works1/22/2021 5:31:08 PM

Overall Review: Works in my AMD ASUS Mobo. handles a bigger load now.

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OK10/11/2020 5:05:12 PM

Overall Review: Works.

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"Must Have..."6/26/2020 5:25:16 PM

Cons: The salmon colored one looks good, the zip up case is pink, so i use the speakers box when i travel with it.

Overall Review: Took only 3 days for me to get this in the mail from Newegg. This a good MP3 Player. Takes up to 32G card. I used an SDHC 32G microsd card. Anything with Bluetooth will work and sound 100% better. Most all Cells and Tablets have a 2.4GHz Bluetooth port. Works awesome as a full sound speaker with an apple or Windows or Linux PC with an included patch cord or with a wireless card. A router is trickier. I used a very old Cell, (a slider phone) without a data plan, made in 2014 with this and I had no problem at all making it work. Just turn on Bluetooth in the cell phones settings and it sees this little round speaker, click OK. Just set it by the phone and it will work. I was using the Cell as a speakerphone right away. It really fills up the room with sound. This little speaker has a built-in microphone. My old Tablet works also, and actually sounds good with this.

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re - activation5/21/2020 3:48:10 PM

Pros: Stable. Plenty of Software available for use with W10. Works well on old hardware if necessary.

Overall Review: I installed this and activated it. Then, the next day I switched hardware and reinstalled this same Windows 10 on another PC. It was a real pain, but I was able to get it to reactivate. Good deal.

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30ft red mesh hdmi cable2/14/2020 12:27:05 PM

Overall Review: Got a good Signal!

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K3b5/26/2018 2:42:00 PM

Pros: Reliable. Great for storage.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: I bought this Blu Ray Drive from Newegg, since I needed a mass storage solution. In case of disaster, and because I was tired of the cloud. There is a storage service called Glacier that's good. But I don't want to pay $20/Tb a month to store a bunch of files, some of them are dated. I wanted to to hang onto them, but if you have a lot of files it's just not worth it. I tried Dual layer DVDs, but 8.5G is still not big enough. Bluray drives are holding their value. Back in 2012 they cost around $75 for the cheapest. Now, 6 years later, the cheapest one is about $50. The media is about $25 a spool for 50 discs, 25G each. The discs are sturdy, they can be stored in the car in the summer heat for quite a while and be OK. I've gotten every disc right on this burner so far, with no coasters. For software, I ran into some trouble, I wanted to burn data disks. Windows, and software running on that platform, is quite picky dealing with copying/moving file properties, attributes and long file names. Mac has some file name length and special character issues also. You can see this when you try to move some images or bookmark files on a PC sometimes, you loose so much. The solution I came up with, is to use free Linux Mint. I installed a program called K3b. I had to do some command line stuff. Mostly copy and paste from articles. It worked! I have a totally free set of Blu Ray BD-rw Authoring tools. It took me a few days. I use the UDF file system to create discs, if I want to keep every attribute and property of every file. They can go way over the 255 byte file name limit for NTFS and FAT too! Now. I'm able to just plug the bluray drive into any of my other computers, reboot and drag-drop any file off of any disc. Your computer just needs the special software to burn discs and watch movies. You'll be able to recover those files for years. If I had to recover any of the files with long names or whatever, then I just booted from a live linux cd in the DVD drive (with the bluray drive connected also) and thats the way I move files now.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works with Windows 108/7/2016 8:30:11 AM

Pros: I use these with a newer computer I have running windows 10. My motherboards were purchased in 2014. It runs fine in the USB 3.0 and 2.0 slots with most anything. Mice, webcams, even my external hard drives work well with this cable. I use my USB 3.0 enclosure and this USB 2.0 Adapter: - I get about 40 MB/s with no errors so far. I can use any hard drive.

Cons: I had to do some little tricks to get it to wake up and load the right driver for the cable. When I plug this cable into my older PCs, they just load a driver for a USB hub and go on. My Windows 10 setup needs a bit of coaxing once and a while, like plug in the webcam or wired device by itself first, or thru a plain USB extension cable to get the OS device driver to start working and loading drivers. Whatever works.

Overall Review: The color is a little too glittery for me, you can see the shielding. Good cable tho.

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Case2/22/2016 12:38:09 PM

Pros: Good for the price. Attractive. Bottom has removable dust cover. Comes with a little speaker. Inexpensive.

Cons: I have many cases, some from the early 2000's. USB Ports are supposed to be facing down or in toward the MoBo. Missing 3 standoffs. Had to go hunt for some standoffs the right size. Power button and reset button could be a little bigger. I like to have a hard drive light.

Overall Review: My ATX Motherboard, giant CPU cooler and Hard drives all fit in it just fine. I have those right angle SATA connectors on my MoBo that always caused me problems in the past, I have access to them in this case. This is a Mid Tower case but still physically smaller than the other mid tower I have, which is what I wanted. I have more room to put the things I want in this case for some reason. They did not go crazy with all of the plastic "tool free" installation locks and parts which is what I wanted as well. I can just get into the case and switch out what I want fairly easy, just like most of my older cases. The drive bays can make the hard drive stick out into the Mobo too far, but I can deal with that. To change that feature you'd need a bigger case, which is what I wanted to stay away from. The back of the case is black and I like that too. All in all, a good purchase. I'm happy.

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Love it.8/2/2015 5:17:21 AM

Pros: Another good drive.

Cons: none that I can think of.

Overall Review: I purchased one of these, and had some free time, so I ran some tests on it. Drive shows as being a brand new drive with zero hours use. It may have been tossed into refurb because it had, say, a high seek error rate. If that matters. Or maybe it is a brand new drive that got taken out of a returned system. Who knows? This one seems new to me. In the old, old days you could change a few of the smart values in the firmware of a HD. That was some of the first HD's, I don't think that's true anymore. Some numbers have to jive. If you gave me a car with 100,000 mi on it, but zero on the odometer, then after I'm done testing it will act like an old car, I can tell. I mainly check for smart errors on the three big ones: reallocation sector count, pending sector count and offline uncorrectable. I always use a smart utility that has a lot of features, so I can see what's going on. I'm currently using parted magic. With a good smart utility and the right tests, you should see any see weak or slow sectors. If you benchmark the drive you may catch issues as well. The free version of CrystalDiskInfo doesn't have nearly enough information for me. I have one drive in the process of imminent failure right now, the data on my other advanced smart utilities all show clearly that this drive has less than half of its life left, has other errors. Free version of CrystalDiskInfo says its 100% healthy, no problems at all. This drive won't even boot most of the time. It's really worth it to purchase that good smart software, (like maybe non-free CrystalDiskInfo) it will pay for itself if you use it a lot. I stuck this drive in an old system with WindowsXP, just to see if it would recognize it. It did, but later it ran a chkdsk check on the drive, i couldn't stop it. Later, this caused the smart data to throw out some logical errors. This was enough to make the offline uncorrectable go from 0 to 1, meaning the drive failed the smart test. When I got it to a windows 8.1 machine and ran chkdsk /r /f it cleared all of this up. If you use old or buggy software or utilities on your HD, you can make logical errors on your drive, and it will fail the smart test. Of course you can correct the errors later, by running chkdsk on W7, W8 or W10 - maybe write all zeros on it first with software or dd.

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works on AM3+7/10/2015 9:04:10 AM

Pros: Does a good job cooling. Fit in my Mid tower box. FX-8350 with a decent load. No issues so far. Held in place solidly by one big metal clip. Little feet to help stabilize it. Comes with silver thermal stuff.

Cons: Tight fit. I don't leave my computer case open any more, just in case it would somehow tip over into something other than a flat surface. Mobo is an ASUS M5A99FX it was a fairly tight fit.

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Drive4/21/2015 1:02:50 PM

Pros: Nice lightweight WD hard drive. Used Parted Magic's smart utility. Shows no errors at all, and no use previous to now.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: My last refurb drive from Newegg turned out great. Hope this one lasts as long as that. Given the very positive test results, I don't see why it wouldn't.

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Corrosion Warning!11/9/2014 5:03:33 PM

Pros: Inexpensive.

Cons: Purchased two of these ~ 2 years ago. Used them as extension cables to feed power to 3TB Drive and my SSD. I just took them off to discover the little copper contact wires in the SATA connectors had eaten into both of my drives power connectors and left some white powdery oxidation. I think my SSD is ruined.

Overall Review: Will spend more and get higher quality connectors next time.

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Drive5/23/2013 4:56:33 AM

Pros: I got this drive a few weeks ago. It was totally blank. I booted partition magic in my optical drive and ran the SMART test it has, passed. Then I formatted the drive. I booted SeaTools and ran the extended SMART test and it passed that too! It's always great to have some extra storage around, I'll use this for a long time, I'm sure.

Cons: You always take a little risk with a refurb. I've had mostly good luck.

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Love It12/18/2012 5:02:48 PM

Pros: I like this case because it looks good and it comes with a Power Supply. I bought it so that I could purchase a new CPU and MoBo (A10-5800K & GA-F2A85X-UP4) with one 8G stick of Ram, on a budget, and just get it done; up and running. I can always add to the build later. It all worked out great! The system sits in my living room, everyone else that's seen it/used it likes it a lot too. The Power Supply has a 24 pin and an 8 pin power connector. This is the first build I've had where the power supply is on the bottom, I think I prefer it this way. You don't have all of that stuff hanging down in the way anymore. I almost always get the ATX size boards for myself, and I really like the mid tower size case, it doesn't take up so much room, still big enough though. Big enough to stick more stuff in there for a long time to come. Pretty often, I will have my system sitting with easy access to the rear panel ports of my MoBo. I like the orange fans and horizontal expansion slots in the back of case. It's a lot more pleasant to look at than a lot of the systems that I've owned in the past.

Cons: The Power Supplies 8 pin connector is just a little short, so at some point you might want to get yourself an internal power cable, (extension cable) for the 8 pin connector. I think this one is right:

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processor12/15/2012 2:34:07 PM

Pros: Bought this with a GIGABYTE GA-F2A85X-UP4 board. It's great!

Cons: none.

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Good Board12/15/2012 2:28:06 PM

Pros: Use it with an A10 5800K. Love it.

Cons: none.

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