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Above Expectations6/29/2012 5:52:45 PM

Pros: This 32" LCD beats any other 32" TV in it's price range. Here are a few reasons why I liked this tv: 1. There is an internal digital TV tuner inside the TV. Making it so you don't have to buy an individual tuner. 2. There is a small "practically un-noticeable" up converter for any 480i signal to bump it up to 480p. 3. Three HDMI ports are more than enough for most people's needs, and they work flawlessly.

Cons: Of course one has to have reasonable expectations when picking on a $229.99 TV. 1. In the Newegg pictures this TV looks Silver, and in the description it says this TV is Black. Not being sure which to believe, I had no idea what color was being shipped to my house. This is very "discouraging" in that if you are trying to color coordinate your house (or even just accessories) it is a very hard decision. To put out a helping hand: the TV is Black. 2. The TV is on a swivel, like most HDTV's. The only problem is, the swivel is very loose and feels as if it may fall. Tightening the screws to where this "loosy-ness" disappears practically strips the "cheap" screws, but it does the job. 3. The start up time for the TV is about ten seconds. No really a problem, but an annoyance (Especially when you want to show someone something on the TV). 4. The included internal digital TV tuner pick's up channels, but has horrible reception. I recommend buying a "real" tuner. 5. The remote

Overall Review: Currently, I have a Gamecube, and an XBOX 360 kinected (no pun intended) to the TV. They work (to say the least) very well. No ghosting at all on any games. Also, this TV supports 1080p/i and 720p/i signal from all inputs except VGA (computer).

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Hidden Secrets In All Their Glory6/28/2012 8:39:29 PM

Pros: This XBOX 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle is a mouthful to say, and also has a mouthful of hidden surprises and secrets. Here is a small list of what is secretly included: 1. Without even stating it in the description, this XBOX 360 Bundle comes with a free 1 MONTH subscription to XBOX LIVE. It's not the 3 month (or even 12 month) subscription that most people want, but it's a nice surprise nonetheless. 2. This XBOX 360 comes with a boat-load of game demos. I mean, when you first turn on the system you have game demos installed. There is even another disk hidden inside the Kinect Star Wars game with a lot more game demos that are fun enough to keep the family entertained for hours. 3. The Kinect is actually "Stormtrooper" themed. This is a must for any Star Wars fan! 4. C3PO downloadable content is available upon completing initial setup, and is very cool. 5. This XBOX 360 has more vents than any other XBOX 360 i've seen, and oddly it is very quiet. No heat

Cons: I only have two complaints. These are not all complaints, and are only my personal problems (setbacks). 1. My only complaint is that recent cutbacks from Microsoft have caused the XBOX 360 HDMI cable to be taken out of every XBOX 360 sold. Without this HDMI cable, 1080p resolution is not supported on the XBOX 360. So, I bought and tried a bunch of XBOX 360 HDMI cables, and the only HDMI cable I found that supported 1080p is this official one ( 2. The C3PO controller tends to keep all finger marks, and eventually becomes unable to clean. On top of that XBOX 360 controllers have very short battery lives with the included batteries (My advice: have spare AA batteries within reach for long gaming sessions). Also, the C3PO controller supports this chat pad only ( I've tried others, and only this chat pad (with updated firmware) has been fully operational.

Overall Review: I absolutely love this console, and fell in love with it the day it arrived. 1. This system will undoubtedly last many years. This bundle is very sturdy and feels as if it is "metal" even though it is not. 2. The games included (Kinect Adventures & Kinect Star Wars) are very fun. Kinect Adventures is more of a family game, and Kinect Star Wars is more of a "Solo" game (no pun intended). 3. The game demos included with the XBOX are very fun for the whole family. 4. Aegis Wing HD, Harm's Way, Pinball FX2, and Family Game Night are very fun FREE XBOX LIVE ARCADE GAMES to play initially (before your game collection develops). 5. The 320GB hard drive is is very luxurious! 6. The included wired headset is very comfortable! 7. There is an included wall size poster that looks good in any "Star Wars Fan" Room!

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