A whole new look at games, see the entire battlefield/horizon, etc...7/15/2017 4:00:47 PM

Pros: Excellent, vibrant colors, huge real estate, killer UI and joystick input, slim and I keep a lot of my desk instead of filling it up with a monitor. No dead pixels.

Cons: Ever so slight light bleed from one of the corners, but I did expect that given the other reviews and LCD displays in general. This is really not that much a con because in almost everything that I do I don't see it. I only see it when the lights are off and there is a really dark scene in a movie. I watch a movie once a year on the PC so.. you get the point.

Overall Review: I had a 25" and 24" ASUS setup and love their monitors. They were both TN screens so I thought I would try running one single larger monitor in place of the two and man was that the right choice. Also the difference between the colors on the other TN vs this IPS panel are night and day. Some people have mentioned that they didn't like the red accent too much. It comes off and you can paint it black, white, etc... I'm a team green guy myself and though I plan on removing it to paint it, it's really not in your face red. I would totally buy this again.

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Killer performance and great looking too!6/6/2017 2:13:20 PM

Pros: Good speeds and a perfect size kit for my needs. I can open and move large Illustrator/Photoshop files and work in between applications and have no concerns. They look really good with my motherboard

Cons: So far nothing.

Overall Review: I've been a fan of Corsair memory due to their performance and reliability and purchased that brand exclusively, but the specs and the color options on this Ballistix set made me pull the trigger. I have no regrets and would certainly go with them again.

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Perfect for just about all uses, great capacity.6/6/2017 2:03:56 PM

Pros: Large capacity and great speed. None have failed me yet.

Cons: None.. it's an SD card.

Overall Review: I have one of these in my phone, wife's phone, oldest son's phone Nvidia Shield, Raspberry Pi mini arcade and my Mini nintendo Pi. All are still alive and well after up to 2 years. My newest one is 6 months old so time will tell, but I trust data on them. I have one of these in an adapter that i put movies on and take to the WD Live in the living room, or the Roku in the bedroom when I want to watch something specific. Moving it from my main machine to the sd card is quick, then into the adapter and we're watching the movie in minute.

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Got what I paid for.6/6/2017 1:59:14 PM

Pros: Really fast processing when I need it, very wide motherboard support. CPU heavy games play well (BF1).

Cons: Price can always be lower.

Overall Review: I opted for the 7 instead of the 5 because I went with a Sandy Bridge i5 and wondered what I would have gained with a 7. Turns out that I use the extra horsepower of the 7 more than I thought I would. I backup Blurays from time to time when I buy new ones and put them onto an external HD hooked up to a media player attached to the TV in the living room. Backing up a bluray and then creating an MKV from the backup is really fast compared to the i5 I had. I'm quite happy that when i need it, it's got power to spare.

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Solid value6/6/2017 1:53:28 PM

Pros: Great speed for the price and the capacity is perfect for the OS and games that i want to be the first to load into.

Cons: None that have popped up.

Overall Review: I'm pleased with the way the prices are coming down on SSD's and will likely go with Samsung again for my next one.

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So far so good3/21/2017 12:41:54 AM

Pros: Great fps and low noise are the win in my book. I have an all green LED setup so I wanted to match, silly but that's why I paid $50 more. I got the EVGA additional cable management adapter free.

Cons: Nope

Overall Review: I wanted green. And I wanted non founders addition cost.. so I got this.

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Good Stuff8/19/2015 7:51:18 PM

Pros: Installed with ease and was easy to setup. Decent speeds. Can leave it in the Raspberry pi that I bought it for.

Cons: None to speak of.

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DX Racer King Series Chair Review5/27/2015 10:50:33 PM

Pros: Comfort adjustability and solid build quality. From the frame, to the levers and the base, this thing is solid and feels quite sturdy. The packaging was well thought out with lots of padding and some great use of space, there is minimal risk of the chair being damaged in the shipping process. The chair looks great. DXRacer has done a great job of making the product look as good as it feels. The seat cushion and support is by far the best I have seen or sat in since my last chair which is being replaced after 10 years. The foam rests on spring suspended nylon belts that support it and flex as the users flexes in the chair. It's not revolutionary, but I'm happy to see it used correctly in this chair. Embroidery is good but will discolor over time as sweat and oil from my head soak into it. It’s inevitable due to the placement. The decorative piping is impeccable. Accent piping in a chair is where you can gauge some quality in my opinion. The piping in my chair is from a single cut without joints. Someone paid attention and used the right cuts and it's a detail that I noticed. Seems silly, but it’s the details. Also, a big plus for using all the same sized Hex bolts. You cannot go wrong building this thing by grabbing the wrong one and they are thick enough steel to get the job done! Nice wide Base.

Cons: Smell. This thing is still off-gassing with the "PU" Pee-yew smell, made in china smell. A lot of new chairs smell like this, including my last failed attempt at finding a good work/gaming chair, and this one is more tolerable than some, but be aware that you'll have that "New Chair Smell" for a few weeks. The material that most of the DX Racer chairs are made of is not breathable at all. This means that you will not lose any body heat from your back or posterior. You will however perspire and there is no place for that to go due to being plastic coated. Only having 1 red and 1 blue chair with a fabric coating left me to buy this one. I would have liked the fabric breathability in a colorway that I appreciated. If I had one that had a fabric back and seat, I certainly would have purchased that, but PU is cheaper to use. The headrest needs help. It works okay if you slip it down the headrest, but the 4way keeper that they provide if you want to close to the shoulders is awkward at best. I am tempted to cut it and do it correctly with longer elastic. The instructions had me install the base backwards… maybe just me, but the picture (when I looked to be sure) looked backwards, but I followed it. Yep, backwards. Be careful while getting used to your new chair. The footrests have a pretty sharp edge that can scrape a heel if you wear flip flops. The width of the base, which is a plus mentioned above puts the ends of the base out toward the heel. Not being aware has led to one good gash already. Be careful.

Overall Review: DX Racer email response is pretty poor overall. While I may get handed off to someone that can handle my RMA, I have little confidence that they would respond to an email about the product. I have written about 5 emails to them so far, and only one was responded to, which was that they should have more in stock soon. I get the bottom line thing, but some actual lip service would have been nice. The 300% markup rule applies to many things and it's apparent here. Made in China and shipped to the US, *"Free shipping" is obviously included in the cost, and make that about $60 for the 60LB shipping weight, I get it. The width is adequate, but not kingly. Most of the office chairs in my work environment are easily this width and some are more. I think it's simply a matter of perspective that DX Racer needs to see. Americans are bigger people. Not just the fat ones, but the regular ones, too. I'm 5'10 and 210 lbs. At a LAN last week, a tiny girl (5'4" 90lbs) sat in it and said that it seemed narrow. None of the ringlets that attach the stretched PU to the steel chair base were unattached, so another plus for quality.

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Great little drive11/12/2014 7:17:25 PM

Pros: Great price to size ratio, Crucial tech, and an MLC drive. The drive is a speedy guy that is replacing an Intel 1st gen 120 gig that is my OS and game of the month drive. This new drive allows me to have the adobe CS6 installed on the SSD along side whatever I'm playing the most and have room left to spare. Loading games is fast and working with files between both PS and Illustrator on two screens is really fast. Boots in about 10-12 seconds now and that's after cloning the 120GB drive it's replacing, so there's a lot that runs on startup.

Cons: There are no cons that I can think of here.

Overall Review: I didn't need it since it was going into a desktop, but the retail packaging includes an adapter to make this fit in older laptops. Would be a plus if I needed it.

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Lots of space, good value1/3/2014 1:46:16 PM

Pros: A large amount of space. decent transfer rates. USB3. All cables are in the box. Single drive so no raid to fail. Does not come with a bunch of disk management software installed and taking up space. Very nice price for this device.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: Moved everything from a 640 GB media drive to the compy, then to this guy. Moving files to the MyBook was super nice over usb 3.0. It has good ventilation.

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A nice upgrade from 1st gen WDTV1/3/2014 1:42:14 PM

Pros: Much faster processor than the WDTV and a much cleaner UI. It loads and I can use the menus really fast after boot, and it navigates through my MKV files much faster. The inclusion of the usual suspect apps makes it a replacement for our bluray player.

Cons: When I tried to play netflix while I had the device set to audio bypass (bitstream) mode, I had no audio. Apparently raw audio is not passed well through the WDTV from Netflix and I had to put it in "Stereo (LPCM) mode" to get sound from Netflix. Does not handle all h.264 encoded vids.

Overall Review: They kept the 2 USB inputs which is nice since I can put the 3TB drive in the back and then spur of the moment files on a USB Stick and put that in the side. I had the WDTV for 6 years and only had a few times that I had to hard reset it. I'm hoping for the same with this device and it's showing good signs so far. Plays, mt2, vob, avi, mkx, mts, and mp3 for me so far. If it played Netflix without issue, it would get 5 eggs. Web searches indicated that others have this issue as well. New FW please WD?

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This thing is great!1/3/2014 1:32:40 PM

Pros: I got this for my wife when she found that a wireless keyboard does not play pinball well. I got a couple at the time and this is by far her favorite. There are no crevices to catch crumbs. So turning the keyboard over lets everything that the kids drop in there just fall out. She can hit it with a damp cloth to remove jelly fingerprints. It is lightweight, but the feet really do grip the keyboard tray that she uses it on. I think it's pretty nice too.

Cons: So far, there are no cons. We have not had this for a year, but with Logitech products being generally well built, I don't expect any either.. And, it's simply a keyboard.

Overall Review: The keys on this guy are low and a little more spaced out than other keyboards. Not really a con, but it took a day to get used to. The bottom is blue.. odd, but hey, cool!

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It does what it should1/3/2014 1:27:56 PM

Pros: The keys are the right height for someone that likes them in between the taller Dell OEM keyboards, and the chiclet style of apple and others. The board does not flex, and the keys are spaced as you would expect. It works out of the box and is just right for a backup or a keyboard to keep in your lan bag.

Cons: There are no cons to speak of considering that this does what it is supposed to do, and everything that it advertises that it will do.

Overall Review: Just a straight forward keyboard. I got exactly what i thought I was buying.

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Some good some bad12/6/2013 9:34:24 PM

Pros: Long battery life and it will tell you when an approximation of the battery life remaining. You can answer a call by speaking the word 'answer". The call clarity is high.

Cons: You have to press the button on this thing for 3 seconds. Imaging pressing your finger into your ear for that long just to make a call. My previous BT headset was a button press. I know that most are. This was not an improvement. Noise cancellation is ineffective. I came to a stop and my brother asked if I was still there because the road noise was gone :( Battery life goes from "you have more than two hours".. to dead. Very poor incremental estimation.

Overall Review: The inclusion of the micro usb port on the unit itself is nice.. no cradle or anything else.

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Not at all free8/11/2013 10:41:14 PM

Pros: None. Forced to signup with new DRM service just to get the game.

Cons: Got my "Free" copy.. had to follow the link, then sign up at geforce, then got a code, then had to creat an account at ubisoft to get a "wait for the release"... then email spam since then from both.

Overall Review: This is hardly free.

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Mostly steps up8/11/2013 10:27:37 PM

Pros: MSI has mastered the quiet cooling solution for sure. This cooler is nice and long, lots of fin space and the fans on high are nothing like the GTX 480's that it replaced. Single card, low power consumption, low heat output.

Cons: Nothing that is a true drawback to ownership. See Other thoughts.

Overall Review: In a couple games, my FPS was better with 2 480's. 3 Generations later and with the speeds this card has,I thought it would be comparable to my old 480's. It's not quite. From all of the published benchmarks, I thought that it would be close, or better. it's not quite.. but just barely not quite. These are pretty new, so I pulled the trigger and am totally satisfied. My 480's used to cook my man cave and I'm golden now with less power draw and less heat with this. Plus add another and from the published docs, I'll be about 780/Titan speeds for about $520 Which, is fantastic. I can easily get over the lower FPS in some games for the time being due to the thermal and acoustic improvements over the 480's. I hope this help someone out there because I had a hard time finding good comparison data.

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Great so far2/21/2013 3:16:24 PM

Pros: This thing has some great speed, great signal strength, and I've been a D-link customer so far, so the port forwarding, application rules, access restrictions etc were all familiar.

Cons: The USB share is really not worth using. In order to connect to the device attached to the router, you have to install software. Not that big of a deal, but if anyone else is connected, you have to get them to disconnect from it first. The way the marketing read was as if this could be used like a NAS. Well, kinda. but not quite.

Overall Review: The values outweigh the marketing hype and I would actually buy this again for what it does well. Transmit a strong signal.

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Great device2/21/2013 3:06:01 PM

Pros: Great bang for the buck. Teamed up with a Wireless n 300 Mbit router.

Cons: None

Overall Review: It may just be the wireless N tech, but the Netgears and Belkin wireless 54g's that I had in the same machine and same location would always drop at least once a week. This one has not dropped yet.

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Not bad, but not slient2/21/2013 3:04:22 PM

Pros: Good airflow, quieter than the stock ones in the lanbox lite.

Cons: Still pretty loud. It's not their fault, that they still add a bit to the other fans noise to sum into a loud system.

Overall Review: Would have kept the stock fans if I could have heard the difference first hand.

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Works.2/21/2013 3:02:03 PM

Pros: Plugged in and Windows 7 found and installed the drivers. Does not drop packets, and works.

Cons: None

Overall Review: None

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Works for Wii storage2/21/2013 3:00:21 PM

Pros: Large enough to hold all homebrew apps, on card save games and room to spare

Cons: None, but it's very simple in what it does.

Overall Review: I have yet to have a Kingston card lose data, or go bad. I have never had an Ritek, or sandisk go bad either though. Just wanted to leave the feedback that it works well for a Wii.

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Load of ram for cheap1/21/2013 1:59:40 PM

Pros: Low profile, high capacity, fast.

Cons: None that I can see

Overall Review: Using these in a LanBox lite and they had to fit under a Zalman cool, which they do.

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Great speed and value1/21/2013 1:54:52 PM

Pros: I love this thing. Scans fast, clear and crisp.

Cons: Cover is not heavy enough to press anything flat if you need to scan that sort of thing. I do from time to time, but put a book on the top.

Overall Review: Cover feels very delicate. I just have to handle it like a piece of equipment and be gentle. Not a con, though. Picked it up when they had a Christmas sale and it was well discounted. I would have gone with a cheaper version otherwise.

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SteelSeries1/21/2013 1:51:00 PM

Pros: Great fit, great cushion, great sound, extending mic.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Bought these for my nephew and he plays all the time. He cannot stop thanking me for them. They are the right size for his head (he's a kid) and they are much clearer than his plantronics were.

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Better than expected1/21/2013 1:47:52 PM

Pros: The cord is long, the earpads are soft, the mic is clear, the price is very low.

Cons: The volume is not that loud with the dial all the way up.

Overall Review: These are perfect for a younger person to use for gaming. They are inexpensive enough to not worry about the cord being yanked out, rolled over, or the headphones being dropped a bunch. They are no frills, but I was surprised how comfortable they were. Worth the money and with the price considered, anything lacking is not a con to me. I use razer carcharias for me and weighed value of these, against those. If you have a kid that is tired or their ears hurting, or needs to use a voice program to talk to grandma or buddies on skype, then this is great.

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