Nice Monitor, especially for the price8/18/2011 6:03:09 PM

Pros: *Good colors, particularly if you customize them *Bright-- good range of contrast as well *Nice Looking physical design (very thin and light) *Stand is perfectly fine *Very nice, clear image at full native res at 1080 *BIG, Beautiful, Sexy

Cons: *Requires a lot of extra configuration across all areas--color, contrast, brightness, input, input mode, all need to be adjusted to get the image to look good. IF you have problems with the image not scaling right at the native resolution on HDMI, put it to PC for that input and try scaling it via your graphics card. I overscanned the image and it fits perfectly now, and everything turned crisp and clear once it hit true 1080 size. You may not have this problem, or you may just have to switch it from AV mode to PC mode to get it to fill the screen properly and turn sharp. If that doesnt work though, just have your graphics card scale the image before it hits the monitor with overscan, and your good to go.

Overall Review: Got this as the first item on a long list of parts for a new rig, currently running off my laptop in 1080p--look absolutely gorgeous. Im used to having a very high end graphics quality Viewsonic CRT before this, and I found it extremely difficult to find an LCD that bested that ones image quality. This one I think finally surpasses the old monitor by a good margin. Excellent sharpness,color and brightness for such a large monitor. BE AWARE however, this monitor may require a bit of setting up to get it to its potential. As some have said, the HDMI ports have two settings: PC and AV. AV is for TVs and such, PC obviously for your comp. AV mode is much less crisp, blurrier, makes comp image look very poor. ALSO, the AV mode and PC mode at 1080p may fill the screen at different levels, IE, on my system, AV mode left a 1/2 inch border, PC mode left about 3 INCHES, wasnt good. Fixed it with overscan setting from my graphics card. Your experiences may vary, but just

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