but I still managed to turn my machine on without having to open it up. I've owned this case for less than 7 months and although it is still not the worst case I have ever owned, the Kandalph, it is pretty close. This is the first case, out of the 7 others I have owned, to have a faulty power button and all but one of those other 7 cases are still being used by members of my family. For a case costing this much to have so many design flaws is ridiculous. My girlfriends Aerocool, that she choose and I hate, is a better case than the stacker 832.

Overall Review: Bottom line, if you absolutely must have this case make sure your motherboard includes a power button and buy some duct tape to keep the side panels from rattling if you want a quiet case. Personally I'll be ordering either a Lian Li PC-201 or possibly a Cosmos, but since Cooler Master built this case and the Cosmos I'm not sure I want to give than a second chance.

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Good case with a BIG flaw10/20/2007 10:20:48 AM

Pros: Reversible door. Power and reset buttons on top, no need to open a door. Plenty of ventilation. Blowhole fan doesn't get in the way, aka Kandalf and Armor cases. Removable motherboard tray. Toolless design.

Cons: The big flaw, side panels rattle and are more difficult to remove and replace than they need to be, simply a bad design. Fan filter inserts are very picky, may have to trim them to get them back in the frame, could easily be fixed by adding a frame to the inserts that fits into the fan frame. The fish, although it hides scratches well, shows every speck of dust and cannot be cleaned by a paper towel or wipe because they will leave lint, must be cleaned by a vacuum.

Overall Review: Most of the cons are somewhat minor but the rattling side panels are a very noticeable and annoying noise, if you are looking for a quiet case look elsewhere. I wish I had seen the Lian Li PC-201B, better style, in my opinion, and Lian Li's quality build.

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Hit it again7/5/2007 8:08:02 PM

Pros: 1. Exterior Power and Rest buttons 2. The door will not open on it's own 3. Easy access to install/uninstall optical drives 4. Blow hole fan 5. Included casters 6. Plenty of room for a PC Power and Cooling 750 quad PSU 7. Easy access to the motherboard tray 8. Great ventilation 9. Thumb screws for the PCI-E, etc. cards

Cons: 1. The big one, side panels. Horrible design and worse to live with. Get used to the rattling or hit the case occasionally 2. Top front of the case is plastic 3. The door will swing shut on it's own if on carpet 4. Would have been nice to see the PSU at the bottom

Overall Review: If you use the blow hole fan MAKE SURE YOU REMOVE THE FILTER INSERT! If you are looking for a large case check out the Lian Lee PC-201, you can usually find it cheaper and after a few months of rattling you'll wish you had gone elsewhere. The 832 is a better than average case but I cannot give it a 4 until the side panel issue is finally taken care of. Four generations are too many not to notice and change the side panels.

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The best.7/5/2007 12:52:23 PM

Pros: 1. The finish is different but not an eyesore 2. The texture on the sides is perfect and lasts 3. Adjustable weight 4. Adjustable Sensitivity 5. Quality cord sheathe

Cons: 1. A single thumb button (some people see this as a negative, I do not) 2. The mouse starts in medium sensitivity, 90% of the time I use high 3. Old style (clicking) thumb wheel

Overall Review: Make sure you pick up skates. If you are looking for a mouse pad check out I haven't tried the new Beathe mat yet but I love the original.

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Update6/23/2007 7:15:18 AM

Pros: This is a fine case, honestly it's one step from greatness. The fan door was a great idea, the removable fan holders are very well built and thought out (remember to remove the insert if you use the blowhole fan), no removable of the door to install new optical drives is brilliant.

Cons: The single con I have for this case, besides the minor annoyance of the front door swinging closed on it's own while on carpet, are the side panels. They are very poorly designed and very difficult to adjust to. If you do not put the door on in the correct spot, exactly, you will either end up with a panel that won't budge or the back of the bottom will stay open. When you do find the correct spot you really have to bang on the back of the panel to close it. This is really unforgivable given the many generations the Stacker has gone through and the obvious thought Cooler Master put into the rest of the case.

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Best yet5/3/2007 5:54:41 PM

Pros: You know what the board looks like so let's make this simple, almost everything works perfectly. This is the first time I haven't needed to install a sound card, onboard audio sounds as good as my X-Fi card does, but I am only using 2 speakers from my 5.1 set so it may be different with a 5.1 or higher.

Cons: While the LED error display is a great idea it is not used effectively, for instance, I didn't plug my video card in all the way and when I started to freak out that something was wrong all I got was a 7F error which means 'POST error check'. It's a small thing but if it's there it should be fully realized.

Overall Review: This board replaced a MSI Diamond Plus AMD board, which I liked, but in comparison I am much happier with this board and eVGAs service. Great to find easy to find driver updates for a change. I highly recommend this board to anyone. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the LED error display. BTW I haven't been using the included fan for the heatsink, the Zalman 9500 I'm using kind of gets in the way, but no problems so far.

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Best case I have ever owned, but...4/28/2007 9:06:32 PM

Pros: For the most part, excellent build quality. The 5in cover plates are incredibly well built, if you've ever owned a Kandalph or Armor you'll really notice a big difference. It is very easy to get to the plates, for a change you don't have to take off the door. Love that there is a blow hole fan that doesn't get in the way (ala Kandalf). The built in handle is extremely study, I never worry when I use it. The power/reset buttons on the outside were the reason I chose this case, I hear Klunk! enough when I have to open the front door, limiting the number of times I hear that is a great idea. If your house has carpet the wheels (included) will make a big difference since there is a bottom intake. Plenty of room for a large powersupply. The fans that come with it are very quiet. Thumbscrews instead of a single bar or plastic latches (again ala Kandalf) are a great idea. Love the latches for the motherboard tray.

Cons: I HATE THE DOORS! They look great but they are easily the worst doors I have ever dealt with through more than half a dozen cases from various manufacturers. The doors on my girlfriends weird Jet Engine looking like case from Aerocool are easier to get back on. I mean the 830, the Evo, the 831 and the 832 and STILL the same c**ptacular doors? REALLY?! The motherboard tray is a bit on the flimsy side. I love the side fan rack but they need to put three raised edges on the tabs or something a thumb can grab onto. The hard drive cage is nice but 1. I wouldn't put more than two drives in it and 2. When you put it back together look for the arrows on the side, the panels are not interchangeable. IMHO they didn't need to go this way, I obviously didn't catch it and scratched up the inside of my case. One big pet peeve, the door will swing shut, at least on my carpeted floor.

Overall Review: After all that I would still buy this case again but if coolermaster ever figure out that they need to replace the horrible side panels I'd pass this one to my brother and get the new one, they are that annoying. If you want to go elsewhere I was thinking about going with the Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570, the one problem I did notice was the power and reset buttons were very cheap. Trust me when I say this, if nothing else stay away from the Armor and the Kandalph, the work great for awhile but after a year and a half I really started to hate that case. The Mozart though looks fine. If you do buy this case look into a Zalman 9500 (works great with my eVGA 680i) and three coolermaster Silent fans, I got the fans at Performance PCs, I'm sitting about three feet away from my computer now and I can hear the TV in the bedroom through three walls and about 40 feet away.

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NewEgg Shipping4/24/2007 11:17:17 AM

Pros: Single rail, much less than the 1kw model but should be able to use 2 8800 GTX in SLI according to reviews I've read, best PSUs in the business.

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: I have not installed this PSU yet, waiting on more parts from NewEgg. It was delivered in the retail box, no packaging peanuts, etc. The box was torn up either at NewEgg or by the people in brown, either way it shouldn't have been shipped like it was. Luckily no dents that I can see. Ask for it to be packaged in a separate box.

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The best mouse I have ever owned4/13/2007 9:11:09 AM

Pros: Excellent design, rough rubberized side where you place your thumb. USB cord sheather in cloth instead of plastic. The most responsive mouse I have owned in over a decade and a half. Weighted insert lets you decide what feels right to you. Overall this is the best mouse on the market for gamers, no weird or useless gimmics. And no software needed.

Cons: One kinda bad thing I don't like, when the system starts up the mouse immediately goes to the middle setting, I always use it on high, very small thing.

Overall Review: Buy an Ulti-mat to go with it and you will be unstoppable.

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It's all downhill from here4/13/2007 8:55:43 AM

Pros: The modular power and reset buttons are a great idea. Solid build. I preferred the HD cage at the back for a few months until it began to be an annoyance.

Cons: The plastic expansion card holders are of good quality but pop out of their brackets very easily. There were a few cards I had to screw in, or tried to, the angle to get to the screw holes is a bit too steep, expect to ruin a few screws. The doors are horrible, easily the worst design I have ever dealt with. Over time the KLUNK! every time you close them will become unbearable. When opened they tend to swing back a bit. The side latches work well but it would have been nicer to have one latch as I get into my system often when it is in a standing position. The location and the cover of the top USB, etc. plugs is a terrible idea in my opinion. The plastic clips used to hold the 5.25 drives are cheap although I never had one break on me. I went through three power supply upgrades, not one would fit through the back. To install from within the case you have to remove the top fan, the bracket that holds it and the back HD cage if you are using it. The 5.25 bay covers break easily.

Overall Review: IMHO the Gigabyte Aurora 3D 570 and the Coolermaster Stacker 830 EVO or 832 are much better cases. The gigabyte will even save you a few buck. The reason I am currently choosing between these two is simple, both cases doors close tightly and in the Stackers case I don't have to open them to get to the power/reset buttons. Spend 18 months with the Kandalph and you'll be looking alot closer at your cases doors too. If you are dead set on a Thermaltake look at the MozartTx, although taller than wide it is a great design inside and out.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Be careful!4/9/2007 3:03:49 PM

Pros: The Pros are well documented everywhere you look

Cons: as are the cons

Overall Review: If you are planning to buy an upgrade package instead of a full version be careful! Some versions of Vista will not allow you to upgrade depending on the version of XP you currently use.

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What's that smell?4/6/2007 6:53:40 PM

Pros: I like the modular cable connections from the power supply, unlike a cheaper Ultra PSU the connections cannot slip out over time.

Cons: I ordered this PSU to replace a Corsair 520 which I ordered to replace a clicking Ultra 550. I had a few random reboots so I bought the 850. Unfortunately within two weeks after I installed the new PSU my computer started having small problems, sound card, Machine_Check _Exceptions BSOD, occasionally wouldn't boot. A few days later I smelled something odd coming from the computer when I started it up. I couldn't get the computer to boot, chged the PSU, no change. Checked and double checked everyhting and no luck. I took it into my normal shop and today they told me My Motherboard, CPU, primary video card and possibly the RAM (checking it in the morning) aren't holding power.

Overall Review: If you have the cash don't take a chance, pick up a PC Power and Cooling PSU, I'll never buy anything else ever again.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Better than the movies12/13/2006 12:41:11 PM

Pros: Excellent story and the same characters and voice actors you know from the movies

Cons: They didn't make these into live action movies

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