Good, for the most parts10/19/2010 10:13:05 AM

Pros: - the looks - well positioned air intakes on top and sides provide for good ventilation - well made

Cons: - supplied PSU has 20-pin mobo connector only, I went with picoPSU instead - no 2.5" drive mounting holes but easy fix for a man with a drill (mine has holes for 3.5" unlike what some other reviewers reported) - no Slim-SATA connector for the optical drive, but IDE to JAE adapter is included - LEDs are a little bright, but this is nothing that a Sharpie can't fix - Only 4.5 mm clearance underneath the mobo, may be an issue for fitting a fan backing plate (e.g. Gelid Slim Silence won't fit w/o mods) - Generally agree with what others have said with the exception of drive mounting issues

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Best 1U cooler10/19/2010 9:53:52 AM

Pros: - Slim, exact 28mm sink height - Well made - Cools well, considering it is not a full-size cooler - Quiet at mid-rpm - Easy to install - Comes with thermal compound already applied - Fin design provide for dual-sided exhaust, depending on the mobo layout can be positioned to blow at other heatsinks - Relatively inexpensive

Cons: - Depending on the case backing plate can be too thick - Noisy at high rpm (but which fan isn't?)

Overall Review: Have this puppy installed in SILVERSTONE LC09B-ITV on E6500/ZOTAC 9300-G-E, this was about the only quality non-server (i.e. low noise) 1U fan that would fit in this case. Word of caution - make sure you have at least 6mm of clearance underneath the mobo, otherwise the fan backing plate will be too thick to fit. I had to use spacers to raise the mobo as the case only provided 4.5mm of clearance, this messed up IO shield alignment so had to modify it as well. Other than that works quite well with this case as it is able to draw air directly from the top panel intake. Keeps CPU below 70 when playing 1080p with medium fan speed setting in BIOS, and below 50 when idle. Automatic fan speed mode can keep it under 60 but gets too noisy for an HTPC application. The whole setup is kinda toasty but too be expected in a very low-profile enclosure.

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Almost perfect6/1/2010 11:23:52 PM

Pros: - cheap - PATA connector - comes with a low-profile bracket - OS can be booted from it - can clone to drives attached to it using older tools such as Ghost 2002

Cons: - no leads to connect case HDD activity light to it - cannot get S.M.A.R.T. data display in HDTune

Overall Review: Those who complain about this card being SATA 1.5G only please remember that PCI 2.2 provides only ~133Mbyte/s of bandwidth that is also shared across all devices attached to the bus, so your bottleneck is the PCI bus itself and not the SATA link as even at 1.5Gbit/s it can easily saturate the bus. For this same reason it makes little sense to use SSDs with this adapter if speed is the main goal. If you're thinking to speed up your old SATA-less system by getting this card and a SATA drive it only makes sense if you have an older slow (5400rpm) HDD. Even then you shouldn't expect to be blown away because of the PCI bottleneck, but you'll likely observe a noticeable improvement in OS boot and app launch times (I did). Also you can probably get a comparable improvement from just using a 7200rpm PATA drive. Perhaps the only scenario where you'd really want this card is for large drives as they now don't come in the PATA flavor.

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Repeater Not5/27/2010 4:50:06 PM

Pros: Cheap after combined $10 rebate and NE special, very compact, packed with features.

Cons: Could not get repeater mode to work.

Overall Review: Spent 2 hours trying to get this work as a repeater which was the primary reason I got this, but no luck. While wireless link to the device itself works it seems that device fails to relay packets from the main wireless networks. This may have something to do with me running mixed b/g as I have older devices needing "b" on my network. Tried and firmwares, static/dynamic IPs but no luck. I will probably try to fiddle with it a bit more later on, perhaps will try to get assistance from ASUS CS (good luck to me with that). For now just running it in the gateway/hotspot mode which is more or less the same as a repeater, at least for simple things like browsing the Internet. Cannot comment on reliability, 4 stars as overall a good value and hoping the repeater issue will be resolved in a future f/w upgrade.

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OK overall for the $12/22/2008 9:01:29 AM

Pros: Cheap 1080p (if that is really important to you at 32"), decent picture quality, lots of inputs.

Cons: Toy remote, plastic bezel around the screen screams cheap. Rather annoying occasional hanging when browsing over HD channels (I mean 20sec+ lack of response to remote). Blindingly bright power on/off LED. Not a brand that is known for reliable products.

Overall Review: Gets the job done without breaking the bank.

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OK so far8/9/2008 10:10:54 PM

Pros: Reasonable solution to keep your old rig around for another couple of years.

Cons: Driver support, CCC that comes with the board is not the latest and has bugs. (I haven't tried installing original newest ATI drivers but according to other reviewers they don't work)

Overall Review: Removed previous video drivers/card, installed the card, powered on and got a persistent blue screen on XP hardware detection. Had to go through safe mode route, install basic video drivers there, boot to normal, and then proceed with full install from the CD, all went ok. One weird issue, hyperlinks in Firefox became brown, apparently an ATI bug that was fixed in the latest drivers which don't work with this board. The workaround is to enable cleartype fonts (which I don't personally like).

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