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LOW RPM, LOW CFM, BUT SUPER QUIET11/11/2012 8:05:35 AM

Pros: Very quiet. Inexpensive. Moves enough air if using these in pairs.

Cons: Doesn't move much air, but that's the trade off! Forums say that Long Life Bearings are actually Sleeve Bearings, according to manufacturers. The low RPM will probably help them last longer. Meh. Cheap fans, what can you expect?

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Early review11/9/2012 7:48:11 AM

Pros: Hasn't failed in the first week. Quiet. Fast. 4TB! Copying big archive files (drive images, etc), I was seeing 100-130MB/s transfer rates in Win7. Definitely comparable to e-SATA. HDTune Pro scores via USB3 (Gigabyte z77-ud5h): Min:60 Max:133 Average: 102 Access 19.8 ms

Cons: New 4TB technology, somewhat bleeding edge. Relatively slow access times.

Overall Review: Just using this as a backup dump drive for the hard drives littering my house and work. Formatted capacity: 3.63TB 4TB is a lot of data to lose all at once! These things DO die, not just the drive but the controller in the enclosure can fail. Consider buying two and keep a copy of your data.

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Just picked up another one of these7/31/2012 8:30:37 AM

Pros: On a SATA 3 bus, this SSD is smokin fast. ATTO benchmark reports read/writes top out at over 500MB/second (starting around 128k chunks, below that it tapers off of course). @4k write is >200MB and read >125MB. Outside of benchmarking land, it's fast, noticeably faster than my sata2 intel 320 ssd. Came pre-loaded with most up-to-date firmware, and handy dandy mounting bracket. By the way, Corsair honors their rebates. Just takes a while to get it back. Any doubt, email them and they respond within a day or two. I emailed them, saying I hadn't gotten a confirmation email and they straightened it out immediately. Got my rebate a couple days later. I was really skeptical of having to count on a rebate from them on my last purchase, but it turned out fine.

Cons: um... none at this time. Had one running in my old m17 dell laptop for quite some time now with zero issues. Wish it was 1000GB instead of 120GB. 120 is big enough for Windows and every program I use- except for my massive game collection. That goes on a big mechanical drive.

Overall Review: Next time you're working in your computer, do yourself a favor and inspect your SATA cables to be sure the connectors aren't messed up. Had a couple bad cables a while back where the little pins inside the connector ends came loose and pushed back inside the connector. Caused some grief, wasted time, and some data corruption. Coincidentally I bought this at a local computer Center here in southern ca. You could say it was a Microscopic computer Center. Anyway, Corsair was running their rebate for this one again so I figured why not. After rebate price $99. Good deal- and it can be had here at Newegg for the same amount if you wait for a sale.

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My favorite KB. ever.5/1/2012 8:44:37 AM

Pros: Been using computers since the Apple ][, and this is my favorite KB so far! ***MOST IMPORTANTLY*** it is a good keyboard for typing! You won't regret buying it once you start using it. Big, flat, low profile (think laptop style but not cramped), quiet, responsive keys. Perfect, adjustable back lighting that turns on/off when your hands are at/away the keyboard. Wireless via unifying nano-USB receiver** (see other thoughts) rechargeable via mini-USB wire (no down time due to dead batteries). Batteries (2 AA); easily accessible 1900mah Sanyo ni-mh rechargeables (included). Has the usual useful shortcut keys: computer sleep, volume, mute, calculator, etc. Has a nicely placed green LED on the caps lock key to indicate whether it's on or off. THANK YOU LOGITECH ENGINEERS! Logitech Setpoint software shows volume, etc. on screen when it's adjusted. People who use the KB comment on how cool it is. "wow nice keyboard!"

Cons: Computer sleep button is an awkward FN-F8 combo. So if I am walking by my computer desk and want to put the computer to sleep, its a two-handed maneuver. Wish it was a separate button somewhere off in a corner or something. If I were given the chance, I would rearrange the Mute,Vol-,Vol+,Calculator buttons to: Calculator, Mute, Vol-, Vol+. Honestly I am just nit-picking since I feel something ought to be filled out in the Cons section. Minor stuff really.

Overall Review: **"unifying receiver" not compatible with my Logitech g700 gaming mouse. It uses a different type of nano receiver, just FYI. Didn't get this from Newegg, found it somewhere else, new but OEM packaging and saved about $10 off the Egg sale price. Newegg sale price of $70+free ship from is a reasonable deal. Full MSRP seems like too much to me, but it's a tough KB to beat, as far as I am concerned. Buy it, it's a good keyboard. Honestly.

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Flashy, but honestly a bad keyboard.3/26/2012 5:38:08 PM

Pros: Pretty lights. Fancy software demo.

Cons: The term "buyers remorse" is what best sums up my feelings with this KB. Keys are small, spongy, and feel vague. My fingers end up between keys often which results in accidental press of the adjacent key. Not the best typist on the planet, but I do a whole lot better on a different KB. The ESC key, normally located on the top left of most keyboards, is planted between the G123 keys and the F1 key on this keyboard. It's an unnatural spot for something that's used so frequently. I reassigned G1 to ESC because I know I will end up hitting that. Wait, what? No sleep key?! This is 2012 for glob's sake! No place to assign it in software?! Whats worse, when the computer resumes from sleep, the software that runs all the programmable hot keys needs to be restarted. Lots of complaints online about this. Un-freakin acceptable. Using the headphone feature didn't work out for me, sound was completely distorted. Didn't feel like finding a fix.

Overall Review: I have a $15 keyboard that performs 100x better than this thing. Should have noticed that the reviews online focus only on things like lights and nifty software gadgets and not it's primary function, which is THE KEYBOARD ITSELF! Unless you can get this particular keyboard for $20, don't buy it. Trust me. Go to a store where you can feel a keyboard for yourself and judge whether it will work out for you or not. $100 is too much dosh for this one. I don't normally leave really negative reviews on products... so this is an exception.

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Works fine in BF33/18/2012 4:22:15 PM

Pros: Cheap-ish stick that works w/BF3 just fine without having to modify any axis properties. Beats the heck out of thumbstick type controllers for BF3 flight.

Cons: Feels cheap. Right side thumb buttons are awkwardly placed...

Overall Review: In BF3 delete ALL joystick bindings in the controller assignments! Land, Air, etc. all of them. Then reassign what you're going to use with your new joystick. The throttle axis reads in with analog values for the helicopters which is a plus... so hovering is at about mid-throttle, and you can finesse throttle from there. Unfortunately you can't look around the cockpit without relinquishing control of your XY axis... this is a BF3 "feature", not the fault of the stick. Lame. Got this stick from a brick and mortar store because I had a gift card.

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Thirty bucks?! No brainer, get one.3/2/2012 7:42:25 PM

Pros: Excellent price, excellent performance.

Cons: Giant. Antec 300 case had 1/4 inch clearance on side panel.

Overall Review: Gynormous. Check to be sure it'll fit in your box.

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decent. quiet.3/2/2012 6:56:01 PM

Pros: quiet. moves enough air. Smaller than other fans in this class, so if you need it in tight quarters like we did then this is the fan for you!

Cons: Won't cool my overclocked quad core.

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Solid choice for SATA II. Grab one if it goes on sale.3/2/2012 6:11:25 PM

Pros: Works great on my old GB 965p-DS3 3.3 board. Zero issues, which is why you go Intel in the first place. Came loaded with latest FW. Lives up to the benchmark results posted elsewhere online. SSD is to platter like broadband is to dial up. You won't go back. crystal disk mark 3.0.1. x64 says: read/write seq: 273/95 512k: 188/98 4k: 20/37 4k qd32: 139/71

Cons: Paid a little too much for it, but that's my fault. Kind of small, but it's still a nice size. o.O SATA II. That's all my mobo has, but for newer SATA III systems a 520 would probably be a better choice.

Overall Review: For the love of glob, inspect your SATA cables and be sure the terminals are where they're supposed to be in the cable end! Had TWO cables in my box where the tiny pins pushed back into the connector, creating intermittent connections with the drive's connector terminals. The two cables that gave me trouble were made by VEGA tech and had snap-together terminations (not molded plastic). Makes you wonder how many drives get RMA'd because of garbage cables like those. 80GB (74.4GB) isn't a lot of space, so I set up directory junctions to point temp directories and other junk like iTunes AppData bloat off to a slower hard drive. Put all my pics, etc on that same drive and then I mirror both of them as a pair with True Image 2011 scheduled as a weekly backup onto a dedicated backup drive. Either one takes a dump, just restore and good to go. Junctions are pretty handy, look into it if you're using a smallish primary drive.

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great storage drive6/27/2011 3:46:57 PM

Pros: Grab a couple of these when they go on sale; they're really good storage drives! Quiet, cool (about 5C less than my WD 1TB black), and transfer speeds are decent for a 5400 rpm. (~100 MB/s in practice) So far I've purchased 4; one in my home machine for media and backup image storage, one in an external enclosure connected to a WDTV box, and two in my bro's machine. He is using them as OS drive and one as an Acronis image backup drive. IMO, it's too sluggish to serve as an OS drive, but he's happy with the setup.

Cons: I wouldn't use it as an OS drive, due to 5400rpm and high access times. Rumor has it Seagate purchased Samsung storage?! Hope they don't mess things up or raise the price; these Samsung drives are bargain priced... Be sure to update the firmware. google: hd204ui firmware

Overall Review: HDTune 2.55 tests (W7, Intel controller on gigabyte 965p-ds3 3.3) Min: 66.5 MB Max: 141.7 MB Average: 107.4 MB Burst: 171 MB Average access time: ~13.5

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Great for maintenance backups and emergency restoration. (drives & partitions)5/8/2010 10:00:07 AM

Pros: I've been using TI Home 2010 for over a year (since Oct 2009) without any huge issues. Used it to restore a 650GB Windows 7 drive image when windows update decided to corrupt the OS, and it worked great (read: SAVED THE DAY!) I actually walked my brother, whose tech ability and patience is relatively low, through the process of restoring his drive over the phone.

Cons: Doesn't support dynamic disks- Acronis sells a business solution that does. The UI on TI 2010 is kind of lame compared to TI 11, which seemed more direct and to-the-point. Using Windows explorer to navigate the drive image and restore files can be hit and miss. NTFS permissions are retained by by default and can present problems when it comes time to restore files from the archive.

Overall Review: I use this primarily to back up and restore drives and partitions. I have used it to migrate files to a new system, but not without some difficulty- mostly related to NTFS permissions. Reading through Acronis's KB provided some workarounds... Upgrading a hard disk is a snap- just mirror the image, replace your system drive, boot to the TI CD and restore the image to your new drive. Done.

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