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Do not buy this7/4/2011 12:01:47 PM

Pros: None, other than it played MP3's.

Cons: Terrible interface/UI. It would not communicate with my PC until after I did pretty deep research into why. Turns out the USB cables shipped with the units needed to be replaced. The company shipped one for free, but still, it was LAME.

Overall Review: Bought is for my daughter. Then it did a couple of months later. I do not even care about a replacement. I will never buy this cheap brand again.

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This thing ROCKS9/29/2010 5:28:32 PM

Pros: Solid piece of equipment. This thing has been through some serious storms, lighten strikes, brown-outs, and black outs. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking! I have had it for over 4 years and I love it. Tripp Lite is the bomb.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Buy this it is worth every penny and has saved my very expensive system many times over. 5 STARS. :D

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Great MoBo!4/21/2010 1:01:11 PM

Pros: 1 - Great layout. the SATA plugs are not too close as with other MoBo's in the past. The PCI-e 16 slot is not to close to the bridge. Everything is spaced just right. 2 - Flawless installation! The driver support for Windows 7 64 Home Premium by MSI is GREAT! The driver disk that came with the MoBo worked out of the box. I did not need to download a thing. 3 - Every inexpensive for what I got. At this price I felt like I was robbing Newegg. 4 - Lots of PCI slots! Three of them really is awesome.

Cons: None yet. So far the MoBo is very stable. No blue screens, lock ups, or crashes. If any happen in the future I will come back and update the review. I am so happy! After my ASUS went south after only two years I went back to MSI!

Overall Review: Great product for the price!!

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I love this card!!12/8/2007 9:37:41 PM

Pros: The interface software is very nice. It is good looking(always a plus), easy to use, and very effective. I don't use the Creative Media player because I have WinAmp Pro so I cannot comment on it. The built in speakers in my ASUS monitor never sounded so good. The different modes of sound are actually useful and effective. Games, movies(either DVD, avi, DivX, ect.), and music all sound crystal clear and so good. My subwoofer actually makes really good thumps now. It never did that before! I just thought it kinda sucked. NOPE! It was the sound cards that sucked! My headset works like a charm with it too! :) I LOVE THIS CARD!!!!

Cons: NONE!

Overall Review: Get it, you will never be sorry!

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ABIT 4 TEH LOSE!!12/8/2007 9:29:54 PM

Pros: Great features, good layout, lots of kool looking stuff. IF ALL WORKED THAT IS!

Cons: The BIOS or the CMOS chip was trash. I could never figure out which it really was. I was going through CMOS post code errors like it was going out of style. I never booted to my OS. There were so many conflicts happening I wont even try to list them all.

Overall Review: This is my second ABIT mobo that has been RMA'ed from NewEgg. NewEgg was GREAT. NewEgg 4 teh WIN. But ABIT 4 teh LOSE. My first mobo from them was the AN9 32X FALAT1TY. It burned and quit in just 29 days. I never new what happened. It just refused to turn on one morning. Then I am a sucker and go for another ABIT mobo. ABIT will never be in any system I will ever build again. Either I will get MSi or ASUS.

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Good product10/5/2007 9:44:05 PM

Pros: It does what it needs to do. It is a good little USB hub that is cheap and well made. No extra power needed. Just plug it in and it is ready to go!

Cons: None

Overall Review: It is cheap and reliable. What more do you need from a USB hub?

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Full featured and wonderfull to look at.10/5/2007 4:44:39 PM

Pros: This monitor is everything that I wanted. It is very well constructed. The base it solid. The contrast is super deep. The blacks are deep blacks. The colors are rich. It is widescreen. It does HiDef. The menu options are intuitive and easy to use. The speakers are loud and clear. The subwoofer is strong(I have mine turned up to 10, but I like big thumps!). Even the web cam is great. As it says on the top of the monitor, it is "Splendid"!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bar none this is the most full featured and awesome monitor I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of them over the past couple decades. ASUS is putting the hurt on Viewsonic and the other monitor companies. Buy this monitor is you want the best.

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Great case!10/5/2007 4:36:53 PM

Pros: This case is great. It is very athletically pleasing to look at. The air flow is smooth and fast. The design is smart. I love the wire rack on the back. For the price of $xx you really can not go wrong at all.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Did I mention it looks great sitting in my living room? My friends stop to stare at it. :)

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Great MoBo10/5/2007 4:33:33 PM

Pros: This MoBo was so easy to set up. The instructions are very clear and concise. Every jumper and connector is good, unlike my last MSI MoBo which had two bum USB hook ups. This board has every feature any hardcore enthusiast could want for years to come.

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: Great MoBo. Worth every penny.

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This RAM rocks!!10/5/2007 4:28:17 PM

Pros: It is fast, stable, and reliable. I have had no problems with my system and this RAM. I use it with a ABit FATAL1TY AN9 32X. It works great!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Get this RAM. For the price is the awesome.

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This processor is fast!!10/5/2007 4:25:46 PM

Pros: It is the top of the live for dual core AMD processors in the Athalon line. Everything and I mean everything that I do on my system is faster. Playing games, booting up, rendering with Maya 8.5, ect. What more can you ask for at the price it is sold at? I practically feel like I robbed somebody! :) AMD rules for the price.

Cons: This processor is HOT. Get a serious fan like a Zalman to keep this one cool. No stock fans for this sucker. :) And some Arctic Silver helps too. I got a Zalman 110 mm fan with some Arctic Silver. This hot dual core now runs at an average of 32 degrees C. Very nice indeed.

Overall Review: FAST FAST FAST

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Solid Power Supply, slick design!6/22/2007 11:19:31 PM

Pros: This is a great piece of industrial engineering! It is black, cosmetic, but looks kool. The HUGE 14 cm fan keeps the air flowing and is silent. It added NO extra sound coming from my rig. The mesh encasements for the cords are just a genius idea. It keeps the inside of my case clean and tidy, very nice indeed. The silicon sleeve for the end cap of the power supply sits right next to the outside of the case where I installed it. It helps with vibration of that HUGE fan. This is a great design.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: This is a great piece of equipment. It is well designed and gives a steady supply of the 700W of power I need. I have SLi NVidia 7900 BFG GTX OC, an AMD 64 X2 6000, 4 gigs of RAM, two HD's, and a serious Toshiba DVD burner combo drive. This powers it all nicely.

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Great headphones!!!4/26/2007 2:20:27 AM

Pros: Great product from Sony again. They have good solid sound performance for the money. The reception is clear. They work great with both MP3 music, DVD's and games all run on my computer. Good recharging, very fast. Easy to use. Again, a great product from Sony.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Buy these headphones. Worth every penny I spent on them

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Good drive, missing 20 GB's4/11/2007 11:10:14 PM

Pros: Very fast and silent. I use it just for data storage so it does not boot up XP, but the data transfer speeds are impressive. Again, VERY quit. It added no extra noise to my rig.

Cons: Where are my 20 extra GB's? I don't understand how a manufacture like Seagate can advertise a HD at 320 GB Then it comes and it is 300 GB when I formatted it. Kinda makes me mad me off.

Overall Review: Good drive, but deceptive advertising in size. Kinda disappointed in Sea Gate right about now. Not a lot, but 20 GB is 20 GB.

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Great Product, Silent and FAST4/10/2007 6:05:19 PM

Pros: Super product, reliable burning, Light Scribe works great, silent and FAST. I did not realize how loud my old DVD burner was until I got this one. Can't even hear it running really.

Cons: None that I can think of! YAH!!!!

Overall Review: Good product for a great price. NewEgg RULES!!!

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