low cost, low performance3/6/2013 8:04:40 PM

Pros: low cost. works with windows 8. easy to upgrade firmware. Faster load times

Cons: After first installing, crystal drive mark benchmark scores were seq read 224 MB/s seq write 175 MB/s. Far less than specified max speeds. after installing software the marks went down to 220 MB/s and 110 MB/s. My Seagate barracuda 1TB drives in mirrored array score 76 MB/s and 177MB/s.

Overall Review: Windows experience index score 7.7 are the only numbers I'm happy with. Am considering buying a PCIe adapter to try and get performance levels up. also considering buying a better SSD. But for now I don't feel that I wasted my time or money.

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It works3/2/2013 9:55:52 PM

Pros: Inexpensive and reliable. cas 7. does not need heat spreaders.

Cons: I could have and should have bought DDR3 1333. Gateway specs said PC used DDR3 1066 but it shipped with DDR3 1333 installed. I should have checked. My bad, memory good.

Overall Review: Works well in three channel with my FX6800 i7 920 x58 system. windows experience score 7.4 with Windows 8.

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Nice drives3/2/2013 9:38:12 PM

Pros: Silent operation. No seeking noise at all. Drives stay relatively cool. Very inexpensive.

Cons: I ordered two drives for a mirrored array and the drives came with different part numbers and different firmware numbers with the same model number. Both drives had up to date firmware so I could not update them to the same firmware.

Overall Review: Windows experience score 5.9 as expected. Crystal disk mark benchmark scores as follows; 1M sequential read 76 MB/s, Write 175 MB/s. 512k random read 42 MB/s, write 84 MB/s. 4k random read .6 MB/s, write 1.4 MB/s. Queue depth 32 4k read 3 MB/s, write 1.4 MB/s. The sequential write speed is 2 MB/s faster than my XLR8 SSD which scored 223(read) and 173(write), WEI score 7.7 Never trust a hard drive! Back up your data!!!! Mirrored arrays will not save you from Trojans, viruses or hackers. To the cloud! Why not? It's free.

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High quality cables3/2/2013 8:12:59 PM

Pros: Cables attach securely. Great price. fast delivery.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Left angle connector directs the cable up from the sata connector on the back of the drive instead of down, like the right angle connectors do.

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Does the job3/2/2013 8:00:18 PM

Pros: Can hold two drives. Comes with screws for mounting two drives to the bracket and screws to mount the bracket to the drive bay. Shipping was fast and free.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Made of plastic. Simple and effective.

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I love Windows 82/1/2013 9:28:43 PM

Pros: Super fast, easy install. Live tiles are great. Beautiful interface. Smooth as silk. Feels like a big leap forward. Even has an app store like Google play and the apple store with tons of free or paid apps like smart phones and tablets have.

Cons: Few and far between, kind of a steep learning curve. Drivers for old hardware may not exist yet or ever. No 3 computer upgrade packs. Windows defender didn't stop the FBI lockout virus from taking over my computer. Fast and easy to reinstall to fix though.

Overall Review: Makes me want a touch screen so bad. Feels very fresh and new. Best Windows ever. Very happy with Windows 8.

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