great until died6/22/2008 4:55:17 PM

Pros: The drive is fast enough and has lots of space. Installed easily. Quiet. Didn't get too hot.

Cons: After four months of low use it died. The computer knew it was there but couldn't talk to it. Probably an interface chip. I replaced the drive nd the computer worked fine. I lost a lot of time reinstalling everything.

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great but fragile6/22/2008 4:06:43 PM

Pros: Lots of space, fast for a USB drive, worked on a lot of different operating systems with no trouble. I loved being able to carry around the equivalent of 8 DVDs of material in my pocket. The rubber housing cushions and protects the device... I bet it is water resistant. I never lost the USB connector cap because there is a place to store it on the keychain... great idea.

Cons: The USB connector is just soldered in place and breaks easily. After a few months it became loose, and then broke off entirely. My other USB drives did not have this problem.

Overall Review: If you are going to be carrying it around a lot get something else... too fragile and I lost all my data. If you can treat it like an eggshell, it will be great for you. If they come up with a more rigid version... it will be fantastic.

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Great specs but no show10/17/2006 4:40:28 PM

Pros: Specs are great for AGP 4x/8x, best card for movies and 2D, not as fast as GeForce for 3D modelling. Great to have 2 DVI ports.

Cons: Card would not post because it has problems with some Dell computers. ATI will fix their own bundle of this card under the warranty, which proves it is reparable, but GeCube would not. I was lucky, Newegg took it back. Good for Newegg!

Overall Review: GeCube Taiwan did not respond to my support emails, but GeCube US did.

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GeCube gives poor customer service9/29/2006 12:23:11 AM

Pros: GeCube release of ATI graphics card has the same excellent specs, best AGP card model for 2D graphics

Cons: card would not post in my Dell Precision 330. This turned out to be a known defect in the product design. ATI is fixing their own retail products, but GeCube has not answered any of my many customer support emails. They are whitelisted my spam filter. No other way to reach them.

Overall Review: I won't buy GeCube again. My money and time were wasted.

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