Works just fine11/11/2018 8:42:56 AM

Pros: No issues at all. Samsung Galaxy S8, in an Otterbox Commuter case.

Cons: No cons. I'm happy.

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Finally! A PC keyboard I like.10/8/2018 3:07:47 AM

Pros: In a former life I was a typesetter, so I know what I like in keyboards. Best PC board I've had before this was a now long-gone Northgate OmniKey Ultra, and nothing since could approach that for feel and precision — until this. I've had it for quite a few months, after spending far too much over the years on other keyboards. Gaming keyboards, wireless keyboards, wavy keyboards, angled keyboards, you name it. Mushy feel, lightshows, uncertain connections, wonky legends on the keycaps — one's keycaps showed the shift characters *under* the main characters, which turned out to be an amazingly irritating nuisance — and one thats legends started to wear off some keycaps within the first year. No issues with this Rosewill. It's a keyboard. It works. There are no superfluous keys for video games or whatever. The audible and mechanical feedback of the Cherry MX Blues are just right for me, although those preferences can be quite personal with people who spend a lot of time on the keyboard. And it cost a heck of a lot less than some I've blown money on. It's a good board.

Cons: Some reviewers have negatively commented on the angled USB connector. So far I've had no problems with it, but I do see that in my case the cable has to go out and down almost immediately to get behind the keyboard shelf, so there is some asymmetric load at the connection point. I expect it will be okay, as long as I don't inadvertently yank on the cable where it runs under the desk or something. Are the blue indicator lights for numlock, caps lock, and scroll lock a bit bright, as some have complained? Yeah, I guess they are a bit bright, now that you mention it, but not so bright as to be an issue for me. You're not looking directly down into them anyway.

Overall Review: Would I recommend? Sure, as long as you know what you know what you like in a keyboard and just want it to do its job.

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Does the job (I hope)12/18/2016 6:42:40 AM

Pros: Seems to function properly, but only an actual power outage will tell for sure. This one replaced a DirectUPS unit that saved my rear end several times over the years, until its battery finally died. Rather than search out a replacement, I went cheap-o and bought this unit, 700 VA rather than the 1000 VA I had. False economy. I had all my devices on the one plug into the DirectUPS, but this is no longer possible. When my printer starts up this UPS trips: stops instantly. Now my printer has to be plugged into a receptacle that is not connected to this unit. My outfit is not particularly complex or demanding, and it's not this unit's fault, but I should have stayed with 1000 VA. Maybe you should, too.

Cons: Alarm is a continuous, ear-splitting squeal that AFAIK cannot be turned off or changed to a civilized beeping. If the power goes out while I'm working and this unit has to take over, I will know anyway; I will save my files and shut down normally. If the power goes out when I'm *not* working I'm probably not going to be around, so why shriek for minutes on end into the empty room and disturb the whole neighborhood? This should be adjustable.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for taking the time to review our BN700MC. We appreciate the feedback and were sorry to hear about this issue. If you have a Windows PC you are able to connect to the UPS temporarily via the USB cable, you could install PowerChute Personal Edition software and disable the alarms on the unit. If you would like assistance with disabling the beeping, please contact one of our APC by Schneider support teams for further assistance. We offer email and chat services through our support site and you may also contact us directly at 800-800-4272 option 5.