BEWARE! Stopped Working in LESS than 2 Weeks8/9/2013 2:42:26 AM

Pros: Beautiful Sound Quality Plenty of Power Great Settings to choose from

Cons: None... Unless they die on you, in such a short period of time; as mine did.

Overall Review: Well, when I read the reviews for this set of speakers, I figured, "Oh, what is the likelihood of myself getting a set of the ones that are giving everyone one trouble?" Needless to say; I ate my own words. I had gone to bed, one evening, got up the next morning, and went to put on some tunes, while getting ready for work; and to my dismay, there was no sound. I fiddled around with them a little, but not much, that morning, but had to had off for work. When I got home, I went to troubleshooting the problem. Tried unplugging everything, and plugging it all back in; no success. Tried plugging into both the AUX inputs; the one on the controller, and the one on the subwoofer; still no success. So, I tried reinstalling the audio driver for my motherboard, and guess what? Still, no success. I've plugged my headphones in; they work. Plugged other speakers in; they work, too. But, was not able to get the SP2500's to work. I've gotten myself all set up to RMA these speakers back to newegg, for a refund. Don't feel like going through the hassle of spending another who knows how much, paying for shipping, to get them repaired, or whatever else. So, if you plan on buying this set of speakers; just be aware that the quality of this item is hit and miss. If you don't want to have to worry about whether or not they are going to break/stop working on you, within two weeks; find a different set of speakers. These are a nice set; which is why I didn't give it only one egg. But, I had come to expect better reliability from Corsair; and this was a very sad failure to deliver, on their part.

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Great Responsive Gaming Mouse!4/21/2013 6:24:47 PM

Pros: - High DPI - DPI Level Selection (For in-game, and out) - Amazing response time (As expected) - Neat little lighting accents

Cons: The space beneath the side buttons, where one's thumb rests, on the side of the mouse; is not quite as sturdy as I'd like - As there is already some definite signs of wear. Nothing terribly major to note, though.

Overall Review: I've been a gamer since a very young age; but never really got too serious about my hardware, until recent years - And I finally got tired of playing FPS games, clicking, and somehow dying, without getting a shot off. I got incredibly frustrated, for many years - And then finally decided it was time to buy some high-end peripherals. Since buying this mouse; when playing CSS, rarely do I find myself dead, before the enemy finds a bullet from an AWP in their face. This was a great buy, in my opinion.

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Good, so far. No hiccups.4/21/2013 6:16:30 PM

Pros: - Fast read/write speed - Quiet

Cons: Being a refurbished piece of equipment, once formatted, it only had about 300GB of space, but; that isn't too major.

Overall Review: I bought this drive to replace my oooooooooooooooooold WD800 - One of the earliest SATA HDDs made. The WD800 had come to the end of it's lifespan, but I didn't have much money lying around, to buy a new HDD. Despite the split reviews of this product, and the fact that refurb drives are a 50/50 chance of actually working - I bought it. I was able to quickly re-install Win8 and get everything else installed, and running. I had it run in circles; moving around large amounts of data, at a time, and also left it running for a week, plus; to give it a bit of a 'stress test;' and I'd say I'm fairly satisfied with it. Didn't even have to RMA. Thanks newegg! Keep up with the quality products - I hope to be a long-time customer of your's.

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Great Sound, and Extremely Comfortable Headset!3/13/2013 6:00:18 PM

Pros: I have had my eye on the Siberia series of headsets since they were first released by steelseries; and have always wanted to get myself one of these headsets - As I had never heard anything but good things, from friends; casual gamers, and pro-gamers alike. Needles to say; they definitely lived up to my expectations! They are very comfortable to wear, even for extended sessions of playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and such. The Siberia V2s not only boast great comfort; but amazing sound quality, especially for the price. The Siberia V2s is an exception all-around headset; with great directional sound, for only having a single driver; and great balance between treble and bass, making them great for listening to music, or watching movies. Additionally; the microphone has proved far better than that of any headset that I have purchased, in the past. - Comfortable - Great Treble/Bass Balance - Great Microphone - Good Directional Sound, Despite Single Driver

Cons: I have yet to find any! They are light, comfortable; and have really good sound quality, both drivers, and microphone.

Overall Review: I would definitely suggest this headset to anyone looking for a gaming headset, for <$100, and wanting to use it for more than just gaming, also.

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Great keyboard! Sensitive, Super-Fast Keystrokes!3/13/2013 5:48:05 PM

Pros: Great keyboard, overall; for anyone that simply wants a keyboard for gaming, and portability; that is extremely responsive, and has very smooth keystrokes. - Extremely Fast Response-Time - Compact - Smooth Keystrokes

Cons: The only Con, that I could really note; is the weight. But! At the same time; that is to be expected from a mechanical keyboard. There is no way around it - So, I did not dock any eggs for that. - Weight (A little heavy; size considered)

Overall Review: I am thoroughly satisfied with this keyboard. Haven't had any problems with it. Love the feel of typing on it - Hate typing on anything else, anymore, haha. I really like the fact that CoolerMaster used a braided cord for the keyboard.

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