Most powerful low profile consumer GPU one can get10/8/2020 12:43:04 AM

Pros: Reasonably priced Low profile Powered by PCIe slot

Cons: none

Overall Review: I'm using these in my Plex server and NVR to transcode video streams. One such card can transcode 4k HEVC HDR10 stream into h264 and decode 8 1440p camera streams at the same time.

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Great features, terrible fan noise10/6/2020 12:11:02 PM

Pros: * Great TR motherboard with all that one can want in terms of connectivity * NVMe drives via DIMM adapter which is easily removable are great. * 10 GbE port * OLED display with diagnostics

Cons: * Horrible chipset fan noise. With 850 motherboard, I expected much better. Once CPU is under full load, chipset fan spins up to full speed as well and pretty much negates all expensive low noise Noctua cooling everywhere else.

Overall Review: Be aware of chipset fan noise problem. Also be aware that using some NVMe slots turns off some SATA ports or knocks one of the PCIe slots down to PCIe x4

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One of the few PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives available now10/5/2020 2:04:44 PM

Pros: PCIe 4.0

Cons: Probably not as fast as upcoming Samsung drives will be

Overall Review: Works well so far.

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Nice clean design.10/5/2020 2:00:29 PM

Pros: Fits everything that I needed. Clean design

Cons: I wish front panel cover would stay closed without having to fully lock it.

Overall Review: Used it for x86 router build.

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Great as always with Seasonic10/5/2020 1:58:24 PM

Pros: Fully modular, fanless, realible

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've accumulated over ~25 PSU*years of Seasonic usage across different machines that I've built and I'm yet to see a failure.

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Good mobo10/5/2020 1:57:19 PM

Pros: Has everythin I need. Supports ECC.

Cons: Could have come with integrated IO shield. Could have had PCIe ACS on by default.

Overall Review: Overall, good motherboard.

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Great CPU10/5/2020 1:53:48 PM

Pros: Good compute for the price. Supports ECC.

Cons: No GPU.

Overall Review: It's unfortunate that with Ryzens you have to pick between integrated GPU and ECC support.

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Quiet and decent performance10/5/2020 1:52:37 PM

Pros: Quiet, installs easily.

Cons: Not the best cooling performance

Overall Review: AMD RYZEN 5 3600X idles at 55C (ambient +36) Under full load it maxes out at 85C (and CPU starts to throttle a bit) I find this accepable for my use since low noise was a priority.

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Does the job10/5/2020 1:40:12 PM

Pros: Everything works. Almost one month in and I'm yet to see either correctable or uncorrectable error.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It's memory. It's on the compatible list with the motherboard. It works without any problems.

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doesn't work9/26/2013 4:46:15 PM

Pros: fast when it works

Cons: doesn't work

Overall Review: I've had 3 of these drives so far. First one worked for a month or so and failed, a replacement failed immediately and it's replacement failed immediately as well. It seems that these drives just don't work. I've had a similar OCZ Colossus 500GB drive and it had similar issues. Eventually OCZ replaced it with similarly sized Octane drive which seems much more reliable so far. It is very disappointing to see this piece of hardware that initially cost $3,000 not work at all, but it seems to be a fact. On the other hand, OCZ customer support is very responsive and quick to issue RMA

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Good cables. 1/12 was broken8/8/2013 5:38:47 PM

Pros: good cables

Cons: one of the 12 that I purchased had a broken latch

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Ok case, good value8/8/2013 5:35:13 PM

Pros: cheap lots of room decent quiet stock fans 4 font panel USB and 2 eSATA tool-less install

Cons: somewhat flimsy unclear instructions very bright power LED too few screws

Overall Review: Bottom line - this is not something I would put in my office or living room. However I got it for building a file server with 12 hot-swappable HDDs that will sit in the garage and for that it works. * the case indeed offers 9 5.25 slots. However I couldn't figure out how to take out the front panels other than bending and breaking them. instructions weren't helpful at all. I also had to use wire-cutters to remove some parts that were in the way to get all 9 5.25 slots open * Power LED is blindingly bright even during the day. * Front panel offers audio, 5 USB2.0 and two eSATA port. More than your average case. I wish there were USB3.0 ports as well. But - oh, well... * Something that it could have definitely done away with are fan speed controller knobs. Why would anyone need these when all motherboards nowdays can control fans automatically * fans are quiet for a case this cheap. Just don't expect Noctua kind of quiet. They also light up like christmass tree. I guess someone would like that.. * Motherboard plate is well though out - with all the needed holes for screws and behind the CPU for easy cooler replacement should you need it. Overall, it is not as good as Lian Li, but then it doesn't cost as much either. It gets the job done well and if you don't have to look at it (or don't mind the looks) it is OK.

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New version plain doesn't work8/8/2013 10:00:32 AM

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Doesn't work.

Overall Review: I purchased one of these in 2011 and it worked like a charm (it still does in 2013). The fans are a bit noisy, but since the server is sitting the garage I couldn't care less. As I was building a new server I decided to go with a proven thing and bought several of these backplanes again. What a mistake it turned out to be - I should have checked the recent reviews rather than just glance at the average review rating (which mostly comes from old reviews). I bought two of these and immediately had to RMA one because it had broken parts within it. The other one along with the replacement plain didn't work. It would sometimes work with one drive in, rarely with two and putting the third one it is guaranteed to cause all of the drives not to show up in BIOS or OS. I guess the new-fangled (industrial grade spring is to blame). I don't know and I don't care. This device is unusable. Period. Newegg should just stop selling these!

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Very nice toy4/5/2012 3:53:47 PM

Pros: 1) Easier to control than the ones I've had before. Even my 6 year old daughter is getting a hold of it. 2) Trim wheel and precise throttle controls are very handy. It is easy to have it fly straight and hover after some practice 3) Good build quality - it is made of plastic and metal - not styrofoam. 4) Resistant to abuse - rotor is built in such a way that hitting obstacles doesn't damage it. Legs are spring-loaded to absorb shocks from falls. 5) Built in charger in remote control

Cons: IR control - you need line of sight to control it No spare parts in the box except for tail rotor, but so far I didn't need any

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A Godsend!4/3/2012 2:44:31 PM

Pros: Much better cooling and noise than stock coolers. I've tried two brands of 7970 and both were bad. I ended up replacing stock cooler on HIS with this and I'm glad I did. In a Crossfire config under full load in a case wihtout a side-panel fan the cards run at 72/52 'C with fan around 30% and completely silent. At 100% fan is slightly louder than stock coolers on idle and cools cards down to 43/39 'C!

Cons: Please note that I gave the product 5 stars so these cons are minor compared to the benefit: Size - the videocard becomes around 13" long and 3 slots wide. Be sure that you have enough room in your case. Especially if you run Crossfire. Some motherboards have only one slot between VGA slots - it will not work with this cooler. Installation - it is not that hard but you need to be careful and follow instructions to the letter. Installation manual is not in the box - you need to download it from manufacturer. Also Google for "Accelero XTreme 7970 Installation" for more info.

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Good perf, but hot and noisy4/3/2012 2:32:20 PM

Pros: Good videocard, lots of power. Overclock is stable

Cons: Very noisy and hot (at least in a Crossfire config). Can only be solved with aftermarket VGA cooler but then you can get a cheaper model to begin with.

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Gets the job done4/3/2012 2:30:02 PM

Pros: Nice way to power more fans from one connector without having to worry about overload

Cons: Would have been nice if wires were tighter together. Would have been nice to have mini-4-pin VGA style connector as well.

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Great product (as always with Noctua)4/3/2012 2:28:22 PM

Pros: Moves a lot of air. Silent. Plenty of connectors in the box. Noctua is the only kind of fans that I use in my PCs

Cons: none

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Works as advertised3/16/2012 2:23:45 PM

Pros: Reads and writes all kinds of media. What more can one ask of it?

Cons: none

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Works3/16/2012 2:22:25 PM

Pros: Works much better than DVI cables I used in the past when connecting Dell U2711 monitors (2560x1440). With old cables monitors would take longer to power up, not power up at all or show artefacts.

Cons: none

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Very fast3/16/2012 2:20:09 PM

Pros: Very fast. Can run almost anything on max settings. I have 2 of these in Crossfire config and I'm glad to report that I can finally run original Crysis in native resolution 2560x1440 on Very High spec with consistent 60+ FPS. Same goes for The Witcher 2. The only setting I had to disable there is Uber Sampling

Cons: Fan is noisy when under load. Very noisy. Drivers are somewhat buggy - I already had a couple of hangs and BSODs and there are no drivers for Windows 8 right now altogether. Still it is worth it.

Overall Review: ASUS Sabertooth X79 Intel Core i7-3820 8 x 4GB Mushkin Extreme Redline 2 x HSI Radeon HD 7970 2 x 600GB Intel 320 Series SSD in RAID0 SeaSonic X Series X-850 LIAN LI PC-A71F

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Excellent fan3/14/2012 2:50:48 PM

Pros: Lots of airflow, no noise. I've got two of these to replace stock fans in my new LIAN-LI case. They are absolutely silent!

Cons: Fan comes with 120mm mounting holes by default. To install it as 140mm fan there are extnesion legs that are not as versatile as I would wish - but in the end I got in installed

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Good stable memory3/11/2012 11:15:47 AM

Pros: Have 8 of these sticks running prime95 for days with no issues. Good heat spreaders but small enough to fit under Noctua NF-P12-1300 CPU cooler

Cons: none

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Disappointment...3/8/2012 10:02:57 AM

Pros: Intel mobo. All of the parts were in the box.

Cons: Practically doesn't work. Post indicator stays at "00" for several seconds and then board powers off. Videocard compatibility is likely to blame. Tried it with 2 Radeon 5870 and one Geforce 550 Ti. It never powers on with one of the Radeons but powers up 80% of the times with his identical twin (exactly the same card, manufacturer, model) and with Geforce. Tried 2 PSUs with no effect and all of these cards work just fine with Intel P55 board I wanted to replace. PCIE x16 slots are only one slot apart so if you are running dual card config with dual-slot cards, they are right next to each other which would adversely affect cooling Back2BIOS button is poorly aligned with backplate and jams. Overall I expected much better from Intel product. Since newegg would only replace with the same model I'll have to spend money on another mobo model from another maker and sell this one online. Not happy.

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Fast and reliable3/8/2012 9:49:48 AM

Pros: Excellent drive. I use two of these for my secondary OSs and they work great.

Cons: none

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