Defective board, nightmarish experience10/2/2011 3:55:51 PM

Pros: Ideally, this board should be perfect for users like me who are seeking a moderate overclock but don't have a need for SLI or any added Z68 features.

Cons: I basically had an identical experience as the reviewer from 9/29/11 (as well as others), ending up with a burned-out area along the back of the board, near the memory slots. This issue appears to be caused by faulty VRM design, rather than by fluke or user negligence. Multiple reports are documented on the Internet, and can be found by searching for "p8p67"+"on fire" and "motherboard fire"+"1r2".

Overall Review: ASUS phone support was that special blend of rude and unknowledgeable. They will put you off by either repeatedly telling you to "call back later" or just flat-out hanging up on you. Response time for ASUS e-mail support seems to range from "weeks" to "never." can spare me the canned "Sorry to hear about the issues" speech since I initially wrote to that address 1½ months ago and never got a reply. I was finally told that ASUS refused to honor the warranty because of "physical damage." However, I was graciously given the option of paying a $120 repair fee because apparently I am stupid and have no idea how much brand-new motherboards actually cost. Disappointingly, the retailer has also decided to parrot the ASUS company line and do nothing about the matter either. I hope other buyers will be more fortunate, but between the shady customer support/RMA policy and potential risk of flaming helldeath, this board isn't worth the gamble.

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