Best laptop for $5007/18/2018 9:00:20 PM

Pros: - Good display, it's nothing absolutely mind-blowing, but it does look crisp and you can tell this is where the budget factor comes in. Something as much as 15 degrees off axis is enough to blow the colors out. It is easy to clean, however. - The keyboard is wonderful. The keys don't feel like you're pushing down on mashed potatoes, and it boasts a num-pad, which is cherished. The backlight is great on this device. - Battery-life is superb. Can easily pull 6 hours of use. - RAM is plentiful. For 8GB of DDR4 ram, you will probably never even need that much ram. Can have Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and browse websites at the same time. - VERY large display. I prefer this because you can just do MORE, you can see that because it's a cheaper display they were able to make it absolutely massive. - SPEAKERS ARE 9/10. They're load, hit the highs well without bleeding, however the bass struggles, which is okay. You can hear this thing CLEARLY across the room on 80%. Could probably use this as a small TV. - Utilitarian device. Ethernet, USB-C, HDMI, USB 3.1 (x3), SD Card Reader. Really good. Love that.

Cons: - Trackpad/Touchpad is absolute garbage. The placement is terrible, and it is hard to press-down and very cheap-feeling. You do get kind of used to it, but I still make accidentally right-click bumps because of the irregular placement of it. Maybe better off using a mouse connected to the laptop, which you can do fortunately due to the many ports. - Personally, I would rather have a 512GB HDD over a 256 GB SSD. But that is a mixed bag for what you want out of this computer. Just a personal opinion for me. - Is the fan kind-of loud? If there's another sound in the room you won't really notice it, but if the room is quiet (like a library), the fan kicks on really easily and you can REALLY hear it. That also may be just personal preference though.

Overall Review: I would use this laptop for college, work, and it really good. If there was a 512 GB HDD option, I would totally use that, and I prefer using a mouse (because the trackpad placement and quality is just, bad). But this is the best laptop you can buy for $500.

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Absolute behemoth7/18/2018 8:40:05 PM

Pros: - Right out of the box with a full charge you could probably charge your phone 7-8 times with fast charging. - Does a great job of charging two phones at the same time. - Does everything you'd expect it to. - Comes with a cool cloth case.

Cons: - Long charging time (albeit the battery bank is absolutely massive, so it naturally is). - No USB-C

Overall Review: Does everything you would expect the product do. Worth it, with Anker you know you're getting your money's worth.

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