100% Worth it11/6/2009 8:12:28 PM

Pros: Absolutely amazing item. I've never owned an arcade stick before, but after hearing dozens upon dozens of people talking about how good this stick is online and during tournaments and such, I decided I should get myself one. As others have said, don't let past impressions of Madcatz products sway your opinion, this is 100% sturdy, functional, and of course nice looking. It takes a bit of getting used to in the change from a pad/controller, but after a few days you'll start to get the hang of it, and before long it'll be second nature. The square gate is actually something I was worried about having trouble with, but so far it's been a tremendous help to me. Charge characters were a pain to learn before, but with the ability to find the corners so easily it makes those characters far more accessible.

Cons: The only structurabl problem I have with the stick is the fact that the flap for the cord storage compartment feels a bit flimsy compared to the rest of the stick. I really doubt that area will take enough of a beating to make it a real problem, but it is something I noticed. The 360 Home button is not nearly as sensitive as the other face buttons, and when I first got it, I thought my 360 home button was broken. Again, not a big deal, but it's something that stands out a little at first.

Overall Review: If you have any interest in playing fighting games, this is a must-buy. $130-150 is a good amount of money to spend on a gaming peripheral, but with this you're definitely getting your money's worth. Extremely solid product, and something I expect to be using a ton in the months (and years?) to come.

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1/6/2009 7:37:49 AM

Pros: *Great price *No dead pixels, all around amazing looking. *Preset video adjustments are great and easy to change.

Cons: As others have said, there's no adjustment on the stand for anything other than vertical tilt. While this doesn't cause me any problems, I could see it being a potential issue for some users.

Overall Review: Got two of them for Christmas, and can't believe the difference from upgrading from my old 17" CRT and 15" LCD. These monitors are unbeatable, especially for the price.

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Quite useful for FPS players12/18/2007 11:47:56 AM

Pros: The key layout is extremely useful for FPS games, as well as games such as World of Warcraft, where you need access to a handful of keys at once to perform well. The rubberized coating on the black parts of the keyboard is comfortable All of the keys and the keyboard in general feels very solidly constructed and I have no doubts about having any troubles with it for a long long time.

Cons: The previously mentioned rubberized coating can begin to peel a slight bit after some use. This may be partially my own fault however; there's a small crevice between the silver circular part and the black rubberized area, and it ends up collecting a bit of gunk after a while. I stuck a paperclip in to try and clean it up, and now there's a few small (half inch or so) pieces where the rubberized coating is beginning to peel. Again, that is likely my own fault for the way I was attempting to clean it. Even so, the plastic underneath is perfectly solid and shouldn't cause any huge problems if the coating were to completely peel off.

Overall Review: My only real complaint with the layout of any of the keys is that the alt key is in sort of a far away location compared to the other modifier keys on the keyboard, and that there are two ctrl keys next to each other. While it's nice in theory, many games do not recognize any difference between a bind to the left ctrl and right ctrl key, so putting alt where the grey ctrl key is might have been a better choice. Overall, the keyboard has worked great so far. It took about a week of use to get used to it, and I'm still not completely 100% used to the positions of the 6-9 keys, but that's to be expected from using a regular layout keyboard for so long prior. I'd definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone who plays shooters a lot, as it's just too well laid out to pass up. No more switching weapons with the mouse wheel because you can't reach the 6-0 keys on a regular keyboard.

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