👍🏻7/9/2021 9:02:00 AM

Pros: Looks sweet Excellent airflow Solid construction Good options for SSD and HDD placement (although i removed all and used the space to mount fan controllers) Good cable routing options Aesthetics of the case are nice

Cons: If my hardware was loud, then Im sure with the open design you would be able to hear it all (i dont have that problem though) If you get white, just know that fan screws will blemish the white paint if torqued down too hard (unless you use maybe a rubber washer or something)

Overall Review: I like it

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👍🏻7/9/2021 8:51:31 AM

Overall Review: No issues so far. Really really quiet compared to my 1080.

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All in all its nice6/30/2021 12:17:16 PM

Overall Review: Havent done anything unique like overclocking but all in all i like the quality and looks of the board. I did break a mounting screw while installing so be careful when screwing them in. Packaging is cheaper compared to a brand like Asus but for the price and the product i cant complain. The M1 slot wont work unless you have an 11th gen Intel processor.

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👍🏻6/30/2021 12:14:11 PM

Overall Review: No issues installing or enabling XMP 2.0 Colors are pretty and alternate w/ the rgb flow of my Asrock Steel Legend Z590 Motherboard. All in all for the price and look Im very happy

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Returned because of defective pump mounting screw6/30/2021 12:11:52 PM

Pros: Pretty and sleek Radiator is a matte white The pump looks simple and clean For the look/price, it would of been pretty nice and saved me money for other parts.

Cons: I had just mounted the radiator and plugged in the rgb and power cables and applied thermal paste. The next step was to mount the pump to the cpu.. Which is when i couldnt get the final mounting screw to screw in Turns out the screw was not threaded with a spiral pattern and therefore could not screw down. Tried all kinds of things. Ended up returning and getting a Corsair Elite 240mm Capellix from my local Best Buy so i could boot up my new PC that day. It was a bit nicer all around and included an rgb/fan switch that you can plug 5 fans w/rgbs into. If the screw wouldnt of been damaged i have a feeling i would of liked the cooler and it would have performed fine, i just didnt want to wait to RMA nor could i get ahold of Cooler Master because they dont answer the phone i have also hears bad things about their customer service..

Overall Review: Title says it:

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