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Great Discs, Bad Packaging11/24/2009 1:00:33 PM

Pros: I have only burned a few but so far they work perfectly

Cons: None for the discs

Overall Review: The Packaging was HORRIBLY DONE. The item was packed into the corner of the box where it was very vulnerable. The bottom of the spindle was broken into several small pieces and damaged beyond use, I had to transfer the discs to an empty spindle i had. Only the bottom 2 discs had noticeable damage, but can't say yet if any others were affected. The amount of damage to the bottom tells me these had a hell of a ride.

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Excellent performance5/22/2009 9:30:50 AM

Pros: Great quality, very sharp, perfect for watching HD movies on the computer.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I bought this as an "Open Box" item for very cheap. It was without damage, no dead pixels, and all parts and items were included. I'm very happy with it.

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Great performance11/29/2007 12:35:20 PM

Pros: Runs all the latest games at highest settings with no problems.

Cons: The GPU fan... every card has this issue and its not a big deal once you setup rivatunerr to change speeds automatically. The con is simply that you shouldn't have to do this... but its a small problem really.

Overall Review: idles at 46c with fan at 60%. Load is 68c with fan at 90%.

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Good board11/29/2007 11:44:43 AM

Pros: Worked great, OC'd my E4500 to 3ghz without upping voltage.

Cons: Having a "cold boot" problem with my OC. Have run all the necessary stress tests (15 hours of prime95) and memtests. But sometimes after computer is off all night it will boot up and turn on an off 3 times (like it does with a bad OC) after third time it comes on and its back to stock settings... it does not do this if i leave everything at stock settings... no matter what OC settings i use it still does this even though it has proven to be stable OC otherwise.

Overall Review: Other than the boot problem. I have had no other issues. I generally leave my computer on all the time and for now I will be keeping the board as It has no other problems and according to many posts i have found this to be a "not so uncommon" problem with this board.

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A great value11/29/2007 10:04:04 AM

Pros: For the price (especially if you get 10) these can't be beat. Mine run just under 3000rpm full speed and move a decent amount of air. The noise could be compared to a quiet microwave. It does not bother me at all, especially since my 8800gt is much louder during gaming.

Cons: None yet, all worked perfectly and i had no issues with installation. All depends now on how long they last.

Overall Review: I bought these to add 3 more fans to my Cooler Master Centurion 5 and replace the front 80mm since it was slower. Before, my ambient temps would go up too much after a few hours of gaming. Now with the extra intake and exhaust fans the inside stays cool and i am very happy.

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