Wonderful Tablet under 10"12/6/2013 2:07:02 PM

Pros: - Under 10" - Easy to hold in hand - very light - 8.3" LCD 1920x1080 - Very fast quad core snapdragon processor - microSD slot - speakers are positioned fine for a tablet. Purchased a bluetooth speaker for playing louder music, etc. - The LG Slide Aside, Qslide, Qpair, make multitasking a treat - mirrorcast works great, nothing like seeing and hearing your tablet on the TV

Cons: screen not that bright in sunlight.

Overall Review: I have had many tablets in the last 4 years including fruit. Last year purchased the top of the line Asus transformer infinity, to find out there was a system IO problem. Could not even browse the web without major lag, screen freezes while typing, etc. Thank the stars, the transformer could not swim and had to research for a replacement for work and slight gaming & SD slot. After all the research determined the Samsung note 8 was the perfect size. Only downfall was the resolution 1280x800, same on all their tablets/notes from 7, 8 and 10, until you get into the 2014 editions. After researching on the forums and testing at BB, found a Samsung's have a stuttering problem just like my transformer... :( So, more research and found about the LG Gpad 8.3. Perfect size, powerful, microSD slot.. :) At BB after they found the Gpad placed with the phones, :( Played with this thing for an hour, no hick-ups, no freezing, screamed through Anatutu benchmark. And it looks very cool. :) Have had this thing for nearly a month now and runs fabulously. I highly suggest to everyone.

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