Shiney9/1/2021 3:38:58 PM

Pros: Price/construction

Cons: Glare at any angle, absolutely unbearable.

Overall Review: Could have a glare in a vantablack room.

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This is the desk for the price point.8/11/2021 7:17:57 AM

Pros: The Desktop is sturdy and well laminated. Metal frame can be overtightened and warp but solid. The top has metal threads you screw into instead of plastic.

Cons: Non as of 2 months in.

Overall Review: For those who say the screw holes dont line up well, the frame went fine for me, for the top dont snug the bolts as you go, get them all put in loose then tighten them all down. Well worth the $80-90 sale price.

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An alright desk for the price, would spend the extra $30 to get the $112 price range desks.8/11/2021 7:13:56 AM

Pros: Its a good desk for the price point.

Cons: -Mine arrived with minor scuffing on the desktop. -At a month in minor peeling of the side of the desktop. -the desktop has plastic threads instead of metal to screw into.

Overall Review: Good for the price point but Id you can afford to wait for the sale look towards the Fufu Gaga brand desk thats $112 normal but goes on sale to $80.

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