9/11/2014 8:47:43 AM

Pros: Does what it needs to... technically. Grinds pepper a lot better then the $1-2 pepper thing I had.

Cons: Not sure if I got a fault one, but i think its mainly how it was designed, if you don't "hold it together" while using it, the bottom part/top button can fall off while using it. It never fully "tightens" when you twist the parts onto the thing, might of been better if the thing had tiny screws to "lock" parts onto it so they don't fall off on use. It lasts maybe 6-8 pushes (if not holding onto its parts with both hands) before the bottom falls off or the cap comes out.

Overall Review: Grinds pepper well, would of been better if it had a screw hole on the push button and the "cap" on the bottom that you remove to put petter in, as those parts tend to fall off during usage. Maybe i have a defective... one? Although its a pretty simple design so not sure. Takes about 30 seconds to take apart, fill with pepper and put back together and start using.

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Well it works!9/10/2014 8:45:50 AM

Pros: Really fast tracking, didn't take long to get familiar with the setup of the mouse and set the dpi to a setting i like. Glides great across my desk. Fits nicely in my hand (I put 2 fingers on top the mouse, unlike some people with 3) and don't feel any discomfort playing games for about 6 hours nonstop clicking/moving the mouse around constantly. I read board reviews, and some said they didn't like the mouse cord for some reason...? I didn't really have issues with it, it wasn't like trying to shape a coat hanger or anything.

Cons: A few cons but nothing to big I think. Guess my hand is kind of small, the mouse is kind of long compared to the usual mouses I've used. To make use of its fusion engine and its tracking speed, you'll pretty much have to throw the mouse pretty hard, or trying to start a camp fire on your mouse pad dragging it frantically like a madman at which point I'm sure it'll be near humanly impossible to stop on the exact location you want in a game to click something or aim at. Peaked up to around 80 IPS browsing web pages , playing games and clicking around the desktop. Got to about near 300ish just doing a frantic move around as mentioned. i think my mouse pad would catch on fire at 500IPS range.

Overall Review: Great tracking Fits nicely in my hand, just a bit getting used to its long shape Not too expensive, not too cheap, well constructed mouse overall. Also like that it can store profiles from 1 PC to another without additional software. Great for every day usage, not just games.

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Well it was ok...7/30/2014 7:33:14 AM

Pros: i7 3550K at 4.4Ghz ran idle at about 40-50C, 100% cpu usage was like 70-75C.

Cons: Takes effort to install and time. The cooler didn't last a year, its pump died I presume since the metal thing ontop the cpu was very hot, while the tube/radiator were sort of warm, and the fan was blowing out slightly warm air. CPU temps at idle were 70C, tried reducing my overclock to 3.5Ghz, still says 70C.

Overall Review: Would be great if it was easier to install, and lasts longer then 1 year.

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Sounds good but...4/16/2013 12:07:17 AM

Pros: So far, liking the upgrade in sound quality over my soundblaster X-FI gamer, installed easy works great.

Cons: 1 Egg for a few issues but there are work arounds. First, the card does not seem to like being in the PCI-E 2.0 slot "while" a video card is in the PCI-E 3.0 slot. 2nd the soundblaster zxr has an odd issue which seems rare? and after some research it seems to have cought onto other soundblaster cards in the past, basically at random the 5.1 output will bug out and it will randomly change to center speaker only, or swap left/right audio, or swap front with rear speakers etc. Only way to fix this is to change from 5.1 -> 2.0 -> 5.1, it happens maybe once a week... debating asking for a replacement... motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-Z77-HD4 LGA 1155 Intel Z77

Overall Review: Expensive, but sounds awesome

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Manufacturer Response:
Hey there! A quick note to advise that our latest drive update addresses the channel swapping issue mentioned in your review here. Please update at your convenience.