we need MORE POWER captain!12/5/2006 7:43:03 AM

Pros: Thermaltake brandname & quality, very quiet, SLI & Crossfire certified, modular cables, size kept small for a quad-rail 750w psu, neat cable covering & quality connectors, a new sticker for my pc case!

Cons: I only have 2 points which I can list as cons, although neither one was big enough an issue to drop my overall score. First, the unit only comes with a cable/connector for 4-pin power connector which I believe is normally used to power the cpu itself on most boards. Not all motherboards use a 4-pin, alot use an 8-pin connector; some of which will allow a 4-pin to be connected to one side of the 8-pin socket. I have 3 motherboards in use currently and each uses a different type (4-pin socket, 8-pin socket, and 4 or 8-pin socket). Second, the load balancing on the 4 seperate rails is kind of wacky. The 3rd rail, which is used for the 4-pin IDE power connectors, has a very low load-to-utilization ratio, which means alot of power is being wasted on other rails, and this rail is being overworked. I have yet to see an actual problem with this, but technically it could be a problem down the road.

Overall Review: This unit is amazing. The price was perfect, it is the quietest yet largest fan in my PC, and has more than enough power to run my Overclocked & Crossfire-setup system. MSI K9A Platinum / AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 OC= 3.23Ghz / 2 West.Digi. 320gb in RAID-0 / ATI X1950XTX + X1950 in Crossfire / Soundblaster X-Fi XMusic / 2 x Plextor DVDRW slotload / 7 total cooling fans in case --> all this runs without a hiccup. Great power supply for enthusiasts!

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Ouch12/1/2006 8:59:10 AM

Pros: DFI, Great OC-ability due to superb power and BIOS options. The 3200 chipset from ATI is a top-notch competitor against nvidia's 570/590 chipsets. Amazing performance/cost ratio.

Cons: DFI support is lacking, it seems as though the fan on the northbridge may sometimes come into contact with the capacitors to the right of it, which as it was in my case, can lead to motherboard failure. The heatsink/fan bracket for the AM2 socket is quite loose as is. You may want to replace the little pop-out tabs with actual screws and baseplate from another motherboard if possible.

Overall Review: Started up just fine, made my adjustments in the bios, set up my raid drivers, and upon reset, I smelled the smoke of death. As I said above, the NB fan shroud nearly hits the capacitors to the right of it, and in my case, when the fan shut off then kicked back on at restart, it was enough to make contact, and fry the motherboard. I'm currently trying to get a replacement/repair from DFI since Newegg is out of stock for some reason. The DFI support seems to be a real joke, only way to get an RMA number is by FAX, NO email, and I dont have a fax machine! I hope newegg gets these back soon, This board looks to have serious promise if the kinks are worked out.

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is this thing really an Asus?11/2/2006 10:33:06 PM

Pros: If you have hardware that will work with this board, your in luck, it will work fine. Price is great. Asus offers top-notch support.

Cons: After having numerous problems getting this board to run by purchasing 4 different types of RAM, then only to find out that I couldnt up the ram voltage to more than 1.95?!? Also, you wont find a single review of this board anywhere on the net, although I did find a forum where 100's of people also had serious problems with this board. Their final say on this mobo: stay away! alot of better socket AM2 nvidia chipset boards available at this price.

Overall Review: Had I initially had the hardware that this board would accept, I may not have been too upset with it. I could have just given it to my girlfriend, considering it didnt OC worth a flip. Alot of people dog on ECS for being so new to the OC game... well I picked up the ECS KA3-MVP and it put this Asus to shame, in more ways than one. When looking for a motherboard, ALWAYS do online research aside from newegg reviews before making a purchase! Stay away from this board!

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Cold as ICE!11/2/2006 10:26:18 PM

Pros: Heavy, copper, mounts for 2 fans, good mounting hardware, comes with actual silver thermal paste instead of white mystery grease, low temps achieved are amazing, decent price.

Cons: DOES NOT come with hardware to mount to AMD Socket AM2 as listed here @ Newegg! Screws to mount fans are a tad too long making it impossible to install the fans on the shield, then installing the shield onto the heatsink unless you remove your motherboard. If you dont want to remove the mobo, simply cut the screws down about 1/8 inch and the sheild will then slide down over the HS with no problems.

Overall Review: Luckily for me, I had the hardware to change my socket AM2 mount to a socket 754 mount. Had I not had the hardware to make that change, I would have RMA'd this unit... and never would have reached the amazing 19'C idle/33'C load temps! My Rig: AMD64 FX-62 OC'd-3.16ghz, 2gb Crucial Anniv.Ed. PC2-5300, ECS KA3-MVP Mobo, 320gb WD Caviar Sata2, ATI X1950XTX gfx card. This cooler simply makes OC'ing a breeze! Buy this thing, its totally worth it!

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Mmm, comfy...10/25/2006 3:31:26 AM

Pros: not attached to mousepad so you can remove it for gaming, etc. actual gel feel, not just soft foamy plastic. excellent size. good price.

Cons: none. if for some reason yours doesnt do what its supposed to, your using it for the wrong things... sicko.

Overall Review: I got used to having a gel pad after using the same one for almost 2 years. I never noticed how much NOT using it affected game-play. I've been doing much better at FPS games without the attached gel rest, but I like having it when Im web-surfing, doing mundane pc tasks, etc. This is great because I can sit it in front of my mousepad when I need it, and set it aside when I dont. Good item, probably wont see too many sales though.

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Winblows Xpee10/21/2006 3:06:09 PM

Pros: runs virtually every software application on the market, SP2B has zero problems + constant updates making it the most stable build of Windows ever. Great for system builders, and those who want rid of all the extra bologna that top-shelf pc manufacturers add to operating systems (HP, Dell, eMachines, Acer, etc) Price is much better than Retail

Cons: your not supposed to install this on any other system once activated (ex. dont plan on changing motherboards without making a call to Microsoft and getting chewed out for 10 minutes) Also, the price for the retail kit of professional at, say, WalMart is roughly the same :( whats up with that newegg?

Overall Review: It's Windows... what else is there to say! Vista comes out soon and is looking really good, but do you remember when XP came out? Bugs flying everywhere! Hopefully Vista wont be the same!

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Generic?10/21/2006 2:59:04 PM

Pros: moves alot of air quietly, looks good, manual speed control dial, blue LED is TRUE NEON, aluminum housing rocks. LED is optional, wire plug can be disconnected if no lights are desired. Steel fan shield.

Cons: did not come with any type of mounting screws long enough to actually mount it to anything! no directions to use the parts that did come with it.

Overall Review: Good fan design, just wish it would have come with working mounting hardware. I managed to zip-tie the fan to my cpu heatsink (OCZ Tempest) which luckily has a fan mounting plate instead of actually mounting the fan to the sink. I love the look of the LED's in this thing. They are TRUE NEON blue, which is a softer, brighter blue color than what you find in every other fan since this fan uses blue led's with clear plastic instead of white led's and blue plastic. good design all-around though... 3 out of 5 (average) also, the companies name is Tek-Chain if you wanna look them up online.

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nVidia lookout, here comes ATI!10/21/2006 2:51:49 PM

Pros: Full ATI support for those of us who are pro-ATI. supports new AM2 socket processors. Crossfire compatible, no crossfire cables needed if running 2 X1300/X1600 cards. Easy to install. Loads of expansion capabilities (6 sata2 ports run by ATI southbridge and a 2nd sata2 controller, 2 RJ45 ethernet ports- one @ 500mbps and one @ 1gbps, multiple USB2.0 & 1394 ports, onboard Realtek sound) supports upto 32gb Dual-Channel RAM. Exhaust fan for power-conduits on board. Bottom PCI slot uses high-freq filters to eliminate noise (great for soundcards). BIOS options are great- board overclocks well and with updates, is getting better every few weeks. ATI's Northbridge and Southbridge processors are on par with nVidia's nForce series and 570 MCP units.

Cons: Board layout is poor, not enough space if using crossfire setup + extra pci cards, ECS is relatively new to overclocking, thus the bios will get better with time. Manual AND BIOS english is poor. The colors are absolutely rediculous, person who designed the color scheme was on mushrooms/acid/LSD when it came time to do board layout/colors.

Overall Review: All-in-all, this is a great board. ECS is still pretty new in the PC enthusiast market, so give them some time to get up there with the big-boys (ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, etc.) I've had no problems at all overclocking my A64 FX-62 to 3.2ghz stable, and the ATI N/S bridges are as fast as anything else I've seen. ATI used to have probs with HDD access on their southbridge, but the new SB600 is amazingly fast. Check out the reviews on this board at www.ecs.com.tw if you are debating the purchase. Thats what made up my mind!

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Amazing Sound, Sharp Looks10/21/2006 2:35:33 PM

Pros: Sounds absolutely amazing, very loud, wired volume/bass/headphone-jack controller (glows blue when powered on) looks great too, with the speaker grills off, you can tell that these speakers are high quality (if you know anything about speakers) Pronounced midrange, Crisp-sharp high-ends, and pounding low freq. bass, makes this setup the best I've seen/heard in a really long time, and now I own it!

Cons: have not found a single problem or had a single complaint.

Overall Review: I could not believe the sound that these speakers produced. I was skeptical at first since the advertised 180watts is MAX WATTAGE, not RMS. RMS is what you look @ when buying speakers. They are perfect when coupled with a quality soundcard (I'm running Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme series). @ this price, you simply cannot find ANYTHING better. Also, newegg shipped these from the factory here in my home-state of PA! I got them next-day!

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oooh, perty liitz10/21/2006 2:28:39 PM

Pros: good surface texture/durability, LED's look great, adjustable brightness is a plus, thin design, bottom surface is non-marking and will not move at all during use.

Cons: even though its probably the smallest LED-type pad I've seen, I'd like it a bit smaller yet... I guess I'm just used to a smaller standard pad is all. Nothing else that would make me not buy this item.

Overall Review: Looks great when paired with my all-blue LED Aspire X-Navigator Case, my Acoustic Authority 2.1 speaker setup (blue-LED volume/bass control), and also my Saitek Eclipse Blue LED keyboard. I feel like I'm in a spaceship at night when playing Quake 4 / Doom 3 / Prey / FEAR ... Great purchase for PC enthusiasts!

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G what?10/21/2006 2:22:23 PM

Pros: Great ergonomic design, lightweight, thin+light+flexible wire, full gaming functions, slip-resistant coating keeps mouse from soaking in palm-sweat, laser, change-on-the-fly DPI settings (makes the cursor move faster/slower with the click of a button!) which is great for gaming, change from high DPI for run'n'gun to low DPI for those sniper-on-the-roof times! The price is right where it should be.

Cons: Personally, I just wish it were a tad bigger/heavier - I have bigger hands... the average person will love the fit though.

Overall Review: If after using this mouse and then using the logitech G series, you choose the logitec, you were either paid off, or you are just another bandwagon rider. This mouse runs circles around the logitec imo, and also the mouse surface - there is nothing else like it, I've never seen/used a mouse with a surface like that, its simply amazing.

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Smokin'10/21/2006 2:12:48 PM

Pros: I cant find a better RAM to run right now. Overclocks EXTREMELY well, and keeps great timings! Crucial has great customer support, the RAM even looks good! I think that its actually just the Ballistix RAM with anniversary ed. heat sinks, lol.

Cons: I just wish they made this in PC2-6400(800mhz) sticks! Then I could have tried for 1000mhz!

Overall Review: You'd be an idiot to pass this up right now. The price is fair, it is limited edition which means it wont be around for long, and you can also get this ram to run 800mhz easily, at lower timings, stable - what more could you ask for from RAM! Stop reading and buy it kid!

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errrmm...10/21/2006 2:09:09 PM

Pros: Handled overclock well, handled extra voltage well. Quick RAM, package includes a large glow-in-the-dark sticker and also an extra sticker like whats on the ram's heatsinks

Cons: could not handle lower timings at all. especially when overclocked. the SPD info that is inbedded into the RAM held what looked to me like the wrong info!

Overall Review: I absolutely would have kept this ram if the timings would have been as described. I spent countless hours adjusting voltages, timings, clock speeds, multipliers, etc. and could not achieve anything better than 4-4-4-15, and that was when running the ram @ 533! RMA'd this item for the Crucial Anniversary Edition PC2-5300(667mhz) timings @ 3-3-3-12 AND overclocked to nearly 800mhz! Also the Crucial is cheaper!

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on sale everywhere else right now10/21/2006 1:23:52 PM

Pros: Excellent card for the $$, ATI offers the absolute BEST support available, new drivers released monthly.

Cons: heat tends to be a problem for this card *IF* you dont have adequate cooling in your PC. I have had no problems running two of these cards in crossfire, side by side, just keep my case fans turned up :)

Overall Review: Circuit City is offering this card for only 125 right now. Thats an excellent deal since when I bought my first one of these I paid 200 for it, then 160 for my second one. Go buy the X1950XTX, now thats a card! I have that card as well and the only card to beat it in benchmarks are the dual-gpu nvidia cards <-- actually 2 cards in one though.

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Worth every penny10/21/2006 1:06:40 PM

Pros: Heavy, quiet, upgradable fan base allows you to add any 90/92mm fan of your choosing, universal heatsink mounting allows you to keep this cooler when/if changing processor platforms/motherboards. Looks great too.

Cons: Price not competitive, for as heavy as this unit is (and heavy usually means quality) it actually didnt test as well as some cheaper models of similar design. OCZ is new to the PC cooling realm and this is their freshman project!

Overall Review: Personally, I beleive that the tests that were run on this bad-boy just didnt mesh well with its design. Most heatsinks of this type run the cooling fins vertically (up & down) while this unit runs horizontally, which is better imo because your rear PC exhaust fan sucks the heat straight away from it. I am in love with this cooler, keeping my Athlon 64 FX-62 @ 41'C loaded/overclocked to 3.2ghz. The stock fan looks great, although it could have moved some more air (the 30some cfm really isnt that great for a cpu fan, aim higher if your running overclocked or anything dual-core over 2.5ghz. All-in-all, this unit makes my "must have" list.

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Answer to video problems...10/16/2006 3:50:12 PM

Pros: Excellent board. Great for those who dont need 2x PCI-E slots and want to save some $$

Cons: have found zero thus far

Overall Review: Make sure that upon initial installation of the board, you have your monitor hooked up to the ONBOARD video. then, go into the bios setup and disable the onboard video, shutdown, connect to the PCI-E card, then start it back up. Problem solved

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Updated review10/15/2006 4:15:22 PM

Pros: Card is still the fastest single GPU card on the market, and the only card to boast the GDDR4 status. BUY THIS CARD!

Cons: I've been over this with ATI technical support, and the card DOES not support the newest Catalyst drivers (6.8 & 6.9). You MUST use the drivers that came bundled with the card, and wait for Catalyst 6.10 to be released. Also, this card is CROSSFIRE COMPATIBLE, IT IS NOT A CROSSFIRE CARD! The crossfire card has a different connector on the expansion side of the card that replaces the 1st DVI output connector. This card WILL work in a crossfire setup, but dont buy 2 of these cards and expect to run crossfire!

Overall Review: I was told by the ATI technician that once those 6.10 drivers hit the download server, this card will put every other card on the market to shame (excluding crossfire and SLi setups). We should expect to see the Catalyst 6.10 drivers available by the middle/end of October to early November if they cant get all the bugs out.

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whoa, like... colors man10/15/2006 3:57:34 PM

Pros: Glows, keys feel amazing with little to no sound at all, 2 levels of lighting plus you can turn it off, plastic wrist-rest extension, no drivers or software needed.

Cons: Only complaint I have is that, because there are no drivers needed, the volume controls on the keyboard work, but do not show me the adjustments on-screen. Unless I'm activly listening to something I cannot tell how far +/- I'm adjusting the volume.

Overall Review: Great keyboard. Dont be tricked into buying one of those cheaper "It Glows!!" boards here on Newegg. This board is amazing and has the reputation to go along with it. It has long been known as the "Gamer's Keyboard" and continues to get better with each revision. **ALSO** alot of the negative comments you may read here posted early on were from the first one or two releases of this product. Newegg should erase ALL reviews when a product model update occurs. Of course, its hard for them to know when a manufacturer has updated a product. For example, I purchased an Aspire X-Navigator case and the model number they are showing is for the newest release/revision which has many differences over what they offered when the case initially went on sale here at newegg. You get my point. Anyhoo, quit reading and buy the keyboard!!

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Eeawy-Gooey10/15/2006 3:48:53 PM

Pros: Does as intended. Only product on the market that does what it does, as well as it does. No other brand has this type of following in the PC community.

Cons: No instructions. Only reason I'm giving this product a 4 and not a 5, as I did with all of the Arctic Silver products. DO NOT rip apart your PC to upgrade, only to find out that you need to go online to read the directions.

Overall Review: PREPARATION IS KEY!! Please be sure to go online to read the directions before use if you have never used this before. That way, when your brand new dual-core processor is burnt up, you'll only have yourself to blame for it :) and not Arctic Silver or Newegg! All it takes is one little drop in the center of the processor/chip and the heatsink placement does the rest! Lowered the temps of my Athlon 64-FX62 by 4'c after break-in on a Scythe Samurai-Z cooler. Props to Newegg for offering the best product available.

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sticky, icky-icky10/15/2006 3:35:17 PM

Pros: Does as stated. Only product that does what it does, the way it does. Excellent cost-to-amount ratio.

Cons: No instructions. Only reason I'm giving this product a 4 and not a 5, as I did with all of the Arctic Silver products. DO NOT rip apart your PC to upgrade, only to find out that you need to go online to read the directions.

Overall Review: PREPARATION IS KEY!! Please read the directions online before use! Improper mixing of the two compounds results in poor adhesion, poor heat dissipation, etc. I used this to mount a Coolermaster Mini N/S-bridge HS/F combo to my northbridge processor due to lack of mounting included with the heatsink. Worked like a charm... wanna know why?? I FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS!! Again, Preparation is key!

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like something out of an infomercial10/15/2006 3:29:51 PM

Pros: Does as intended. Comes with plenty for the price. Has cleaner AND enhancer. Best/Only product on the market to do the things it does as well as it does.

Cons: NO instructions. DO NOT rip apart your PC to upgrade whatever-it-is only to find that you need to go online to find the instructions! Only reason I give this product a 4... no instructions included.

Overall Review: They could at least print out a half a page of instructions using a .8 font with minimal verb usage and monkeys would still understand how to use it. Some people still will not bother to read the directions online, and then when their brand new processor burns up after using ArcticSilver 5, they are going to complain. PREPERATION IS KEY PEOPLE!!

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this processor is like whoa...10/15/2006 3:23:00 PM

Pros: Fastest processor in AMD's lineup. Dual-Core. Comes with amazing 2-pipe copper-to-aluminum fin heatsink. 1mb L2 cache. Price has gotten much more reasonable.

Cons: Intel's new top-tier dual core wins in most benchmarks. Price is not *that* good considering that in 3-6 months AMD will realease quad(4) core cpu's that will do 2 to 3 times what this processor will do.

Overall Review: Its this simple. If you dont like the look of the stock heatsink/fan that comes with this unit (which is VERY effective) buy one of similar design and let'er rip (I purchased the Scythe Samurai-Z). This thing soars! **ALSO** be sure to download the latest drivers from www.amd.com as well as the driver optimizer and timing enhancer after you install. That will increase performance of this puppy two-fold, guaranteed.

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him just a wittle guy...10/15/2006 3:16:33 PM

Pros: Does as intended, large- more space to dissipate heat, blue LED's, 3pin mainboard connector, aluminum.

Cons: large- may take up too much space on some boards, Copper draws out heat better than aluminum and this unit is DIPPED IN COPPER COATING. Comes with the cheapest thermal tape I've ever seen.

Overall Review: aside from the fact that this unit is made to look more valuable than it is, and it NEEDS THERMAL ADHESIVE TO WORK PROPERLY, this unit is great. Dropped the temps of my northbridge by 6'c @ idle, and by 2-3'c @ load. thats actually saying alot when the stock unit ran steady between 42-51'c. Excellent purchase if your running a higher end processor. I'm running a Athlon 64-FX62 2.8ghz dual-core. This puppy can really turn up the temps on the board.

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Bling, Bling10/15/2006 3:09:52 PM

Pros: Works as expected. Chrome fan blades look nice. LED's look really sharp when reflecting off the chrome blades. Comes with 3 wire mainboard connector and additional 4pin connector.

Cons: Fan is made of rigid plastic, which even though it moves more air, is more succeptable to damage. I've noticed that when attempting to move air in the opposite direction than intended, this fan seems to have a hard time due to the mellow angle on the blades. Great for blowing when there is nothing behind it (used as a processor fan), but not so good at pulling air through say, the back of a computer case.

Overall Review: For the price, this fan is excellent. The white LED's are original (why do companies only make blue LED's??). Worked like a charm when added to my Scythe Samurai-Z CPU cooler.

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Worth every penny10/15/2006 3:04:51 PM

Pros: Comes with everything you could expect to use when working on current PC's. Case is made of durable material. Tools dont feel cheap. Organized neatly.

Cons: Design of some of the tools is dated. Even with quality materials, the poorest craftsmanship can ruin a tool.

Overall Review: I've allready completed building 3 seperate systems using ONLY the tools included in this case. Absolutely incredible when taking that price into consideration. DO NOT pass this up!

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