I love these earbuds9/6/2010 4:14:06 PM

Pros: They sound amazing....traveled all over Europe this summer with them. I listen to a lot of hip hop music, many which is downloaded and not always the best quality files to begin with so its hard to judge the actual quality. But for the most part these have been amazing as far as comfort, fit, and sound. Love that they now come in white.

Cons: At times, bass can be a little heavy. Cord tangles easily. I do not like the case, takes too long to get them into it and it does not fit my phone plug attachment. The cord does carry vibrations and movement very easily, I believe this is because of the material, sensitivity and the sound isolating seal you get with these. It is a downside but doesn't bother me....just shows how well they fit. Recently, the left side sound like it has blown and sound comes out staticy, especially with bass heavy tracks. Because this hasn't seemed to happen to anyone else I am ordering another pair in white this time so hopefully I wont have the same problem again. I docked these one egg due to my experience with the left side going out on me.

Overall Review: Took a while to figure out that these are designed to go over the ear with the cord. Its alright I guess but I prefer them regularly but you must switch the L and R to do this.

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Overall Awesome Netbook/Notebook7/6/2010 6:12:56 PM

Pros: Performance and specifications are awesome for its size and batter life. I used this for a month in Europe and for the last month in the US and haven't had any issues with the hardware at all, runs everything Ive used it for (haven't tried it with any graphics intensive software but plays all video fine). Quality and construction seems pretty sturdy to me, no less than any other netbook in its category so im not sure what everyone complaint is about as far as quality. Battery life is great however 8 hrs is probably not realistic even with wifi off and screen dim however I have not tried this. Either way, still has a solid 5-6 hr battery life under normal use. The internet connections on this thing are much faster overall than my desktop or other laptop....very impressive connection speeds. Overall i got more than I expected with this product.

Cons: Ive had an issue creating folders on the desktop and them not renaming properly but I believe this is due to Windows 7 not the computer.

Overall Review: Otherwise my only complaint is that I couldn't find this in anything but red, black and blue but the box shows that it is available in white. Also, there are a few cover/skins available for this model but none match the blue on the interior, they are mostly wood or leather look.

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Keepin Cool1/11/2009 11:30:03 PM

Pros: All 4 fans work fine and with 6 120mm fans in the case it is exceptionally quiet.

Cons: None

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Good Buy1/11/2009 11:27:24 PM

Pros: Seems to work fine, looks good, each blue light dims with fan speed.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Would be nice if it included a few more extension cords.

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Love it1/11/2009 11:17:09 PM

Pros: Bought 2 of these that run on my 9800GTX+ which makes for a wonderful display. Minimal back light fading at screen edges, 0 dead pixels, 1080p, HDMI support.

Cons: None yet

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Awesome HD1/1/2009 12:16:11 PM

Pros: Runs smoothly. Easy setup. I have two of these in a RAID 0 and they perform wonderfully.

Cons: None at the moment.

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Impressive Case1/1/2009 12:13:34 PM

Pros: This case is very big and very versatile. I found the quality to be exceptional from what I expected. Plenty of space for upgrading and cooling.

Cons: No covers for unused expandable fan vents and no reset button

Overall Review: Besides the fact its 20" deep instead of 18" I am very pleased with the case.

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Awesome Board1/1/2009 11:59:00 AM

Pros: The total installation of everything went smoothly. I had to manually adjust the voltage to my RAM but other than that my RAID 0 set up went with no problems. The Wi-Fi accessory that comes with it installed with absolutely no problems also.

Cons: Wi-Fi on board card is touching my 9800GTX+ but doesnt affect anything, I think this could have been placed another mm or two up. i couldn't find a qualified RAM vendor list on their site.

Overall Review: Awesome board, I've always used ASUS previously but I'm very impressed with this company.

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Good Product1/1/2009 11:52:01 AM

Pros: The card is huge but installs and plays nicely on two 22" ASUS monitors. Photoshop, Pro-E, and Movies all run flawlessly on this card.

Cons: I still can't get the HDMI output cord to work, it only recognizes it if both outputs, DVI and HDMI, are being used for one monitor.

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Good Product1/1/2009 11:47:19 AM

Pros: Worked right away, great performance. I have a nice aftermarket fan for cooling although I haven't yet tried overclocking yet.

Cons: None as of yet.

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Nice Product1/1/2009 11:44:51 AM

Pros: Once I got both sticks working at the specified settings the ram works great. Also, Im not sure why, but my Vista 32bit Ultimate posts 4.00 GB, I was under the impression 32-bit systems would not recognize over 3gb. Good deal.

Cons: I had to manually set the voltage to get both sticks to work in dual channel, probably more of a motherboard issue than ram.

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