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It works a treat!7/23/2011 3:03:09 PM

Pros: -Does EXACTLY what it's advertised to do. I have it connected to a 120GB Crucial C300 SSD, and it shows up in the BIOS as 230GBish, basically double of the 110ish it would normally show (sorry, I don't have the exact numbers on hand). -Comes with a nice short SATA cable. Nice!

Cons: -Was a little panicked at first when I saw that My Computer only showed my boot drive (SSD). Then, I went to Disk Management and realized that the remaining 1.15TB of my 1.5TB drive was simply unallocated. I right-clicked, set up a new drive, and bam, 10 seconds later I had both drives set up and running. -Sadly, it's restricted to SATA II 3Gb/s, but cmon, let's be honest: it really doesn't make that much of a difference unless you really do care about a few seconds of difference in your SSD times. I used to run a SATA III ssd, and I still can't tell the difference.

Overall Review: DO NOT GET EGG SAVER SHIPPING. It's a bit of a risk, since there are plenty of horror stories out there about the shipment taking up to 2 weeks. I lucked out and got mine in 4 business days, but you may not be as lucky. DHL's tracking is pretty terrible. This is a great alternative to a Z68 board. I will revise my review here if I run into any problems down the line, but so far it works like a dream.

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Superb Projector7/15/2011 9:33:02 PM

Pros: Absolutely incredible. What I say can't really do it justice--go look at professional reviews online, and user reviews with video. Vibrant color, easy interface, incredible clarity and brightness even on the Eco setting...awesome.

Cons: NEWEGG, WHY WOULD YOU DISCONTINUE THIS :( I was planning on saving up for two more to set up an Eyefinity display across my wall, but now its deactivated?? Bring them back! These are easily the best 1080p projectors on the market at this price range!

Overall Review: Bring. Them. Back. If they aren't selling well then try reducing the price a little.

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Gamer board5/28/2011 12:04:18 PM

Pros: Many of you may be considering the ASUS Rampage IV, the roughly $350 dollar board. If you have eight USB 3.0 compatible devices, then by all means, get that one. If you need to Triple-Crossfire rather than just get a better card (no card tri-fires well), then get that one. Otherwise, get this one. For 83% (heh) of gamers and high-end users, this board will be more than sufficient. It has two 4-pin fan headers, two 3-pins on the edges, and one under the little removable plate for the tiny fan. The BIOS and ASUS interface are SUPERB. They are really the main reason you should have for getting this board. Simple, effective, and really nice to look at. Also, a USB 3.0 header on the board means that with a Lian Li adapter, cases that have USB 3.0 ports on the front but do not have a motherboard header connector can STILL avoid the whole cables-out-the-back thing (which is so ugly).

Cons: The tiny fan (I want to say 80mm, not sure) blocks the top PCI slot. Sure, you don't technically need it, but if you place, say, a sound card in the one remaining PCI slot in a Crossfire configuration, then it will definitely affect the airflow of your top video card. Frankly, as long as you have good air flow in your case, you won't need the fan. Keep in mind, also, that good air flow is NOT the same as just having a bunch of fans flowing everywhere. Just make sure you have air moving in one general direction (intake-->exhaust), and you'll be fine. The thermal shield will just need some intake air either from the front or bottom of your case. If your case has a big side fan, just remove the little plate. This has been mentioned before, but why they cover the RAM slots with that annoying sticker is beyond me. It leaves behind some residue that can be maddening to completely remove. I've already bought the board, why are they still advertising to me??

Overall Review: Yes, the thermal shield is not a HUGE benefit. It really doesn't do that much for you. That's not the main reason you should be getting this board, although it does make the interior look much more clean. I'm not big on the look of capacitors everywhere. The board is simply clean and effective. There really isn't much here that doesn't need to be here. The other ASUS board may be for the "Republic of Gamers", but I suspect they refer to a small group of elites, because most people will not need room for three graphics cards since they aren't trying to squeeze an extra 20% out of their system or something. Seriously, tri-fire scales terribly. This board may also only have two USB 3.0 ports, but it DOES have an internal header, meaning that you can get a 5.25 or 3.5 bay with two or more ports. You can also get a Lian Li mobo-header to two-USB-3.0 converter to connect to any USB 3.0 ports on the front of your case.

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FAR superior to the H505/28/2011 11:46:42 AM

Pros: One of the main issues of the H50 was the fact that the block that went on the CPU was HUGE. In certain cases, it would actually prevent you from putting in a Push/Pull configuration. I'm not sure why this block isn't bigger news, because I consider it superior to both the H50 and the H70. It shocked me that the H70 was actually the successor to the H50, since it would make more sense for a second iteration to be more efficient. The key here is that while the radiator for the H50 and H60 may be small, they are extremely fin-dense. The fins on the H70 are much wider. In any case, this thing is superb. The radiator is not entirely square, which you should be aware of, but luckily it'll fit in almost any case, even my Raven RV02-E, which has a restricted area for the 120mm exhaust fans. I was still able to push/pull on this with two Scythe Gentle Typhoons.

Cons: Four extra screws. This would cost Corsair an extra 50 cents to put into this box. I would be willing to tack an extra dollar or two onto the H60 for them to include them. So why the heck do they not include them?? You'll need to buy your own 6-32 x 1-1/4in screws to do push/pull. Oh, and the mounting for Intel boards (Mine was a Sabertooth P67) is a little fickle--there are four little holes that you have to line up, but since different boards have different hole locations, the Corsair mount has little plastic pieces that slide around. Kinda difficult, but not that big of a problem.

Overall Review: There's a LOT of debate online about which is better, the H50 or the H70. I would suggest that the H60 is actually the best. The big block is gone, the mounting is very easy, and they thankfully realized that the huge radiator of the H70 does not give the kind of performance boost it should. In many tests, it actually gave INFERIOR results to the H50 without extremely high CFM/static pressure fans. Also, please know that you will need a 3-pin connector on your motherboard for the pump of this cooler. I'm not sure if you can connect it to the PSU directly via a 3pin-molex converter, but I wouldn't suggest it.

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Cheaper elsewhere5/24/2011 2:23:48 PM

Pros: This case is everything it's purported to be. Keep in mind that this is the newer version of the Raven 2, which has better fans and hard drive spaces. I gave this 5 stars because this is a review of the item itself. However, Newegg charges way more than a few other sites. Try Googling this item and seeing what prices you get. Again, make sure that you're looking at the EW version!

Cons: None of as yet. Silverstone has addressed all the main issues of the original Raven 2. The fans are quiet and powerful, the hard drives no longer face awkwardly toward the back, and the case top FINALLY fits even with video card adapters.

Overall Review: It is my hope that this style of case will become more and more standard as time goes on. The principle of cooling from bottom up is excellent. There is NO competing airflow besides the GPU fans, all of it goes straight from bottom to up. Amazing stuff, and it allows for the case to provide the same level of cooling that a MUCH louder computer would provide. Also, keep in mind that this is not meant to be a water-cooling case, although it's apparently possible to mount small radiators (the case comes with these mounts for adding a radiator to the fans--I'm no expert so I'm not sure how these would be used).

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Great, with one caveat5/13/2011 3:34:07 PM

Pros: Good sound EXTREMELY boggles the mind

Cons: The sound LEAKS. No, don't go "ahh he's probably just being sensitive", its not true. The sound really does leak. There is no seal on your ears, and the speakers are not isolate--I can't even wear these on a bus and turn it up to a good volume without getting looks because everyone around me can hear me.

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Superb--with one drawback4/28/2011 12:21:18 AM

Pros: -This thing is AMAZING for RPGs. Do you hate having to move your hand to the "I" button to access your inventory, "K" for skills, etc? Not anymore, you don't! Example: For Dragon Age, I put character, inventory, skills, and tactics on the Up, Left, Right and Down thumb pad. This way I don't have to map all over the keyboard, and I can access the menus rapidly. -The customization is endless....SO many options, and it's pretty easy to switch profiles. The fact that there is a Blue, Red, and Green light to indicate different profiles (Seven total variations) is really great. I'm told it's even possbile to use this to play Starcraft, and there are various keymapping threads on the internet. Especially with that game, being able to navigate the map using your left thumb, and not having to move our hands all over the keyboard are definitely plusses.

Cons: Sadly, this seems to be made for people with a specific hand size. I'm 6'0", and my hands are slightly larger than normal. Sadly, this gamepad is a little bit too small for my hands. It's not a big issue, and I still love the pad, but I had to subtract an egg because this variability could EASILY have been attained. The handrest seems almost detachable, so why couldn't they have made it so that it moves back a bit? That would have solved the hand size issue, since I would be able to rest my fingers and hand at the same time, rather than having to put my wrist in the wrong place in order to not have my fingers be weirdly arched to touch the keys.

Overall Review: The thumb analog stick is removable (simply pluck it out), and I highly suggest doing so. For me the stick just gets in the way of the thumb button.

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Most issues stem from low-power PSU4/28/2011 12:14:34 AM

Pros: -Works just fine. There are people here and online complaining of these things "not working"--usually with the problem that when resolution changes, the monitor with the Adapter plugged in will cut out, and has to be removed and plugged back in. This issue actually results from a lack in power. Running three monitors is very power intensive, and you need a fairly good PSU to do it. When I had these problems, I was running an old 250W PSU. I upgraded to 500W, and the problems vanished! I only wish I'd known that before I spent 150 bucks overnighting different adapters on three occasions...

Cons: A liiiittle bit on the big side. Who cares though, as long as it works?

Overall Review: Currently, ATI cards like the 6950 are the best options for Eyefinity, since the 69XX series cards have 2GB of RAM, and video RAM is important for running large resolutions. In addition, Crossfired 69XX cards scale MUCH better than NVidia cards running SLI, and are cheaper, and the 6950 can be flashed to 6970 easily...the list goes on and on. Go ATI!

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I'm genuinely shocked--this is SUPERB4/28/2011 12:09:26 AM

Pros: -It works. No, seriously, it WORKS. I tried putting my hand against it for a few minutes, and my hand got quite a bit cooler. -SILENT. I kid you not, it is SILENT. It's a low-RPM high-diameter fan, and if a little counterintuitively, the larger fan means that it makes LESS noise than a smaller 120mm fan. Don't buy one of those cheap coolers from other places with 120mm fans, they're quite noisy. -If you use this in the dark, the bottom of the laptop has a slight blue glow "leaking" out of the bottom, like it's sitting on a blue flame or something. Pretty cool.

Cons: -Unfortunately, like most cooling pads, it's not very portable. -The connector USB cable is in the back, so it can be a little hard to reach with the laptop on top. -The fan grille is there, but the gaps of the grille on the bottom are kind of big in order to minimize noise. Unfortunately, this means that at one point I accidentally stuck my finger into the fan while moving the laptop+ pad....ouch. As long as you're not as stupid as I am though, you should be fine.

Overall Review: Have a laptop that plays games and gets real hot? Get this laptop! It turned my laptop from scream to dream.

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Hard to tell if it even works4/28/2011 12:04:22 AM

Pros: -Very, very portable, can be folded and whatnot unlike other cooling pads with fans

Cons: -Unfortunately, this is a very limited cooling method. Laptops are designed to cool themselves by drawing in cool air from the bottom of the laptop and push it through the hot components, ejecting the hot air out the side of the laptop. What does this do? It basically covers up the bottom vents, and instead relies on the cooling crystals to absorb heat. In my experience, what this means is that at first there's some cooling, but the crystals quickly absorb the heat and melt, and then your laptop's heat can begin to skyrocket. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a fan cooling pad!

Overall Review: If you use laptops that don't produce a lot of heat, this may be the pad for you---scratch that, if your laptop doesn't produce a lot of heat, then you don't need a cooling pad.

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Very long...but WONDERFUL4/27/2011 11:59:49 PM

Pros: -It's like a cloud. So soft, so smooth. -It's quite a bit wider than most mice, great for those shooter players who like to play on very low sensitivity.

Cons: -It doesn't hand out relationship advice?

Overall Review: I had been using a tiny little Razer gamemat before, and this makes a WORLD of difference. I'm going to need to be pretty impressed with something else before I get a new mousepad other than this one.

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Four years later, still my favorite4/27/2011 11:57:24 PM

Pros: -The new models have incredible DPI options (3500 is more than anyone should need) -The new DeathAdders have braided cables and gold-plated USB, and the craftsmanship is SUPERB. -I'm 6'0", and my hands are slightly larger than normal...and these fit me like a dream. My girlfriend is 5'4", has some fairly small hands, and she loves this mouse as well. Somehow, this mouse works for many different hand sizes. -I've owned both iterations of this mouse, and it just keeps getting better and better. The clicks feel great, the bounce-back is perfect, the matte feel is incredibly comfortable, and the two side-buttons are lifesavers when playing games (I use them for melee, thumb-click is very reflexive), and when web-surfing I use them for Back and Forward. -The movement is SO smooth, way smoother than my Naga. It works just as well on table surfaces as on mouse pads.

Cons: I consider myself a fairly harsh critic of gaming peripherals (its the only way they improve), but...I honestly have no gripes against this mouse.

Overall Review: I take my gaming peripherals seriously, and there is NO other mouse I would recommend for any and all gamers. If you're still using a cheap, standard mouse, definitely consider this mouse.

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Have owned for a year and a half4/27/2011 11:42:16 PM

Pros: -very responsive keys, nice unobtrusive clicking sound -Nice blue glow -wrist-rest is actually surprisingly comfortable -You can turn off the light at night if you want to leave your computer on. -Those media buttons work JUST FINE. People who complain about it clearly don't have the correct drivers.

Cons: -This thing collects fingerprints and grime...I wouldn't describe it as a "magnet", but it's an issue. -The light-change button (which is part of the touch-sensitive-bar) can be triggered by something as minor as the cable of my Naga brushing across it. I'll sometimes look down and it'll be completely dark, and I'll have to cycle through the light options again.

Overall Review: Why is this so darn expensive even after it's been out for so long? There are superior keyboards out there now, such as the Black Widow...and yet these prices remain sky high. I think I actually paid LESS when I bought this in late 2009...

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A little small for big hands4/27/2011 11:37:53 PM

Pros: -I literally cannot go back to button keys anymore. Having to blindly reach for 6-0 and -/+ is incredibly annoying now that I've had this mouse. It's just so great to have them at your thumbtip. -All the keys are programmable -Braided cable is difficult to tangle -Scroll wheel's glow is a bit more conservative than the Deathadder one

Cons: -I really didn't want to, but I just had to...I had to subtract an egg because this mouse is significantly smaller than other razer mice. I have owned the DeathAdder and Habu in the past, and those all fit my hand just fine. However, the Naga can be a little uncomfortable small at times. For comparison, I'm about 6'0" tall and have slight larger than average sized hands. I can't "cup" the mouse as well as I can the DeathAdder, but it's not really a dealbreaker. I just wish they had made this mouse the same size as their other mice. -other gripe: The placement of Windows Keys 4 and 5. Placing them next to your index finer is such a terrible idea... -The logo pulses...personal preference, I don't like it. I wish it just stayed on constantly.

Overall Review: I don't technically own the Molten version, I have the standard blue one. The only difference is the color and the decoration.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Built my computer.4/1/2011 4:10:28 PM

Pros: Popped right out of the box and built my computer for me. It was...AWESOME.

Cons: High in cholesterol.

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Be aware that it is not 7200RPM3/19/2011 11:33:27 PM

Pros: Does exactly what it is advertised to do. Be Green! Save money and the future while you're at it.

Cons: Be aware of what you're buying! This is definitely a storage drive---it runs at 5000RPM, but 7200RPM or higher. You will not get good boot speeds off this drive.

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Excellent, with a single qualm: Noise3/19/2011 11:27:16 PM

Pros: -Very easy installation -Fairly low power consumption -Unobtrusive lighting -Comes with a little mount to let it be lifted off of the table/ground/etc, very smooth sliding back and forth -Did I mention very easy installation? So awesome.

Cons: It won't take my exams for me. No but seriously, the only small problem (that didn't even subtract an egg) is the noise. It is not unexpected for a 2-drive bay, but it is unavoidable: the enclosure does make noise. It's very low (my computer's rear 120mm fan is a bit louder), but it's there. -Power plug is a little bit big? Not sure how big most drive bay power plugs are.

Overall Review: The metal feels like brushed aluminum, and it looks so professional. The ower light is green, and the "data access" light (the one that flickers as the drive is used) is blue. Again, very unobtrusive, not bright enough to make me notice out of the corner of my eye.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
RPG Purists cry, but normal people have fun3/19/2011 11:16:31 PM

Pros: -Visceral Combat, VERY fun -STUNNING PC Graphics (leagues above consoles) -Voiceover!!! -Every single class is much more fun to play now, but the MAGE especially has gotten a huge makeover. No longer do they just carry little sticks that fling blobs of ice or fire. When enemies get close, the mage bashes them with bladed staves, knocks them around, and feels all-around awesome. -You can romance any of your companions. M with M, F with F, hetero or otherwise. And, you can romance as many people as you want---you just have to "choose" near the end. -There's a LOT of really funny references, jokes, almost meme-related lines. It does so subtly enough that immersion isn't broken, but is still hilariously funny. -Very interesting looking armor upgrades for your companions -Tactics have been greatly improved -Crafting is much simpler and more fun -ENCHANTMENT?!?!? Sandal returns! -Return of many characters from DAO. -PC: Optional High-Resolution patch

Cons: -Blatantly recycled dungeons at times -Small trifle: Eyefinity cinematics are only displayed on center screen, but that's to be expected -With Eyefinity, the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 action bar is placed very awkwardly in the middle of the Left-Middle bezel. This means that with or without bezel compensation, one of the icons is obscured. -No more open modding :( This is my biggest qualm. -Brothel is now reaaaaally creepy. Like....women-with-mens-voices creepy. -Very easy to miss companion armor upgrades (sometimes just in random crates) -Leliana is in the Exiled Prince DLC, meaning not everyone gets to see her again :( However, she does have a brief moment in the Vanilla game...won't spoil where she is :) -All these, and I still feel the game deserves 5/5 eggs.

Overall Review: There's a lot of people who decry the "dumbing-down" of this game. With a few exceptions, I would say: just deal with it. This game is so much more accessible than Dragon Age: Origins, and eliminates a LOT of the really annoying aspects of Origins, such as massive inventory management, highly mismatched armor, and so forth. Yes, some of the dungeons are recycled, and yes, the inventory has become a bit simplistic. So what? Unless you are an RPG purist, you're going to love this game. Origins was fun, but it was at times very inacessible to non-RPG fans. The point is, if you don't play a game and try to find EVERYTHING wrong with it, then you're going to like this game. I am a huge RPG fan, from tabletop to console to PC, and I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The story is engaging, the combat is amazing, and it's fun. Again, people seem to dislike this game because they are all focusing on what's WRONG with the game. It gets a lot of things right as well!

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