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Great for the price8/2/2014 7:58:00 AM

Pros: I have had my Clip for many years now and it has been used nearly every day for my fitness regiment and for just enjoyment while on my submarine. It has been rained on, sweat all over, dropped, kicked, stepped on and put into many other damaging situations. So far the clip has broken off the back and I've had to solder my audio jack four times, but considering what I've done to it, that's nothing. Still in perfect operational order as of right now.

Cons: Doesn't read my 32gb micro SD card for some reason.

Overall Review: I've broken three Ipod's that I've received as gifts through the years and always gone back to my old Clip for durability reasons. If you don't know how to solder then the audio jack issue might be a deal breaker for longevity, but for me it's just business as usual.

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Good Deal2/4/2008 1:10:28 PM

Pros: Great picture and 1080p works for all my media needs. Currently using it to run my PS3, Xbox360, and gaming rig. Didnt receive and dead pixels or noise concerns.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Best $350 i have ever spent. ever

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Excellent Product2/7/2007 2:49:59 PM

Pros: Very good video card for this kind of a price. I can play FEAR and AA maxed out. Very good card.

Cons: Didnt come with proper driver, but all you have to do is go to the ATI website to get one.

Overall Review: Havnt overclocked it yet, so might have its downfall there.

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