Excellent Pedestal Case1/13/2010 1:43:01 PM

Pros: This case is quite well designed and extremely sturdy. Certainly a number 1 choice for a server that might need to be standing vs rack-mounted. Hot swap bays are easy to use and sturdy. Overall a very high quality pedestal server case.

Cons: Space can be fairly tight when installing large server motherboards. The relatively short 80 mm fan cables are somewhat of a problem if you are trying to connect them to variously positioned motherboard fan connectors.

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Super High Quality PSU12/2/2009 2:56:56 PM

Pros: Corsair seems to have become the definition for quality as far as power supplies go. This power supply is well designed and has ample connections for any configuration. Performance seems to be on par with this. Is decently silent at reasonable operating power. Would recommend to anyone and purchase another one myself in a heartbeat.

Cons: This thing has quite a lot of connectors which can be somewhat of an inconvenience if you dont use many of them. Be prepared to do some wire management in this case.

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