Bang for buck6/4/2020 1:48:00 PM

Pros: +Runs fairly quiet +Aesthetically pleasing +Plays almost all games maxed out at 1080p

Cons: -VERY long card -Power inputs offset from the far right edge

Overall Review: I wanted more power than the 5500 XT could deliver, and this definitely does it. It's sleek and has an unobtrusive design that perfectly meshes into my case (albeit after some awkward fitting). It's a 5700 XT under MSRP, what more could you want?

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review! We're happy you are pleased with your new product. If you have any questions moving forward, please contact us at XFX Support
For its price point, it's a great value5/21/2020 5:10:45 AM

Pros: -Silent under load -Low power draw -Plays all of my games at acceptable frames

Cons: -Official software (such as AORUS Engine) support is terrible, conflicts with AMD tuning software -4 GB may turn out to be a hindrance in the future

Overall Review: My Vega 64 sprung a leak and I didn't want to deal with maintenance anymore. I decided to get this as it was cheaper and came with RE3 and Ghost Recon. Overall, I'm happy with its performance for the price point. I can still stream, I don't have a jet engine blasting my ears, and since it sips power at a very low rate, I can expect savings in the coming years. Did I mention that it's aesthetically pleasing?

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It performs like it should... But...5/23/2019 2:13:39 PM

Pros: Compact Looks good Performs well

Cons: Extremely late Damaged fins due to no liner in the box

Overall Review: While I'm happy that the seller updated me when I asked, I'm disappointed at the quality control. Having a dented heatsink and bending the fins back is not fun!

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Good starter case5/3/2019 6:17:29 AM

Pros: +Lots of area to build in +Looks good

Cons: -Terrible cable management

Overall Review: While the side panel space is appreciated (and absolutely required for cable management on a non-modular supply), cable management is super frustrating and hard to work with.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Easy AMD installation5/3/2019 5:54:36 AM

Pros: +RGB controllable +Fairlyl silent

Cons: -Mini-ITX boards will require LPX RAM

Overall Review: Don't overclock with this. Temps get a bit hotter faster than stock, but plateau at a safe temp.

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Good looking and performing motherboard4/21/2019 10:24:02 AM

Pros: - Overclocking capability - Clean aesthetics - M.2 heatsink and located on front - Efficient UEFI settings - An I/O shield that's padded and doesn't have those ridiculous bending tabs

Cons: - Only two PWM fan connections - One-Three fan splitters don't have enough power through SYS FAN to function

Overall Review: - CPU power connection is next to CPU fan connection and hard to build with inside of a case at the top left

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Great potential12/5/2014 3:47:21 AM

Pros: +Can run games at 1080 +Good multi-core application compatibility +Runs great on Windows 8.1 +Portability

Cons: -Bad single-core application performance -Heat dissipation is mediocre -Wifi struggles when using VESA mount in an enclosed space -BIOS is a struggle to update -Don't expect to run "Ultra" quality settings

Overall Review: I bought this unit understanding that it won't be up to par with a traditional PC build. This, however, should not dissuade you from buying this as an HTPC or LAN gaming device. I was pleasantly surprised at the easy setup! Stripped my old laptop parts and popped it into this bad boy, making installation a seamless effort. Keep in mind that you will have to buy a product key with this method if you are using an OEM version of Windows 8.1. Most of my games ran at 30+ fps at relatively high settings, and that's all that matters to travelers. Another thing to note is that when you install the chipset drivers that your primary adapter is your 8550g graphics, whereas your linked adapter is your M275X. Since I've only owned this for a day, I can't tell which is used in my games, but will provide an update with more use of this little guy.

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