Exactly what I was looking for...1/14/2017 3:04:39 AM

Pros: - Dedicated graphics (I don't use this for gaming) - Good processor & RAM at the price-point - Easy to upgrade! - Number pad is welcome addition coming from my old Aspire AS1410 - Simple design w/ no gimmicks

Cons: - Advertised battery life is not stellar (wasn't a major criteria for me) - Bezel around screen is a bit flimsy, optical drive blank-off a little loose, plastic attracts fingerprints, etc. - Backlit keyboard would have been nice

Overall Review: I'm not a gamer or a power-user, but I am coming from a 7yr old Aspire that has an 11" screen, Core2 solo processor, and 3GB of RAM running 32bit Vista. That computer has served its purpose well (portability, use it primarily to calibrate/datalog my cars) but it just can't keep up with the demands of modern home/office usage. Given that I paid $250 for it back in '09 I'd say I'm continuing to get my money's worth. When I was shopping for the replacement I knew I wanted dedicated graphics to lighten the load on the system. Casting off the shackles of the 32bit OS, and given how inexpensive memory is these days, I wanted a lot of RAM or the ability to upgrade as time went on. I also knew I wanted to run the OS on an SSD and use a large HDD for data storage. That being said, I really didn't want to break the bank and fall into my old habit of buying way more than was needed to get the job done. When I stumbled across the E5-575G-55KK I was very happy to find out that it had the M.2 port, an extra memory slot, and even an optical drive bay that I could use to add another HDD if necessary (I have an external DVD-R). You can also get this laptop from Acer with the 250GB SSD & 1TB HDD combo (they bump up the processor to the 2.7GHz i7) but it's less expensive to DIY. To further confound things, I also considered the 17.3" version with the 2.5GHz i5 and a 250GB SSD, to which you could add a 1TB HDD and end up <$50 more than this one (after adding the SSD). In the end I am very happy I went with the 15.6"; it is more than big enough for comfortable viewing. The viewing angle isn't great, but that's not an issue for the way I use it. The matte screen is a nice change. I can have my back to the windows without a ton of glare on the screen. I purchased a Samsung EVO 850 M.2 2280 250GB SATAIII drive and a stick of Kingston 8GB DDR4 2133MHz. Flip the laptop over, remove 3 small screws that secure the access cover, install the drive and memory, and put the cover back on. Probably takes 3 minutes if you are taking your time. Installed Win10 Home on the SSD from a USB, formatted the HDD, and we are in business. The computer is very fast with the SSD, a drastic improvement over booting from the HDD. Eventually I may bump up the RAM to 2x16GB but for now this is more than enough for what I need. The only other comment I'll make on the RAM is it looks like my computer came with Kingston 8GB DDR4 2400MHz. I had purchased the 2133MHz based on what I'd read here, ignoring the advice to wait and see. Could have saved $2 and got the faster memory if I had had the patience! That being said there is probably zero practical difference between the two. All in all I'm very happy with the purchase!

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