A gamer's dream monitor3/1/2013 10:16:29 PM

Pros: Finally after 10 years of playing on LCD's at 60hz, this monitor feels very close to a CRT display. I remember so many years ago when I switched from my old 19in. CRT to a 19in LCD and I almost couldn't stand the screen tearing and blurring. I eventually just dealt with it and learned to play with the blurring. Although for FPS shooters and playing competitively, a 60hz LCD definitely is a disadvantage. The ASUS VG248qe is just amazing for FPS games. At 144hz it really is smooth with extremely reduced blurring (yes there is a little bit still). But it's so much of an improvement, i'm really blown away by it. I was debating over getting the ASUS or the Benq 2411T. The Benq is only available in the UK right now, so I went for the ASUS. Besides, my previous monitor was an ASUS 25.5in LCD and I've been happy with it for several years. I don't see myself ever going back to a 60hz LCD ever again. It's kind of like when you start watching TV in HD or experiencing BluRay for the first time, and then try going back to standard definition, it's almost unbearable. I also did try the LightBoost registry hack which changes the functionality of the LED back-lighting which is used for Stereoscopic 3D games. Once enabled, you can disable the stereoscopic 3D so you can game in 2D mode with almost no screen blurring at all. I was totally blown away how stunningly smooth the picture was. There is virtually no screen blurring with the hack. I'm not sure what the side effects are, but one thing is for sure, it's totally sick.

Cons: Colors unfortunately don't look as good at 144hz as they do on 60hz. You can switch to 60hz for better colors. As other people have noticed, the colors out of the box are very saturated and extremely bright, almost blinding. You'll have to dial the settings back.

Overall Review: I placed my order on Newegg at 12:30PST on a Monday, and they shipped it out the same day. Amazing. It arrived within 3 business days.

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Negative acceleration?10/27/2012 3:12:11 AM

Pros: Good build quality, good grip, and Synapse software.

Cons: I play a lot of first person shooters at the competitive level. I upgraded to this mouse from the Logitech G5. At least I *thought* it was an upgrade. At my first impression the Taipan felt small, lightweight, with an extremely quick response. But right away I noticed the mouse tracking was very different than my Logitech. It seemed to have a strange acceleration built into the hardware, almost like a negative acceleration. It was something you cannot change in the driver software, it's something built into the electronics of the mouse. When moving the mouse slowly it tracked normally, but when swiping left/right quickly it did not track the same way. I've read other reviews of people noticing this strange acceleration. I had all mouse acceleration turned off in the mouse and within Windows 7. However, when swiping quickly the mouse almost seemed to track a shorter distance, like a negative acceleration. I tried to get used to it in Counter Strike Go for about a month, but I can't stand it anymore. After using the Logitech G5 style mouse for 10+ years, it's tough to change. Also, the Taipan doesn't feel right in my hand. I use a claw grip mostly with my palm slightly touching the mouse. This grip feels awkwark on the mouse. Almost like wearing a shoe on the wrong foot. Nothing you do feels right. Maybe if you have extremely small hands and have a low profile extended finger palm grip it would work for you. It doesn't feel comfortable to me.

Overall Review: Too expensive for the features. 8200 DPI is way too high and not needed. The scroll wheel doesn't have pronounced detents when scrolling, so you tend to "over scroll". It looks great, and has excellent rubber grips and surface texture, but the usability just didn't work out for me.

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Excellent gaming video card11/8/2011 11:22:47 AM

Pros: I upgraded from an ATI 4870x2. I was expecting a good performance boost, but nothing dramatic since the ATI card has close to the same specs and it has more RAM. But after installing the new card and testing it on Battlefield 3 I was blown away. The GTX 570 smokes my ATI card. On Ultra settings at 1920x1200 I was getting about 11 fps with the ATI card. The same settings with the GTX 570 are getting me 70+ fps. Very smooth with no hitches. This card runs a lot cooler and much quieter than the 4870x2. On idle, the 570 runs about 30C. Under full gaming load, it runs about 75C. I do not water cool anything either. To monitor the temps I'm using EVGA Precision software (free version).

Cons: No back plate on the card. It looks kind of ugly in the case compared to my 4870x2. Also, the build quality of the GTX 570 is not nearly as heavy duty as the 4870x2. The 570 definitively feels lighter, and more cheaply built. But, the performance is just killer, and since the temperature differences are significant between the two cards, I don't see heat being an issue on the less rugged card.

Overall Review: Save $150 and avoid the GTX 580 and buy the GTX 570 (or the OC version). Great card. I'm using a single 25.5'' monitor, no SLI, and no water cooling, and it destroys all my PC games on the highest settings.

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Monster Monitor!2/6/2009 12:40:08 PM

Pros: Like the other reviews for this monitor say, it really is gigantic. Insanely awesome! I got it for FPS gaming primarily (CS Source, COD, UT, etc..) I upgraded from a 19in. BenQ 2ms. This 2ms ASUS performs about the same as the BenQ. Games look incredible at the HD resolution of 1900x1200. I tested both HDMI and DVI from my video card, and they both look excellent. If your video card struggles with running the game at the full resolution, it doesn't matter, this monitor can run lower resolutions and also maintain the aspect ratio which is VERY nice. I can't stand when you wanna run something in 1280x1024 (4:3) and it stretches to fit full screen. This monitor allows you to view the resolution exactly as it should look in it's aspect by giving you black borders around the edges. But it can be set to stretch if needed. You can also multi-task so much easier with this thing. LOTS of screen real estate. Put an HD (1900x1200) wallpaper on your desktop and be blown away

Cons: I don't believe the monitor goes into standby if you are running it off the HDMI cable. You must manually turn it off. Due to the large size of this thing, you may have to push the monitor to the back of your desk, or get a new desk all together. With my old 19in, my face could be 1.5ft away without discomfort for hours of gaming. However, if you were to be this close to the 25.5in., you can get motion sickness or a headache because of the brightness and all the action motion. I moved it back about 3ft and it's much more comfortable now.

Overall Review: For FPS gaming, you feel like you are really in the game literally. Your guns seem life-size. This monitor is really bright also in the default settings that may need to be turned down if you play in a dark room. When playing CS Source and I eat a flash bang, I bet the neighbors think there's an alien abduction within the house hold from all the white light, lol. Overall, this is an excellent gaming LCD. I would recommend this to anyone who demands superior gaming performance.

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Phenomenal for gaming12/4/2008 11:36:25 PM

Pros: I've been using onboard sound forever and had no idea what I've been missing. I have been struggling with my onboard sound on my current high end ASUS mobo. I don't understand why some good motherboards have poor onboard sound, I guess that's one way to cut their costs. I didn't know what to expect getting this $29 sound card, it seemed like a price you'd see for a cheap product. But I went and tried it. I have a couple nice pairs of headphones for professional audio mastering (Beyerdynamic). When I plug those into my onboard sound there is a high pitched whining sound that I cannot get rid of. It sounds like feedback interference. I know many others have struggled with this and there seems to be no cure. The Sound Blaster Audigy eliminates this problem completely. I'm very happy about that! Dead silent sound when you plug in, no white noise, no hissing. The audio is amazing. This little card really kicks. Game sounds are more clear and distinct. AWESOME!

Cons: The pink colored mic input doesn't appear to work out of the box. I found other people also experience this problem. But there is a workaround. Plug your mic into the blue input (not the pink), and your mic will work. The manual shows the blue is a line output, but it works for the mic input. Instruction manual error? Odd. Still researching this one...

Overall Review: Well worth the cost. I used on board sound for years, and I wish I would have tried this Audigy sooner.

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Fantastic for gaming12/4/2008 7:56:55 PM

Pros: I've owned this headset for over 6 years and finally after all that time the right ear started to drop audio. I fiddled with the wires and inspected the solder connections but nothing appeared to be lose and all looked good. I suspect it was something with the cable. Anyhow, I researched a lot of headphones for something to replace this headset with and could not find one that would be comfortable for a 5+ hour gaming session. These headphones can be worn for an entire day and won't hurt my ears (meaning they won't get hot, sweaty, or sore). They have cloth padding around the speaker which is much better than common rubber stuff that makes your ears sweaty.

Cons: The mic is a little on the quiet side, but it's great for gaming purposes. Not adequate for vocal recording.

Overall Review: I'm thinking of getting another pair of these as a backup. I may never use anything else unless there is new technology and a reason to switch to a newer model.

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A crushing beast!10/15/2008 1:22:52 PM

Pros: I debated over the Nvidia GTX 280 or this card. My motherboard supports Crossfire, so I went with the 4870x2 in case I want to run two of these down the road. And I think it's going to be a very long trip down that road until that happens. This card smokes the games I've tested. Crysis, Crysis Warhead, and UT3. It's been a long long time since I've had crisp snappy frames in these resource taxing games. After just about an hour of testing, I could definitely tell it's designed for super high resolution with all the settings maxed. I'm so used to playing at 800x600 or 1024x768... It appeared that the performance was a little worse at lower resolutions, but excelled when I jacked it up. The performance of this card is unmatched at high resolution and high in-game settings. It's rendering is insane and cuts through like butter. With this card, a good CPU, 2+ gigs of RAM, and a big power supply, you should be able to tear your games up no problem!

Cons: Price, heat, and size. This card won't help the "pro" gamer much who insists on playing on 800x600 with all the eye candy off. I found that performance was a bit worse on low settings. I'm only running a 19'' LCD with this at a max res of 1280x1024. This card costs about the same as normal top-of-the-line flagship gaming models. But you do definatelly get what you pay for here. Ultimate performance for high resolution gaming. The biggest negative is the heat problem. I monitored the cards GPU temp for about 30 minutes of gaming. It bottomed at 75C and topped at over 90C. That's unbelievably hot! However, these cards are designed to handle these blazing temperatures without damaging it. If you are going to overclock the GPU in anyway, I would recommend a water block or lots of case fans, or maybe both.

Overall Review: The software is great. Lots of tweakability. Drivers still need some work. I've read about others experiencing strange issues, and I have as well. I've had one "red" screen so far in Vista, which caused me to reboot mid-game on the very first time I played Crysis. Other than that one problem, I've had no other issues since. Solid card. I think once the drivers are more polished, this thing is really gonna dominate. My specs: Pentium E6850 (3.0Ghz) 2 gigs DDR3 RAM P5E3 Deluxe Motherboard Standard 7200 RPM HDD 4870x2 Graphics card No water cooling Vista 32-bit

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Does not live up to the gaming hype3/16/2006 6:45:26 PM

Pros: This monitor is the best i've seen to reduce the screen blurring during FPS games, although screen blurring is STILL noticeable. Bright vibrant colors with stunning color representation. This monitor looks wonderful, and has a very stylish appeal with the very trim and thin look.

Cons: For those of you looking for an FPS gaming LCD, this monitor still cannot compete with CRT technology. I am dissapointed that Benq has marketed this monitor as a "ghost free" gaming experience. I noticed ghosting immediatelly when playing UT2004 and Quake4. Perhaps the word "ghosting" is used incorrectly by most people. I am referring to the screen blurring that occurs when moving your mouse left to right/up to down. For reviewers that claim no ghosting, well i'd like to better understand what it is they mean. I'm thinking that maybe many reviewers don't see the ghosting, even though it is there. A large part of it depends on the game you are playing. Counter Strike and World of Warcraft may actually work great. I tried CS Source on it and thought it was ok. However, high-speed shooters like quake4 and UT2004 showed significant screen blurring. If you move your mouse slowly across the screen it looks great, but playing normally you'll get screen blur.

Overall Review: If you are sensitive to any kind of ghosting at all... this monitor isn't for you. It may still be sufficient for your weekend LAN party, but for day-to-day fps gaming, the blurring is just too much for me.

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