It's big, red and flashy6/8/2017 7:10:37 AM

Pros: - It's well designed, light, greatly improves airflow and excellent at reducing the CPU temperature. - Easy to install; screws that lock the unit to the motherboard have springs and screws are adjustable to allow an adjustable fit. - Seems to be the same as the Hyper 212, but with red LEDs. great for a red/black build

Cons: - Handling the metal fins of the unit can lead to cuts if you are not careful as they can be sharp. It would be beneficial if a paid of rubber gloves would be included in the box. - I had to put the fan on upside down to best hide the power cord. It would be nice if there was better cord management.

Overall Review: - The hyper 212 is your go-to cooler and offers additional airflow to most computer cases. This reaches about 120 mm, so make sure your tower can fit it. I would recommend this unit over the base line Hyper 212 if you can get it for the same price or cheaper.

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You will be amazed!6/8/2017 7:02:18 AM

Pros: - This M.2 is literally two times faster than other, more expensive M.2 drives (Up to 3,200 MBps vs Up to 1,775 MBps for the Intel 600p) - Small and sleek, takes up almost no room in your motherboard. - I installed windows 10 in under 3 minutes and achieved a boot time of only a few seconds.

Cons: - If you plan on loading Windows unto this device, you will need to play around in the BIOS settings a little bit. Make sure that every other HDD(s) are unplugged from your MOBO before attempting to install windows. Using an MSI MOBO, I was able to pick up that a M.2 was connected by selecting Legacy+EUFI; however, do not use this setting (use UEFI only). Set the boot order to HDD and then USB or CD (BIOS picks this up the M.2 as a HDD for some reason). When the boot option comes up (press a key to choose boot option) select the USB or CD (whichever has the Windows installation file).

Overall Review: - I have always been a fan of Samsung SSDs including the 850 EVO. I was amazed at how fast this M.2 actually was and for the price I paid. If you are looking for performance, and don't mind a little trouble with installation, this will greatly increase your computer's performance.

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Hail to the Duke, Baby!6/8/2017 6:46:57 AM

Pros: - RGB lighting in the front of the card that says "DUKE" - 8 GB of video - Boost clock to 1.85 Ghz - Price per GB of video memory - Quiet - Back plate

Cons: - None

Overall Review: - This card measures 312 mm across and will require a compatible case. If you are anything like me, and build you computer around your graphics card, I would look no further. You can beat the price for a 1080. - If you are someone to name your PC, add this card will make it feel a little more prestigious.

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Hyper-threading masterpiece6/8/2017 6:34:59 AM

Pros: - Extra 200 Mhz over the I7-6700K - 4 cores and 8 threads - hyper-threading for those of us who like to watch YouTube and play a game at the same time - Trusted for gaming builds

Cons: - None

Overall Review: - I would recommend this processor to anyone who wants a top of the line gaming computer. It offers a moderate overclocking ability and is the current flagship for Intel's i7 processors.

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High quality for a relatively low price6/8/2017 6:29:21 AM

Pros: - Cable Management was top notch and includes Velcro straps already installed and are easy to use - Top vent with cover (good weight and structure) - RGB lighting for the power switch and under the front panel - Air filter at the base and the top of the front panel - Very competitively priced - Window - Reset button - Lighting control button - Lots of space, I managed to fit the Duke GTX 1080 as well as the 212 EVO with ease. - Sliding rear fan position - Removable HDD trays - Panel retention screws

Cons: - The side panel was pretty stiff the first few times I had to remove it. There is almost a knack to sliding it off and out at the same time. The panel is well designed but the locking slots could be designed to allow an easier removal. - I read about the finger print magnet described in other reviews, and I did notice a few finger prints but they came off easily with a microfiber cloth - You may notice an additional button for fan control, but it doesn't seem to be connected.

Overall Review: Phanteks have made a lot of nice chassis and this P400 even improves upon some others. If you like a neat and tidy tower, with great airflow and enough room for any ATX/GPU/Cooler combination and a decent price, this is the case for you.

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