Great Monitor, Great Deal!12/4/2016 4:28:03 PM

Pros: My first ultra wide and it makes a huge difference. Runs great at 144hz. Great picture I see a lot of reviews complaining about ghosting but i have not experienced this at all

Cons: Its huge, not really a con but be prepared for it to take up all of your work space Its not perfect but for the price i got it for, $500 i cant complain about anything. I ran some pixel test on it and my monitor had one dead pixel, not worth returning it. I would suggest not running a pixel test. It annoyed me that i had a dead pixel during the test but i have never noticed it other than when running the test and it took me along time to find it.

Overall Review: Highly recommend, i have had a great experience and for the price i don't think you could find a better monitor.

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Great Case11/10/2016 6:46:53 AM

Pros: -Looks Great -Lots of Room -Great Air flow even with the tempered Glass (I have 5 120mm fans going plus a 240 liquid cooling unit for my CPU, Temps run really Low) -Good value, very solid case for the price -Easy to take apart and i like the air filters -The dark tempered glass looks really nice. I replaced all the fans with red LED to better fit my build and it looks great. I was nervous at first that i would not be able to read my temp on my mother board with how dark the glass is but i can see it great. Its just dark enough to hide some of the black cords but clear enough to make any lights or bright colors show through.

Cons: -No holes under mother board to sneak cables in -Back side is tight, if you don't have flat or small power cords you might have trouble making them fit -I put in a massive MSI 1080 GPU in it and had to remove the panel that hides incoming cords to make it fit but it still looks great and you with the darker tempered glass you really cant see the gap.

Overall Review: For the money a great case, sturdy, looks great, runs cool and only a couple minor issues. What more could you ask for? I would definitely buy again.

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4/3/2015 3:26:29 AM

Pros: A beast of a machine. It has run every game i have thrown at it so far on ultra with no frame rate issues. Runs Crysis 3 and Sleeping dogs definitive on ultra with no issue. The raid 0 on the two solid state drives make the loading time for any games almost non existent. Computer comes without any bloat-ware and Gigabytes update tools are great. Price is a big plus I for the gaming power you get with this i couldn't find a better deal.

Cons: Fans are a little loud at times bot not terrible. I have read some reviews that it runs hot but i have had no issues with that, maybe because i use a cooling pad. The only thing I don't like about this laptop is the bright yellow top. My score would be 4.5 if i could but i gave Gigabyte the benefit and gave them the full 5.

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