Spotty5/26/2015 3:33:00 PM

Pros: When it works, it works great. solid bluetooth and ac connection

Cons: Bluetooth is randomly inaccessible until I reinstall the drivers manually...

Overall Review: Not sure whats going on exactly, if I had a solution it would be 5 stars

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Great Laptop!2/27/2015 8:01:39 AM

Pros: -Great price point for these specs. -Casing looks real sleek -Screen is 1080 -Not heavy (IMO) -Powerful enough for what I need

Cons: Not really cons, but -RPM on tb is DUMB slow -Screen not IPS, may take some getting used to -Keyboard is kinda meh but not a deal breaker -Not backlit? -Wifi is SINGLE BAND. Replace ASAP with AC or dual band N -Wifi card is in an awkward spot. gonna be a b to swap out -When taking apart, SCREWS! SCREWS! EVERYWHERE! ...Just kidding -Soldered RAM? -It's not free. -Doesn't give me wings.

Overall Review: I got mine open box so it was cheaper than this, was a great price and I jumped on it right away. I needed something to replace my m11x R1 which was slowly dying... this takes the cake. Awesome piece!

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Good for Amateurs1/25/2011 6:30:08 AM

Pros: Visually a nice looking bored, great for new system builders requiring the USB 3.0 and all that fancy stuff.

Cons: Can't SLI my GTX 460 to the PCIe x16 due to not being able to reach the second slot (gtx 460 is quite big, as are most new vid cards). Random freezes. Tried everything from a BIOS update to different configuration, its the same thing. Not really a bother, since i save my documents and other important stuff constantly, but bothers me when I'm playing a game and have to restart the computer.

Overall Review: Stay away from Gigabyte for a least a few years, till they knock out all of the dents in their hardware. Go for another brand, and make sure you check out the reviews of everything before you buy a MB.

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This thing is a tank!8/31/2010 3:01:12 PM

Pros: Sh*t, this thing is heavy. The UPS guy had trouble bringing it to my doorstep. If this ever fell on anyone... it would be on the Anyway, I got this on sale, so for me it was a good deal. The PSU came attached, to make sure that it didnt scratch the inside of the case/plexiglass. It's like a cavern; the thing is huge, my dog tried to turn it into his new home. There's plenty of extra screws and whatnot to put whatever you want in there, and it cools everything inside without a problem. It's really not that loud, just make sure the hot air has space to go to, otherwise it will create a sauna behind your desk. The case has great cable management, and gives alot of space for watercooling, if you're panning to use it. I'd highly recommend this case.

Cons: It's heavy? It's actually so tough that when I put it on its side to install stuff it scratched the cr*p out of my desk. but the case? nothing, lol. Like I said, a tank. Make sure your desk has enough room for it.

Overall Review: READ READ READ EVERYTHING BEFORE U GO STICKING UR HANDS IN THERE. If you're the type that likes to start rippin stuff apart without reading, you will screw urself when it comes to putting the bays and everything back together. Screws will get lose and you WILL get frustrated.

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Lite-On Burners, Stay Away!6/2/2009 6:55:57 PM

Pros: Very high quality disks. Only ones that I know of that work for 360 backups, haven't had a coaster yet (crosses fingers). will be ordering more of these in the near future.


Overall Review: I've done my research online and got myself a L.G. burner (in the combo package) every single disk works extremely well and my 360 reads them without a skip.

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Great!4/12/2009 7:08:18 AM

Pros: Bought these for a very long time... out of 3 packs I can't remember having any coasters... VERY reliable, all my DVD players read them and they're cheap!

Cons: Needs to be cheaper... =P

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Nice burner... but noisy10/31/2006 9:13:20 PM

Pros: Great product, burns fast, reads fast, very reliable

Cons: This thing is as noisy as hell... everytime i put a cd in there, itll wake the whole house up

Overall Review: eh, if you can cushion the noise, then everything is good

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Its okay1/9/2006 12:31:52 PM

Pros: Items seem to work great with my burner

Cons: This product did not come in a spindle as stated... it only came... packaged? its not a big deal, but if you put that it comes in a spindle, it should...

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