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LIAN LI PC-Z70B12/12/2011 9:25:11 PM

Pros: Lot's of Drive Bays for hotswap Easy to open and look around Light weight

Cons: Expensive Flimsy--it's made of relatively thin aluminum USB 3.0 header instead of connectors (no adapter included) Drive installation for hotswap is not easy

Overall Review: I think for the price the chassis should be sturdier--aluminum is fine but put some extra structural supports on the side panels. There is no easy way to run the cables outside on the back and back again to the motherboard--it's just to long and the cables aren't long enough to reach. USB 3.0 has two ports up front but there is no adapter for motherboards without a header on board. I have two standard connectors instead of the header--so I'd have to buy an extra part--for the price, it should be included. The lead for the eSATA port is rather short and requires running right through the chassis to the motherboard. Why bother, with all that cable management if it's going to be gummed up either way. The same problem is present with the leads for power button, HD LED, Reset switch, etc.

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