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Garbage - very poor wifi performance12/13/2011 9:53:08 AM

Pros: Price was good if it worked. Works fine on wired ethernet.

Cons: Wireless performance is horrible. Video and audio, even at the lowest resolution, is choppy and maybe pushes 1-2 FPS. Updating to the latest firmware did not resolve the problem. I have about 10 other devices working on the same wireless infrastructure for a couple years now with no issues, so it's not my network. Incidentally my AP is also a D-Link device, so you'd think they would certify on their own devices.

Overall Review: I've always been a fan of D-Link stuff because it has always been pretty solid for me. This product was a real disappointment. Good thing for Newegg's Iron Egg policy.

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Nice, inexpensive drive cage10/5/2008 2:02:47 PM

Pros: Nice drive cage for installing 4 drives into 3 5.25" bays. Very quiet fan. Easy to install drives and mount in case. Inexpensive.

Cons: Does not have hot-swap capabilities.

Overall Review: Bay is lit with blue LED's. This may or may not be desirable for some people.

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State of the art10/5/2008 1:06:42 PM

Pros: This thing flies. It benchmarks 4-5 times faster than my old 7800GT. Runs Warhammer Online buttery smooth at 1280x960 with game set to maximum quality, 8x anti-aliasing, and 16x aniso. Games look beautiful. Reasonably quiet. I can hear it spool up when gaming, but it's not obnoxious at all.

Cons: nVidia drivers seem to have depreciated support for CRT's. There is no native function to force refresh rates. I had to try about 6 different things before I could force the refresh rate in games to a higher setting than 60hz. The application that finally worked properly is Refresh Lock.

Overall Review: Rebate was here in less than a month. I don't think I've ever got a rebate back so fast! Very much worth the price I paid for it.

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Nice UPS for home network equipment10/5/2008 12:59:57 PM

Pros: Small, takes up very little space. Outlet spacing is nice for accommodating bricks. Has RJ-45 jacks for protecting network equipment or phone line from surges. Seems very solidly built. I have it running a Cisco 871, cable modem, and a Dlink AP.

Cons: None yet.

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Great power supply for the money1/2/2008 8:18:01 AM

Pros: Ample power. Fairly quiet. Lots of connectors. Inexpensive.

Cons: No modular cables. These are nice to have to help keep the inside of the case uncluttered. However, I knew this p/s did not have this feature during buying, so I am not rating the p/s lower because of this fact.

Overall Review: I've been running this unit in an Antec SX1040 for about 4 months and it's been solid. No complaints.

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Great value for the dollar1/2/2008 8:14:05 AM

Pros: It works.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Purchased this kit to upgrade an HP NC8430 laptop. There's not much that can be said about RAM other than the fact of whether it works or not, and whether it is a good value. This product is both. I've been very pleased with Kingston products.

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Awesome drive1/2/2008 8:11:05 AM

Pros: Very fast for a mobile drive. Spacious. Quiet. Great value for the price.

Cons: None that I have encountered.

Overall Review: This drive is awesome. I upgraded from an 80GB that was factory installed in my HP NC8430, and the disk performance is MUCH improved. It really helped wake Vista and Office 2007 up as far as responsiveness. Virtual machine performance via VMWare Workstation is also much better than before.

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Good hardware, junk drivers1/10/2007 11:53:42 AM

Pros: The hardware seems to be solid. SuperA/G is nice-I have sustained up to ~40mbps transfer when using SuperA.

Cons: Dlink's drivers are total junk. I experienced random BSOD's in their driver module. Running bittorrent guaranteed that it would die within an hour. Also there is a piece of their driver called wzcsldr2.exe that randomly decides to go to 100% cpu usage until it is terminated and restarted. Downloading the Atheros reference drivers ver 4.2 solved the stability problems.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this product due to the fact that the drivers are basically worthless. I am a CCNP and work with network equipment from numerous vendors on a daily basis. A piece of equipment that works marginally or not at all is unacceptable in my book. Dlink has nothing about the issue on their support site.

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