Pioneer SATA CD DVD BERNER DRIVE8/1/2021 4:59:39 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the box no problem with my windows 10, used to replace an external CD player. Have not burned any CD's yet, But seeing it was working flawlessly when hooked up I'm expecting good things from this unit, it said it was manufactured 5 years ago and since it comes with no driver software and it's what it is, an older but fully functional unit.

Cons: No drivers, you have to go online to get what you need!

Overall Review: After trying to retrofit some older CD players and coming up none functional, this was a breeze to install and get up and running Pioneer has a history of good products, if you can take a unit built 5 years ago slap it into a brand new computer and have it work right out of the box that's saying alot about the QC and there products design all by itself!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Noctua Fan Add on!7/16/2021 12:09:18 PM

Pros: Matches my other fan on the air cooler, VERY quiet, I like the garentee for years of service, fits next to my tall memory modules, as you see its in a case with no glass side, so color doesn't matter, I like how they send you all the extras for mounting it on the cooler and the cables for adjustment of fan speed, along with optional mounting hardwares and sound dampers. In a push pull set up, if one goes out the other should keep everything working fine if its not seen right away! If I'd had a glass side I probably would have ordered the black cooler and fans to match the case. It is the wife's computer so the 14 should be plenty big for her usage.

Cons: NOTHING I can even think of, this is a quiet and efficient fan to say the least!

Overall Review: If your looking for a matching Fan for your Noctua air cooler and don't care about the color this is your fan!

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FANCY ROCK SOLID MEMORY7/13/2021 11:13:31 AM

Pros: Well bought two sticks of this for my wife's new upgrade then decided they worked so well may as well fill up the board. So instead of 32 megs it's now 64 megs, yes maybe a little overkill BUT dam fast and stable as a rock clocked at 3600. The wife loves it, so happy wife, happy life, if you know what I mean. Now I'm color coordinating the mods on the air holes in the front door after all its her computer not mine.


Overall Review: It's the center of the build kinda sets off the inner case, but functional to the wall! Great on games too!

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NH-U14S CPU COOLER7/10/2021 9:50:16 PM

Pros: Perfect fit for my wife's new build, added fan for push pull, and nice big case fan to match, added lit fans to the front to tell when it was running (exceptionally quiet) my wife and I are very happy with its quiet and efficient cooling. Runs Shadow of the Tomb Raider fine with an older GPU in it. When the insanity prices drop probably get a new GPU then.

Cons: None perfect for our needs!

Overall Review: NH-U14S Much smaller that the 15 but with a push pull setup just as efficient for our needs!

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SATA CABLES7/10/2021 9:38:56 PM

Pros: Standard cables with locking clips, they are what they need to be!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Quality black SATA cables with locking clips!

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Anti sage holder!7/10/2021 9:36:12 PM

Pros: Excellent quality, easy setup, versatility with magnetic base like the thought that went into what to use steel on, and what to make out of plastic.

Cons: Not a product for a case that's transported from place to place, unless it's checked each time.

Overall Review: Top quality product, sturdy design, looks to last longer than any single build! Will definitely keep that overpriced GPU from sagging ever!

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Quiet exhaust fan7/10/2021 9:26:49 PM

Pros: I bought this for my wife's new rebuild case exhaust fan, works great, if you didn't look at it you wouldn't know it was running!

Cons: Price a little high, but worth the reliability provided by the manufacturer.

Overall Review: Premium case fans for quite setups!

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Bright White fans!7/10/2021 8:55:06 PM

Pros: These fans light up the front of my wife's case perfectly. As it's a case with no clear panels this is a perfect way to eliminate the interior of the case for inspection. Also the standard 4 pin connections is easily daisy chained together and run off the motherboard.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Perfect for lighting up the interior of a dark case to see your hardware or custom work!

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Case speaker7/10/2021 7:57:04 PM

Pros: Case speakers are very handy on startups as you'll hear any problem codes right away during startup with out having to look in your case each time. This one is a little quiet for my tastes!

Cons: The pin holders in the plug were very loose, if you move your case around they'll likely fall off.

Overall Review: Good product to have, but QC a little lacking in assembly.

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Thermo paste7/9/2021 9:43:17 PM

Pros: Been using Arctic Silver for years it never disappoints, especially since you need great contacts on air cooled CPUs back in the day when the heatsinks were poor quality and you spent lots of time lapping them on a peace of glass covered in 400 grit sandpaper up to 1000 grit if you were over clocking and the only thermo clocking was when you lunched your CPU permanently, DOA baby!

Cons: Yes the dam tube is hard to find because the only time you need it is when you upgrade your CPU which isn't often!

Overall Review: Great product, long history of practical use in overclocking CPUs!

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Game work keyboard7/9/2021 9:28:37 PM

Pros: This is the first lighted keyboard and mouse I have ever bought looks great, easy to read in dark areas, my kids love the lights on the mouse. Bought it for my wife's new computer upgrade, I like the keystrokes not to soft not to hard but I type slow anyway. Has all the extra keys for doing our books and great responses on our games. For a great game and working keyboard and mouse this one is perfect for us.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: If you work late at night in low light areas this is a great combo to use, and it's just as good for those gaming breaks you need between your regular paperwork!

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Water cooling closed system!5/27/2021 1:12:58 AM

Pros: The construction quality is excellent as someone who has worked in fabrication, and also with water pumps in hobby uses this design is excellent, fittings tight, surfacing on CPU cooler top notch, fins on heat exchanger even and consistent spacing, perfect pump placement, for a right out of the box into your system it's simple basic excellent construction. The mounting hardware is also an excellent design using upgraded replacement brackets for the CPU cooler!

Cons: Only can see one problem the hose lengths could be a little longer having extra hose means easier plumbing, having minimal hose means it's not going to fit with out some mods. For experienced builders no problem. But this is obviously for less experienced builders who want plug and play kits and a few more inches of hose goes a long way.

Overall Review: Over all excellent design, simplicity at its finest, for a plug and play closed water system

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Themo compound better than Artic Silver?5/27/2021 12:41:32 AM

Pros: Well as a long time Artic Silver user the vote is still out yet! It's definitely thicker and seems to work on my CPU BUT time will tell on how durable and effective it really is.

Cons: This stuff is definitely hard to spread, even with the built-in spreading tip, and messy if you get too much on, BUT that might be a good thing the way the CPU heatsinks are on some of the coolers out there with pits and grinding marks from over rough finishing surfaces. I still lap mine on a 400 grit finish surface taped to a peace of glass until its a dull mirror finish. The newer heatsinks usually need a lap prep with 220 grit sandpaper before a finished 400 grit.

Overall Review: Well your thermopaste is only as good as your surfaces can accommodate it with. Less paste faster heat transfer cooler CPU!

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Easy WIFI, Bluetooth!5/27/2021 12:14:04 AM

Pros: Popped this in and hook up my hot spot, fast and easy install, love the magnet base, works great holds it in place. Used it on a motherboard with out built in WIFI or Bluetooth installing drivers NO Problem even with one bar on my Hotspot, live in a very rural area!

Cons: Only way to improve this product is a longer cord to the magnet antenna base!

Overall Review: You want a no hassle wifi and Bluetooth install this is it! It was for me!

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Shuffle Win5/27/2021 12:03:54 AM

Pros: This came with a EVGA 3070 gaming video card perfect combination, modular cords, lots of combinations, ECO mode, large quite cooling fan, perfect for both work and playing games THIS power supply is going to save me money and last a long long time by the looks of the construction!

Cons: Only one which was my fault you have to use the power cord supplied by the manufacturer, or your going to think there's something wrong, other power cords don't go deep enough to make contact to your wall plugs end. The motherboard cords are perfect and plentiful for a variety of configurations. Happy building!

Overall Review: It has everything I needed and more. The module cords to the ECO switch on the back its a perfect solution for upgrading my power supply and reasonable pricing for your personal build!

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Shuffle WIN5/26/2021 11:44:46 PM

Pros: Tested on old system, bad idea, now I want to upgrade every thing, this card rocks! Got it with the EVGA 850w power supply which is super quiet and more powerful than I'll need for a long time! Got it super fast from NEW EGG excellent service as usual.

Cons: None as usual with new egg products!

Overall Review: Great card, great service, been doing business with New Egg since 8088s were still being used and 1 meg of ram on your computer was overkill!

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Tinkerer John5/10/2021 8:18:00 PM

Pros: Well where do you start? Pre-installed fans, tons of quick drive mounts, multiple options for water cooling, a real honest to goodness steal case, with sound proofing Pre-installed this case is the very idea of versatility, even a removable CD PLAYER bracket and no worries about some glass door going poof all over your rug because you shut it to fast! I love the placing of the controls up front easy access. You can daisy chain a bunch of drives in the quick mounts, or run a nice raid system no sweat! If your looking for a solid, quiet, versatile case, that your probably going to use for several upgrades this is the case to check out!

Cons: Only one when you remove the side covers they are hard to get a grip on before they bang on the floor, but as there steel no problems with broken plastic or glass!

Overall Review: If your looking for sold construction with tons of versatility this is it!

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Tinkerer John5/10/2021 7:41:52 PM

Pros: The plug in only what you need is better than sliced bread, the rat nest of tangled wires is a thing of the past, not to mention it does NOT sound like a 747 taking off when you fire this puppy up! Love how quiet it is!

Cons: So far NONE!

Overall Review: Really like the ease of installation and various options on wiring harnesses!

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Home tinkering5/10/2021 7:32:16 PM

Pros: Well this is way easier than the old days, plug and play into the USB, fill out the prompts, bag zing up and running!

Cons: Make sure your internet is up and running to do a complete install!

Overall Review: Over all its Windows and they'll nickel and dime you as much as possible!

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