It's good but not quite polished9/25/2020 6:28:42 AM

Pros: Cools great. Looks great. Installation is pretty straight-forward.

Cons: Well, for one thing, the Fractal logo on the pump head is a little askew of ninety degrees. Secondly, the fan hub is mounted on the rad itself, a great idea except, the fan cables are short. When mounted on the radiator itself, two of the fan cables connect just fine, the third fan cable (farthest from the fan hub) comes up short. Luckily I had a box of PWM extensions and I was able to connect it just fine. The second issue, the AM4 bracket was practically crushing my CPU trying to lock it down. Luckily I bought an Asetek AMD/AM4 premium mounting kit that took that headache away. Installed just fine.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product, definitely. But with some caveats. One, buy an AM4 mounting kit from Asetek, and two, make sure you have some PWM extension cables lying around, you're going to need them. Fractal really needs to refine this AIO in order for it to be competitive. I believe those issues are the only thing holding it back from being a great product.

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Does the job as described5/7/2020 4:14:55 PM

Pros: Peel the backing, place it wherever you need it and start plugging your devices in. Works as advertised. I used it with an MSI board, I have an uphere product and three Phanteks light strips plugged into it and Mystic Light 3 has no problems with it whatsoever. Everything lit up upon first boot as well.

Cons: It's a little on the cheesy side as far as materials used go. If you're not careful handling this thing you're going to bend/break something. The 5v pins are also very delicate, be careful, you'll bend those too.

Overall Review: Overall, I'm pleased that it worked on the first try. I am, however, surprised that a product manufactured by a company that is known for using superior materials in its manufacturing process used the inferior materials in making this item. I mean yeah there is the low price, but to brand it "Asus" and sell it as is? Marketing must have been on vacation on that one. Would I recommend it to a friend? Well, yes and no. Yes if they needed an RGB hub that is affordable and works right out of the box. No, if they/you are picky about product quality that they purchase. But meh, it works, there is that to take into your purchase consideration.

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Awesome AIO!2/15/2020 1:27:53 PM

Pros: Let me start this off by saying I stopped using Newegg a few years ago due to its shoddy shipping practices and the third-party sellers running rampant on the site. Fast Forward to Today: Before you can sing whistling dixie my order was on my doorstep and in my house before the delivery trucks tires got cold. Ahead of planned delivery date too. Great comeback Newegg! 10 Eggs! The Product: It's beautiful, functional and does the job quite nicely. Swapping out a Dark Rock 4 I dropped 8 degrees off the CPU temp and 11 degrees off of the package temp on a Ryzen 7 2700X. I'm quite pleased. It's quiet at stock settings and installation was a breeze, super easy even. It looks fantastic with the Black/Gray theme of my build too. Highly, highly recommend!

Cons: I didn't buy two!

Overall Review: I would recommend this product for processors that have a high TDP as they run hot at idle, to begin with. And although it's only a 240mm rad I'd use this over the more expensive 280mm options any day. If you're looking at it but are undecided, dude, pull the trigger, you won't regret it!

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Awesome enclosure. Excellent build quality.11/2/2019 7:57:21 PM

Pros: Well, the airflow is better than its predecessor. The pictures do the actual product no justice though. This thing is gorgeous and the finish is almost satin-like. What I loved most was the z-depth for cable management, especially when you add PSU extension cables. Perfect. Did I mention the build quality? Lol, it's amazing for the money they're asking. Buy this chassis if you're really interested in it. The possibilities are endless!

Cons: Cons. Absolutely none, even if I tried to nit-pic. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this case if you're needing a mid-sized mid-tower. Plenty of room for cables, the power supply fits nicely and it's not an oversized box sitting on your desk. Airflow is reasonable too.

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Great sound card!4/9/2018 10:27:20 AM

Pros: Easy hardware install. Easy setup. Easy driver intallation for Win10. This card sounds great! I was using the onboard Realtek HD audio for the past three years but the drivers did not make the WHQL list last round of updates and it was causing problems on my system. This little jem fixed that and more. Would recommend for gaming as I do a lot of it.

Cons: The only cons I have are with those that give this sound card a negative rating. C'mon folks, it ain't rocket science, it's a glorified audio chip! Geez man lol

Overall Review: Word of caution: make sure your sound volume IS NOT maxed when you play a game, watch a video or listen to your audio files as this thing will pert near blow your ear drums out. Put it on at least 7 and adjust it from there before you run it through its paces.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great product!9/8/2015 10:10:44 PM

Pros: Setup is a breeze. Communicates well with my ISP, no connection issues. The range on this thing in my house is phoenomanal and I've owned quite a few Linksys products in the past, this one has got to be the best. The updated web interface is also impressive with everything you need and can think of an intuitive, easy to handle user web page. Great job Cisco with the redesign of that because it was sorely needed.

Cons: Can't think of any. I set it up five months ago and haven't had to think about it ever since.

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