Good refurb. Got what I expected.5/22/2016 9:36:22 AM

Pros: -Fast for a 4 yr ago computer-great keyboard. -overall a great/classic computer model -final computer is very good, -outside, not too worn. -everything works -good service and return/replacement policy

Cons: -the battery only lasted 3 hrs, this was expected and had planned to buy a new one with purchase. -had to return the first computer sent to me.

Overall Review: The first model they sent me was too worn and screen was damaged to much for my liking. I asked for an exchange and they agreed. Sent it out Monday morning, received the replacement Friday Morning, :). The replacement was good. Very Very happy with the customer service, Charlene was great. This is a must for buying refurbs from a company.

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great power supply for the money5/12/2011 9:09:02 AM

Pros: Everything the other people said

Cons: Soooooo many cables, but my biggest complaint is the fact that connector pins are a bit flimsy and are not fully in line with the holes in the plastic cover. always worried about damaging a connector since it can take a good deal of force to plug it in. Still very worth your money

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Good cheap case, power supply is insuffent for a mid gaming rig2/21/2011 1:14:08 PM

Pros: Good for the price i guess. Nice temp prob. 2 fans that are pretty quiet. roomy. front is nice. removable hard drive bays, for longer video cards. The case is engineered quite well. the bay door is magnetic and has a nice feel when opening and closing it, if ur into that kind of stuff.

Cons: power supply kinda sucks, expect to buy to an sata power converter for your optical drive and if your 24/20 pin motherboard and 4 pin (no 8 pin connector) processor power supplies are at the *top* of the board which they generally are, expect to buy extentions for them as well.

Overall Review: best bet is to buy a case and a power supply separately. You end up spending the extra 20 bucks on extension and converter cables for a cheapo power supply, then having good one.

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