Self Contained5/4/2015 12:03:30 PM

Pros: No maintenance, self contained, quiet and keeps the CPU chilled.

Cons: The installation was a little bit more trouble than just sticking it in. The hoses are very stiff. And since I did not purchase a corsair case, I had a bit of trouble getting the cooling block to sit easy on the CPU. I didn't want strain on the clamps or CPU. Next time I'll buy a Corsair case, as I've heard this is what I should have done.

Overall Review: A friend suggested I get a system that cools all the chips on my pc (CPU, GPU's, Bridge, etc...) but honestly, this was the cheapest, and simplest way to get it done.

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great board5/4/2015 11:54:43 AM

Pros: Easy plug in. Doesn't feel too delicate, so I felt more confident handling the board. Awesome control systems for monitoring temp/overclocking etc... Works great with my selected components.

Cons: Mini-fan failed on me. My system, with a SSD, is very quiet, even gaming. When one of the 30mm fans failed on the board recently, it made an aweful racket, that scared me out of my seat. I couldn't find replacement fans from ASUS, so I tried aftermarket. Nothing with an exact match, so rather than have issues with a push-pull flow, I left it off. No issues otherwise.

Overall Review: I would suggest to ASUS that if they supplie hardware that CAN fail, they should offer some way of getting replacement parts for that hardware. They have a great lack of replacement equipment on their website.

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Excellent!5/4/2015 11:48:54 AM

Pros: Fast write, fast read. Boot speed with Win7 only: 13 sec. Boot speed with Win7, SWTOR, Office, ACAD: 16sec. I have been writing/deleting a lot more than I thought I would and the drive is still going strong.

Cons: none so far.

Overall Review: I have heard that some people are having issues after a firmware update using the Samsung Magician software. I have not installed this software, nor have I ever done any firmware updates. I'm not sure if this applies to my 256GB drive or just the 1TB drive I've seen comments on.

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Longtime owner5/10/2013 2:31:34 PM

Pros: Beautiful monitor, fast CPU and Memory, great sound...really a fantastic gaming laptop for it's time. Crysis, Diablo, SWTOR now... all run very nicely on this machine in medium to high graphics quality.

Cons: When i first started the laptop i did receive the BSOD but after a graphics driver update (while in safe mode), it's run fine ever since. It also needed the Cross-fire enabled but that seems to happen after every GPU update. After years of use and abuse the only thing that's gone wrong with this is the dvd drive bay won't close properly anymore and needs fiddling to get it to latch, and a fan is beginning to get noisy (just needs a little oil).

Overall Review: I've never been happier with a laptop. I've owned the Dell XPS laptop as well before they went wimpy and i love them both.

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Quality5/28/2010 7:43:56 AM

Pros: Installing the hard drive was easy. Instructions easy to follow. Anyone can do this. E-SATA hook up is fantastic. So much better than USB.

Cons: Originally bought to work with TiVo DVR system to expand. WARNING!!! TiVo only works with the Western Digital Expansion drives (research before buying). Do not build your own expansion drive for the TiVo system.

Overall Review: Quick Recognition on Windows XP. Transfer speeds on E-SATA are great. Nice to look at with the blue lighting. Very professional design.

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Excellent5/28/2010 7:37:41 AM

Pros: Great drive. Quieter than expected.

Cons: none

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Great Drive8/12/2009 6:46:41 PM

Pros: Works well, quiet, no issues. Light scribe artwork looks very nice.

Cons: A bit slow while using the lightscribe feature, but show me a lightscribe drive that isn't. The light setting for the lightscribe has very little contrast. Use the heavy/strong setting for best results.

Overall Review: I had seen a few people who either received bad drives right away or had some fail.. I was a bit worried, but for the price, it's hardly much of a risk. This drive works great, and if you have Light scribe issues, go to the light scribe website for tuning programs and drivers.

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The ASUS brick that surprises5/17/2009 9:35:18 PM

Pros: Fast. Quiet (besides the annoying MS sound blurbs), WIDE, pretty and full of accessories. I love the backpack as well. It's a great system. Wonderful desktop replacement. Bluetooth mouse is a plus... works great. The surround sound freaks me out.... never had 5.1 Dolby come out of a laptop before (awesome).

Cons: It gets hot up near the touch controls, just below the screen (not surprising with a quad core). It had a graphics issue that caused it to blue screen right out of the box. I simply retrieved the latest ATI drivers and it was fixed in about 10min. Was a little frustrated with the 'don't see it, don't worry about it' Microsoft Vista control. Too used to XP do-it-yourself settings, i suppose. It's better now that I took some control back. Power supply is as big as my foot!!! I'll use it for defense in a dark alley i'm sure. When the sound is really loud, there is some minor vibrations from the housing around the LCD.

Overall Review: So far, this has been a wonderful machine. I give it an overall 4 of 5 because of the graphics issue (otherwise a 5). But I understand that ASUS ships these as is, and it probably sat in a box untouched for a couple months. The driver came out just recently. If you buy this for portability, you must drive a forklift. If you want to game, this machine won't let you down. Even played WoW and Crysis at highest graphics and had no issues. Please don't buy this and complain that it's too heavy.... it's a DESKTOP REPLACEMENT.... silly rabbit.

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Okay but bulky9/9/2007 11:43:37 AM

Pros: 1 pair for SLi connectivity. Works great so far. Temp monitoring, bandwidth monitor, autodetect, so far smooth and quiet. Doom3 played smoothly without frame slow down... hasn't come close to overheating yet.

Cons: It's quiet because the Heatsinks are monsters with no fans. Tried to place a PCI cooler between, but heatsinks prevented. Heatsink litteraly wraps around side of card. Smaller fan unit required if i want to cool them any further.

Overall Review: Great card for the price. Ensure you have good airflow over the PCI slots.

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Complete your Stand Alone Complex!8/11/2005 5:50:37 PM

Comments: A dramatic conclusion to an epic series, sure to win your heart and your A.I. wit. Find out how much Section 9 is willing to risk to catch the perpetrator behind the 'Laughing Man' incident. Will Batou be able to save the Major in time? The ending is sure to please... but don't get muddled in closing scene. It's a little long winded, but worth the watch to complete the story... right before the next series begins!

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