Great for simple NAS use10/31/2013 8:41:08 PM

Pros: Redundancy, Ships Fast, Quiet, Great Interface

Cons: Upgrade to DSM 4.2 or 4.3 Immediately Unless You Love Hitting your Head Against a Wall, Can Get Pretty Hot

Overall Review: I bought this with a single 7200RPM 1TB drive to test drive it out for a office NAS. Pretty easy to setup. Joins and pulls domain users very easily and rather quickly if you need to throw it into a domain environment. I threw an external 1TB drive on this thing back when I first got it (March 2013). The box would shut down from time to time and I would have to constantly keep an eye on the uptime. I decided to upgrade the firmware to 4.2, started performing better. I would log in every now and again to find a lovely 25+ day uptime before I power it powercycle it. Upgraded to 4.3 7 days ago, it is still running fine. Even purchased a second 1TB drive for the second drive bay for redundancy. In my experience, use this device for what you bought it for. Don't get all crazy with the cheese-wiz and have it run your firewall/streaming/vpm/nas..... thats just silly. If I were using it personally, I might play around with it a bit more, but my users really depend on it. So it is a redundant NAS that is very reliable and pretty fast.

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Great Inexpensive Wireless Printer10/31/2013 8:25:22 PM

Pros: Ships Fast, Easy Setup, Decent Range

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Once I find good office printers, I stick with the same model I love finding a good wireless printers for office environments as well. For a $100, it has a decent range and prints pretty quickly. I have a total of 7 of these, 4 of them are setup in a multi-warehouse environment where picking/packing is involved, so it is great for simply being able to move it around. One is setup in a remote warehouse where I cannot run cable. Ran a 802.11a bridge and this printer sits about 50 feet away from that bridge and still works great.

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Best Office Environment Webcam For the Price10/31/2013 8:16:13 PM

Pros: Slim, Ships Quick, Great HD Video, Great Audio, Great for Skype.

Cons: The tent "clamp" just sits on the monitor. Some people complain about this but in order to make these things 100% universal, I can see why it needs to be that way. Get a strip of Velcro and move on :)

Overall Review: I began using these after I found out what a waste of money the Microsoft Lifecams were. These cams are higher quality across the board. Great for office and skype settings. So far, dollar for dollar, these are the best webcams, in my opinion, that newegg has to offer

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There are better webcams...10/20/2013 7:01:35 AM

Pros: Ships Fast, Good Adjustment Variance, Good Mic Quality

Cons: Bulky, Cord Could Be Longer, Expensive for the Quality

Overall Review: I purchased 4 or 5 of these for my users for Skype. After about 6 months 3 of them now render the video with a VERY annoying green hue. The sound quality is good but doesn't justify the price. If you want a GOOD quality HD webcam for about $20 cheaper, go with the Logitech C310. Item#: N82E16826104368. Don't waste your money with this bulky webcam.

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Works for Panasonic Hybrid Phones10/20/2013 6:44:46 AM

Pros: Cheap, Good Quality, Good Battery Life, Fast Charge, Shipped Fast

Cons: Mic on handset lifter is VERY sensitive.

Overall Review: Purchased these for a few Panasonic KX series phones that we have in our warehouse. They work great but the mic picks up every noise on these phones. So when someone tries to contact me via intercom on my phone, the mic will pick that up as a "ringing tone" and then the headset will beep as if I have a phone call coming in. This is more of a design flaw on Panasonic KX phones though. Other than that, these are excellent products.

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Good for Offices10/20/2013 6:33:41 AM

Pros: Inexpensive, HDMI, Easy Setup

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've purchased about a dozen or so of these for employees that wish to have more than a single monitor and in some cases, up to 3 monitors. I use Optiplex workstations and decided to try these out. Now, I know that they work well with my workstations so I will only get these from now on. I only had 1 experience with a card where the fan got extremely loud. So loud that the employee and the employees around him began to complain. So, I just unplugged the fan from the card and cold booted. Been about 3 months since I did that and the machine hasn't crashed. So, I learned two things here: 1) I know that the cards are cool enough without the need for a fan for a typical office environment 2) He isn't playing Candy Crush or watch YouTube videos when working

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Hike in Price?!?3/4/2013 3:11:41 PM

Pros: No extra media, just a key. You can download the Office 2010 setup file with a valid key code directly from MS.

Cons: I was buying these about 2 or 3 times a month to spread across users in several businesses. At $159/each for over a year, it was great! But now, as soon as MS came out with 2013, 2010 licenses are $199???? Could this be because of Microsoft's offer? I think so!!! Microsoft is offering a FREE upgrade if you have purchased Office 2010 between October 2012 and May 1 2013. So, if you have a valid Office 2010 license (this newegg purchase), you can upgrade to 2013 for free with this license key. So, basically Newegg just decided to make an extra $40 off of Microsoft's advertising/marketing ploy. Stay classy Newegg!!!! Stay classy.......

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