This is a title.9/5/2014 4:44:48 PM

Pros: - Fast fast fast - Lots of great reliability features like power-off protection

Cons: - I honestly can't think of anything

Overall Review: I have 2 of these set up in RAID1 on my haswell-e build. Posting takes a while, but once it's finished I go from first seeing the windows logo forming to login screen in just a few seconds. I don't have much in terms of detailed specs yet (I'll post a follow up review with that stuff), but the WEI for this configuration is 7.9 (the max).

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This is a title9/5/2014 4:40:38 PM

Pros: - Easy overclocking - Easy RAID setup - GUI uefi interface - The features are mostly pros - Lots of useful status LEDs - The monitor's debug hex codes are in the manual (booklet 2), and the manuals are all posted online - There is an additional online guide to all of the overclocking settings and what they do

Cons: - Kind of a slow POSTer (10-15s) - RAID defaults to off, so every time you bork your overclock you have to turn it on again BEFORE trying to boot - Doesn't seem to honor speed stepping overclocks, I've so far only observed clock speeds at whichever core setting is set lowest

Overall Review: I paired this with a 5930k and 32GB of gskill 2400mhz. I've got a stable overclock of 4.5GHz on it (though I might dial it back a bit for power consumption and cooler noise reasons). I use a pair of intel 730 SSDs in raid 1 as a boot device. I accidentally let it boot once after resetting the CMOS and it booted successfully and damaged the integrity of the RAID. I had to drop the second disk from it (thus degrading the RAID) and re-add it (which re-imaged it from the first disk). It's a bit of a time waster, and without a bit of knowledge of raid safety, I'd have lost the install and needed to reformat. It would be nice if the SATA controller defaulted to RAID mode so that didn't happen. I know there's a firmware update out for it, maybe that fixes some of the weirdness with the speedstep settings... at this point I'm unable to set a higher overclock for a 1-core load, because such loads still top out at the lowest of the n-core-load settings. I'll post another review if more information is available.

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This is a title9/5/2014 4:23:33 PM

Pros: - Works at higher-than-advertised speeds (you may have to adjust the timings) - No bad sticks

Cons: - Costs a lot

Overall Review: DDR4 RAM is at about a 30% premium over DDR3, just like DDR3 was over DDR2 at launch. I expected this. I knew it would be like this months before I bought it. But it still hurts... :( I have run this at speeds up to 2666MHz and currently have it running at 2500MHz. I could probably keep it at 2666 if I felt like mucking with it for hours, but I have other things to do.

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uuuuuuuuuuuuuu9/5/2014 4:16:52 PM

Pros: - Easy to overclock - I'm not going to parrot the numbers on the side of the box but most of them are pros - Screamingly, facemeltingly fast

Cons: - Power consumption - One core seems to get hotter than the others (10C or so)

Overall Review: This is my first splurge on a CPU costing more than $500. I don't regret it. I overclocked this chip first to 4.0, then to 4.3, and I'm now at 4.5GHz. I'm hoping to get a bit more out of it, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to do that without additional cooling (it gets pretty hot at full load, tops out at around 85C. Cinebench 15: 163 single/1310 multi (4.5GHz)

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Hubs things4/28/2014 10:21:42 PM

Pros: 10 ports. USB3. Just read the description, I can't really do more than rattle off the features. Total bargain if you catch it on sale.

Cons: USB cable it comes with is annoyingly short, and it's one of those weird new USB3 alternate connector ones that nobody has any extras of. If you want the switch on your desk and the computer under, you should simultaneously purchase a longer cable. No high power ports. Doesn't charge without computer connection.

Overall Review: I honestly cannot comprehend why nobody makes a USB hub that charges devices. There are literally zero of them available on newegg. There are sometimes ones available on other sites, but they're OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive ($300 for a 10 ipad charger? seriously? there aren't even any electronics in it, it's a 5 volt busbar wired to some USB ports). It boggles the mind that every smartphone and ipad and whatever else these days comes with a single-port wall-to-USB charger, technology that compared to the intricacies of involving a computer is basically bronze age, and NOBODY has thought to mash 8 of them together into a high-power USB plugbar and sell it for the $25 piece of inert plastic and metal it is. I bought this exclusively hoping to use it as a charger, and it looks like it's going to be bad at it. Oh well, I guess I needed a USB3 hub anyway. This is a great example of the ineptitude of capitalism. Everyone in the world who has more than 2 mobile devices wants one of these, and for some reason nobody sells them. But I digress. Knocked it one egg for the short cable and the lack of charging whilst disconnected from a computer.

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Big improvement over a $20 wally-land mouse3/19/2014 12:06:09 AM

Pros: - Reasonable sensitivity - Reasonable price - Decent sensor (low jitter) - Specs say long battery life (only had it for a few days) - On-mouse sensitivity adjustor button - Plastered with blue LEDs (the most awesome color) - 3 position switch: OFF, ON, ON+LEDs

Cons: - Scroll wheel is kinda iffy. No horizontal scroll, but it has enough freedom to wobble back and forth and touch the sides of its little slot, which makes for some irritating resistance while scrolling. It's also pretty large which can make for slow scrolling. I knocked an egg for this. - Positioning of pinky is a little awkward. I'm sure ill get used to it. it's better than the old one anyway

Overall Review: Looks pretty cool. Bigger and heavier duty than my last mouse.

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Just arrived3/14/2014 9:18:11 PM

Pros: Every single thing about this laptop is better than my old laptop. It has: - more than twice as much ram - about 15x the CPU performance - bluetooth - wireless N and AC - thunderbolt/DP video out - bigger screen - longer battery life - bigger hard drive - more/better USB ports - backlit keyboard - no stupid nub mouse thing - current-gen nvidia graphics card Seriously. I could go on and on. My old laptop was a Dell Latitute D620, a speed demon of a laptop back when it came out, sometime in like 2003. This laptop will probably be good at everything. I don't expect the GPU to stand up to modern games on the highest available settings, but I didn't buy it to get twelve thousand frames per second while playing quake and it will probably handle everything OK on most medium and high settings. I will be using it largely for software development, but I'll probably game on it if my desktop is otherwise occupied for some reason. It's nice to have the option. Comes with GPT-formatted drive. I've tested this instant-resume-from-standby too, it's pretty instant. A second maybe? Perhaps a bit longer. Boots and runs through setup quickly too. As either: - a moderately dedicated gamer looking to game on the go - someone looking for a high-power laptop on a reasonable budget - a power user who hates slow computers - a developer who spends a lot of time compiling This may be exactly the sort of laptop you're looking for. I got this one refurbished because the new ones were out of stock, but there's no reason not to save a buck or two - Even if you get 3 DOA units in a row and pay for return shipping for each of them, it will still be cheaper than it would be to buy a new one.

Cons: - I like turtles

Overall Review: Newegg's description of the USB connectivity is INCORRECT. This model features 4 USB3.0 ports, not 4 USB2.0 ports. The device manager reports a USB3 controller, so they are definitely proper 3.0 ports. You can also tell from the picture - the ports are noticeably blue. I wish you could order laptops that had all of the replaceable parts not included. I plan to buy a SSD (one of the 1TB Samsung 840 ones that are less than $600 at the time of this review) but that leaves me this extra 1TB 5400rpm hdd that I probably won't ever do anything with. I might also have upgraded the ram, but in order to put 32 gigs in here I'd end up in the same scenario with the pair of 4GB sticks it came with. It also comes with this weird, ASUS branded version of windows 8. Not sure how I feel about that. Whatever, if the other reviewers are right then I can reinstall windows 8 from any image, as long as it's the version that originally came with the laptop (the license hocus pocus is squirreled away in the BIOS somewhere).

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Dead on arrival2/18/2014 10:45:17 PM

Pros: * Looks nice * simple setup, screw the base to the arm and insert the arm into the unit * No useless extras like speakers * buttons for power, +/- brightness (and 4 dummy buttons. wut)

Cons: * Panel nonfunctional on first power-on * Panel had a large static charge immediately on unwrap. Lots of things can contribute to this but the most likely is manufacturing processes. * Did not come in a protective sleeve, just bare styrofoam, another possible contributor to static buildup * I've found 2 dead pixels so far, there are probably more but I can't get it to actually display anything.

Overall Review: I adequately grounded myself before touching it, like I always do when opening and dealing with electronics. Grabbing a metal water tap with the water running is the best way, it puts you in contact with a gigantic chunk of copper, cast iron, and water, many hundreds of feet of which is buried directly underground. I'm glad I didn't plug the DVI cable into the computer first, there was probably enough juice to fry most or all of the components there too. I didn't even get it all the first time: I re-grounded myself, and it shocked me _again_. Regardless, the monitor has never displayed anything other than a continuous mask of red and green bars that sometimes change gradually with what the computer is pushing to it. To be honest, I'm not sure whether it died when it shocked me, or when it was shipped, or if it even made it out of the factory with a charge like that on it. If it were like a typical computer case, the metal support structures would be grounded and would protect the guts from stuff like this, and it looks an awful lot like impact damage to me. No point in lying about the static thing. I'm quite sure I followed standard electronic handling practices, I've never once had an issue of this sort with any other piece of hardware I dealt with, monitor or otherwise, in all the years I've been buying stuff from newegg. I've had a hard drive arrive DOA, but shipping companies ruin those all the time. I will give this thing ONE more chance if they let me RMA it, and the next one I get will be tested with a multimeter against a solid ground, on video, before I even get it out of the box. I hate to give 1 star reviews for things like DOAs that are often brought on by poor shipping, especially in this time, given the circumstances. If it wasn't the shipping that killed it, it was almost certainly the electric mishap. I'm quite sure I was electrically neutral, leaving only the option that the monitor wasn't. Newegg needs an option to post a review without giving an egg count, I don't want to ruin the score of what might turn out to be an OK deal, assuming shipping doesn't run it over with a barge on the way. I'm not that upset because it was really cheap, and frankly, I wouldn't have bought it if I wasn't ready to deal with something like this, I'd have opted for something more local.

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Initial review2/18/2014 5:02:46 AM

Pros: * does not exhaust air back into the case * stayed fairly cool while in operation (top 60-65C) * extremely sturdy, well made. built like a tank.

Cons: * huge, and also heavy. * only one DisplayPort output on the entire line of cards? seriously? I thought this was the future

Overall Review: I'm glad I measured my case before I bought it. if it were 1/4 inch longer, there would not have been room for it. Replaced a radeon 7970 that died in an unfortunate shipping accident. It's been installed for barely a few hours, I haven't really had the chance to test it out much except for a few rounds of starcraft, which it handled quite well with all of the settings maxed on a 1440p display. It's probably capable of a lot more. As for displayport vs. hdmi... I'll let you do your own homework there, but suffice it to say that HDMI is far inferior. I'll post a followup review sometime after I've put a little more work on this thing to see how it performs.

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Overkill for what I built1/26/2014 7:08:11 PM

Pros: - See spec. - Quiet - Has a physical switch - Suitable for almost any budget

Cons: - Not modular. I knew that when I bought it. - Some of the cables are permanently twisted around each other why have PSU manufacturers not figured out how to stop that from happening yet seriously it's so frustrating. Purely cosmetic for an internal component so no points off.

Overall Review: - The 20+4 pin motherboard power cord is a pain to detach. I'm sure you all have to do this every day and care so much about it, worth mentioning though. Everything I bought hooked up and running, the entire unit uses 14 watts idle, and 31 watts full tilt. I could probably run 10 of that computer on this power supply no problem. I would have bought a much lower power one, but this was the cheapest power supply in its output range, and none of the uATX ones review well. I bought this as part of an all-new-parts low power server build. I'll be doing the primary review for that build on the intel i3 4130T in a week or so, in case anyone cares to read it.

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Works suitably with an i3 4130T1/26/2014 6:51:26 PM

Pros: - It's passive. No power consumption, no noise. - It will keep an i3 4130T running at full load in a room temperature environment at roughly 40C - Low form factor

Cons: - I wish it didn't cost so much for just a specially shaped hunk of metal

Overall Review: I used this as part of a server build focusing on low power consumption. The whole thing cost me a little over $500. Rather than using a fabricated case or or rackmount, I built it into the hollowed out shell of an antique radio. It looks awesome. Part list: Intel i3 4130T Supermicro MBD-X10SLL-S-O Supermicro SNK-P0046P (this component) Kingston KVR13E9/8I Western Digital WD10EURX Antec EA-380D If anyone is looking for a similar sort of computer, this one came out very well and I highly recommend this (or a similar) part combination. The whole thing uses 31 watts of power at full load (14 idle).

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Wow9/3/2013 7:13:43 PM

Pros: This thing is great. Here's a list of what I like about it: First of all, it's gigantic. It's almost shocking to see my desktop icons, so evenly distributed on a 1080p monitor, packed into the upper left corner of the screen. It's got really high pixel density too, so it's only a little physically larger than the other monitor. Still fits on the table! It's also insanely bright. I might just be unused to it because I kept the brightness on my old one quite low, but it's like ... stunningly bright. Don't bother buying any cables (unless you're me, and your graphics card has only mDP ports) because this thing comes with all of them. Even an HDMI cable. The built-in speakers sound about as good as the pair of small speakers I have laying around for listening without headphones. I.e, they're acceptable. You should know not to base your purchase of monitor on how well it sounds, but this one sounds ok. Also has a headphone jack on it. The panel itself is free of defects, dead pixels, crosshatching, blobs of backlight bleed, edge defects, and everything else I know to look for. If you're an avid writer of code like myself, you can flip it into portrait mode and probably fit like 400 lines of code on the screen. It's adjustable in other ways too. It also has a rotating foot and padded edges, so you can spin it around without lathing a circle into the top of whatever you put it on. The joints are springy and don't feel like they were designed for a lighter monitor. As far as I can see, there is nothing misleading on any of the packaging and no weird difficulties with swapping out mounts or anything else the details say you should be able to do with it.

Cons: The viewing angle is best from straight on, about 2 feet back. if you deviate too far from this, the contrast will suffer (though the color balance does not suffer much). The VH242H has a slightly wider horizontal viewing angle so this seems weird to me, but I'll get used to it. I didn't buy one a year ago. Don't be like me. I was doing it wrong.

Overall Review: This is the first day I've had it. It's amazing. I'm replacing (augmenting? whatever) an ASUS VH242H (one of the 24" 1080p ones) with a matte finish. This monitor is a little better quality than that one, which had some backlight bleed issues. I like the finish on this one better too, though it probably wouldn't work out well in brighter light. Asus is a solid brand of monitor, and you basically can't go wrong with a WQHD one for this cheap. I was reading through the reviews when picking and decided I'd much rather go with the brand I knew well than the korean one with no reviews that was $100 less. Especially because I hear that getting a defective unit replaced is a time consuming, expensive process. It weighs a ton. Be careful when assembling it. You have to screw the monitor to the base via a screw on the bottom, which means you have to somehow have it upside down. I recommend laying it on its face on top of the foam plastic thing it comes in. It has built in speakers, though you'll probably be more excited about the headphone passthrough. I don't plan on using them, but for the purpose of the review I turned them on. They're a bit tinny, but I think they sound about as good as the other pair of small speakers I have laying around that I play music through when not using headphones. I plan to follow this up in an indeterminite amount of time (anywhere between a month to a year) with another review with second thoughts and some performance reports after having had it for a while. So expect that sometime around ... early next year.

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Windows Drivers are Not Great8/29/2013 7:45:07 AM

Pros: - works as advertised (on linux) - compatible with large (2TB+) drives (with twiddling) - PCI-e x4, so bandwidth will not be an issue for HDDs (YMMV with fast SSDs) - external ports are independently controlled - card is tiny, will fit practically anywhere, comes with small form factor external metal bracket thingy

Cons: - Drivers are wonky on windows. (also unsigned, but who really cares though) see other thoughts - Issues with setup of 4TB drives - CD has drivers and manuals for like 40 other models. Kind of tacky - Autorun config on CD is broken, may derp if you try to use it - No built in RAID, despite having "RAID" in the manual

Overall Review: I ran tests on both Windows 7 Professional x64 and Ubuntu 12.04 x64 LTS, using a series of Seagate 4TB NAS drives that shipped as part of the same order. The drivers on windows seem to be the root of the problems that many others address in their reviews. Several of the issues presented therein are windows specific. The driver installation process for Win7 is basically the same as for Windows Vista (just follow the Vista instructions in the manual). Find the "unknown device" in the device manager after installing, search for the location to install the drivers from, pick CD drive, you know the drill. Once the drivers were installed, the volume manager (diskmgmt.msc) did not see the drives as being 4TB, only showing 2048GB. This was before applying a partition table to any of the drives, so it's not something "use GPT" is a magic bullet for. As others have noted, optical drives will not function if attached to this card on windows. I did not have issues booting, and the hardware buttons on the drive all worked, but the drive label was not showing in the list of drives, and I could find no entry for it in the device manager. I rebooted into Ubuntu, which automagically recognized the device without any driver fiddling on my part. Ubuntu was not only able to see and format the full capacity of the 4TB drives I was using, but also able to access the optical drive when plugged into this card. Furthermore, after formatting a drive in Ubuntu, Windows was able to see the entire volume 4TB volume. Not sure if that issue was caused by the card or its drivers, or just windows' volume manager being weird. Since it's a PCI-e x4 card and not a x1 like most of the other cheap offerings in this category, you should be able to saturate 4 fast hard disks at once, so it might be viable for reasonable performance software RAID if you're willing to sacrifice platform independence. If you're going to be raiding 4+ SSDs, you should probably buy something with dedicated RAID capabilities and a faster interface. I bought it for RAID because it was 3AM and I should pay more attention. This is a CONTROLLER card, not RAID card. As such, I ended up sending it back. My bad. I suspect other cards by this manufacturer may also have quirks similar to those of this card, so if you see this after buying a different card by this mfr, tentatively consider some of the solutions posted here. TL;DR Your mileage may vary, but it will be better on Linux. Optical drives are usable on linux (bot not on windows) through this card. If you're having issues seeing all of 2TB+ drives on windows, boot ubuntu and format it there and you should be fine. Don't buy it for RAID.

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Initial Review (purchased 4 drives)8/29/2013 7:16:04 AM

Pros: - big (like really big) - excellent GB/$ (22 as of posting) - don't get too hot (35C reported after 7 hour test in room temp. environment with no active cooling)

Cons: - One drive was bad. Not DOA, but lots of bad sectors (2500+). RMA replacement in progress. - packaging showed some evidence of rough handling BEFORE shipping

Overall Review: They arrived in a styrofoam block wrapped in bubble wrap. The anti static bags on each drive had some dents and disfigurations, one of them actually had a half inch puncture. This could not possibly have happened in the styrofoam enclosure during shipping, so I can only suspect rough handling at the factory or distribution center, which is a little alarming. I haven't done much with these drives other than plug them in and run the extensive self tests on them (which, by the way, takes around 7 hours to complete for these drives. kick it off before bed). Three of the drives were clean, including the one that came in the punctured bag. The fourth bailed out of the self test early, reporting 440 bad sectors. I ran it through the minimal test after this, and the number of bad sectors increased to over 2500. That one's going back. The windows volume manager did not like to recognize these drives as 4TB drives, seeing only the first 2048GB on each (before even writing a partition table to the drives). I'm not sure whether this was an issue with the drive firmware, the SATA card they were plugged into (which had other issues as well, so it was probably this) or the windows volume manager. Linux was able to see and apply a partition table to the entire drive. Furthermore, after rebooting into windows with the partition table written to the drive, windows was able to see (and presumably manipulate) the entire 4TB. I haven't done any benchmarking yet as I've only had them for 2 days. Expect a follow up review in a month or so with more detailed performance analysis and benchmarks.

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I got a dud1/19/2011 4:57:21 PM

Pros: Worked great. Had it in SLI with an evga 9800gtx+. Very capable card (despite being released in like 2008).

Cons: It idles at 64°C and when I play games it runs up to 100° and throttles back, murdering my framerate. Will try get a replacement because I do like the performance of the other card (and they're really cheap)

Overall Review: Its a great card. 5 for being good. I got a bad one with an overheating issue. -2 for that

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Fixed Fan Control Issue8/30/2010 12:17:37 PM

Pros: Same as previous fan control works.

Cons: fan control must be configured the bios, and defaults to none. front panel audio jack detection doesn't seem to work (but it can be disabled)

Overall Review: Speedfan can't control the fans independantly, but I can hardly blame the motherboard for that. The onboard fan control can

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Great Board, Lots of Stuff8/27/2010 1:59:46 PM

Pros: Has lots of ports (8 USB, 8 SATA) Integrated RAID 5 (not in use yet, but will be later) Sata 6gb/s + USB3.0 gives good futureproofing Recognized all my hardware without needing to mess with bios

Cons: Fan control seems to be off. All fans run at full speed, its a bit noisy. I can control them with speedfan, and if I quit speedfan, they remember the settings, but there seems to be no automatic fan adjustment. haven't updated bios yet, dont know if it will fix it

Overall Review: No eggs knocked yet, as fan issue may have solution. will re-review with a lower score if no solution is found. First computer build, everything went flawlessly. Except that it sounds like a vaccuum cleaner. Well, it stays cool at any rate... Its not a serious problem, I will have it fixed somehow or other.

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Quirky Installations but Looks Great8/27/2010 1:48:56 PM

Pros: Tool-less assembly. Lots of space Great stock cooling Looks awesome with the LEDs it really does look like optimus prime.

Cons: Doesn't come with instructions, and some of the tool-less stuff is hard to figure out. Wont deduct eggs though, because nothing broke even though we were ramming stuff in backwards and whatnot

Overall Review: Comes with drive mount brackets. examine the bays and figure out which way they go in before trying to install them. First computer build, went flawlessly.

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Cheap, High Quality, Nice Timings8/27/2010 1:40:10 PM

Pros: Stuck it in, and booted up. No problems whatsoever. Fast timings for a low price. Probably the best triple channel kit out there for several price ranges. Great deal. System recognized all of it on the first boot.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: first computer I've ever built, went flawlessly. No issues here.

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Stable and Reliable8/27/2010 1:34:04 PM

Pros: It runs the i7 system I built with no hitches or blips. Its quiet.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: First computer I ever built, process went flawlessly. Will probably add RAID and second GPU in forseeable future, but I did my homework and this PSU should be able to power it.

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Installed painlessly8/27/2010 1:30:40 PM

Pros: Had the system up and running in short order. No issues during win7 x64 installation or use. Good benchmark results.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: First computer I built, went very smoothly. Will update this review in the future, after I see its performance in games and more intensive benchmarks

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Amazing Out-of-Box Performance8/27/2010 1:26:37 PM

Pros: its FAST. it stays cool. Haven't done anything serious to it yet, but it idles at around 30C. win7 x64 boots quickly with this monster lifting it. did I mention its FAST

Cons: the stock cooler is kinda cheap, but it works

Overall Review: First time I have built a computer. Didn't have any hitches installing the processor. Had win7 installed in like 1/2 hour.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Very Useful Purchase/Freebie6/29/2010 12:30:36 PM

Pros: Works perfectly. Seems sturdy, doesn't look susceptible to heat or breaking. flexible and convenient.

Cons: Im honestly trying, but I can't find anything wrong with it

Overall Review: I have it attached to my APR. it currently holds wireless mouse, keyboard, and ipod charger. I have needed something like this, I got it for free with item 29-118-109 (Montego DDL 7.1 soundcard)

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Good egg6/29/2010 12:24:50 PM

Pros: Its 1GB old DDR RAM for $40. Worked OOB. No trouble with XP x64 after installation. No trouble with any other weird hardware conflicts or anything.

Cons: -

Overall Review: Wasn't sure it would work, the mobo on the computer we got this for only officially supports 1GB RAM total (2 slots) and it already had a 512MB stick in it. We were half expecting it to fail with this new stick, but it works fine.

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Seems to be a good egg6/29/2010 12:20:27 PM

Pros: It worked right out of the box, no difficult configuration, no stupid trial software, no nonsense - just instant functionality. Quiet.

Cons: WMP doesn't recognize it. (probably windows media player's fault so this doesn't count, besides I use VLC anyway)

Overall Review: nice cheap IDE/PATA DVD reader.

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