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Good item for the price...12/1/2015 3:41:55 PM

Pros: Does what it was designed to do...hold cables...good build not hard to figure out how to install. Would buy again.

Cons: none that I can see....

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not bad...11/14/2015 7:04:30 PM

Pros: good construction....comes with enough hardware to mount 3-units (square mounts) unlike some racks I have bought...would buy again...

Cons: none

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Just so-so...6/25/2014 10:41:15 AM

Pros: Nice design, good color...hard to find a true yellow color in fans...air flow rating is about right as rated by Manufacturer (listed as 33 cfm)...not too noise...I have seen better and worse...just middle of the road.

Cons: Air flow is not very high..OK for exhaust...may not be enough for intake....listed max air pressure of 2.63 is out right Bull...this fan could never be used on a rad or CPU cooler...I have 80mm fans that have more air pressure than this thing...

Overall Review: If you have a windowed case and need a colored exhaust fan then this fan is OK...for cooling a rad or heat sink...look else where...think this is just too high a price given it's performance...

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OK...6/25/2014 10:27:05 AM

Pros: good price...all black color....and think stats are close to accurate...

Cons: seems to take more power to get them spinning than rated by maker...

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Great card1/15/2014 6:20:38 PM

Pros: Great price...very quite card with lots of issues to install.... Windows Experience Index rated this card a 7.9 in my rig....not bad!!!!

Cons: None as of yet....

Overall Review: This is my 2nd Zotac card...dont think you can go wrong with these. In Unigine Sanctuary v2.3 this card rated: FPS: 214.5 Score: 9096 Min FPS: 132.3 Max FPS: 280.6 Direct3d11; 1280x1024 with 4x anisotropy In Unigine Valley 1.0 this card rated: FPS: 68.2 Score: 2852 Min FPS:20.9 Max FPS: 127.6 Direct 3d11; 1280x1024; 2xAA my system: MSI Z87-G41 motherboard i5-4430 3.0 Ghz 4 GB Ram 60 GB OCZ SSD Win 7 Home, 32 bit

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Great card...but1/10/2014 9:56:14 PM

Pros: This is monster of a has not problems running any of my applications...lots of power. I bench marked this card with Unigine Heaven, Sanctuary and Tropics to see what it could do. In Heaven Benchmark 4.0 it rated FPS: 81.8 with a score of 2062 and had a Min FPS: 33 and a Max FPS: 179.8. In Sanctuary it rated FPS: 265.4 with a score of 11252 and had a Min FPS: 164.9 and Max FPS: 343.5. In Tropics it rated a FPS: 189.9 with a score of 4784 and had a Min FPS: 74.5 and Max FPS: Windows Experience it rates a's a powerhouse of a card!

Cons: There are only two issues with this card: 1. Fan noise...yes as others have reported under heavy loads the fan ramps up...its not what I would consider super loud...but at low speaker levels you will notice it...if you wear head phones I don't think you will notice it...I plan on using a water block so it's not a issue with me. 2. Coil Whine...many individual report that the GTX 7 and 8 series of GPU have coil whine issues...under normal loads (email, streaming, etc) this card is quite...but under heavy loads such as benchmarking there is a coil whine. Unigine Heaven and Valley produced no Tropics I could hear a faint whine that under low speaker levels could be Sanctuary there was a very clear whine from the card. And, under Windows Experience Index during the card produced a very loud whine something like a stuck pig!!! I found that if you kept the FPS to under 200 the card would make little or no whine.....but I see other have found that even at 60 FPS some card make a loud whine....paying almost $300 for a card seems a bit much to have a card make a noise so loud that you can hear it over most of the other equipment in your why are the manufactures not saying anything about this????

Overall Review: Great card but...with the coil whine.....I was going to get another card for SLI but I need to rethink this if most of the cards being made also suffer from this issue..

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No bad...1/4/2014 6:00:04 PM

Pros: Not a bad sounding speaker given the price....good looks also....

Cons: 1. my biggest issue with these is that the cable length is short...very extensions if you want to place the speakers or sub woofer apart from one another.. 2. Coby USA the manufacture of these items closed its doors as of June 2013 so there is NO warranty for their products...get the Newegg replacement plan or take your chances...i

Overall Review: The company selling these items appears to have gotten them from a major retail store and reselling them at a slight mark FYI

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OK...but!11/16/2013 2:03:09 PM

Pros: good price, nice features

Cons: 1. Setup guide and M/B manual is extremely thin on any real discussions on features or setup of the board. 2. This board does not play well with Win XP...appears drivers are for Win 7 or 8 and AsRock website offers no Win XP if you still in XP you may want to pass this board by...

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. For the manual, please visit the link at " " for more detail. For the Windows XP, unfortunately, due to Intel 4th generation chipset limitation, Windows XP is not supported. For Intel 4th generation with Windows XP support, please contact us at We can assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
Good product11/10/2013 12:08:21 PM

Pros: Have had 2 of these in operation for over a year now with no problems (used with Addonics Port Multipliers for external RAIDs)....used in Win XP and 7 Home with no issues....have used on MSI, ECIS, and AS Rock motherboards also with no problems...good solid product.

Cons: None...

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Great product11/9/2013 12:05:43 PM

Pros: very quite...great price....keep my XFX 9800 GT nice and cool with very little fan noise....

Cons: none.....

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Good case, but with faults11/7/2013 10:25:13 AM

Pros: Good air flow, large window side panel, two 3.5 hat swap bays, room to add water cooling unit. Great case but it does have some serious faults that you need to keep in mind! My comments on the case are as long as your aware of them it is a GREAT case but Corsair should have fixed these minor issues!

Cons: 1. Cheap thin doors…no kidding. I purchased cheap cases before but never seen case side panels so thin…be very careful of the windowed side panel or you’ll bend it! 2. 3.5” hot swap SATA cable way, way too long…should have been 6-8 inches shorter…given their length cable management is not something you can really do in this case. Also the SATA power male plugs are just designed wrong…both broke when they were plugged in…what’s up Corsair why cant you follow the accepted design standards? 3. No fan filters for the PSU…I should not have to purchase an aftermarket filter give the cases price range…again Corsair what’s up? 4. Un-necessary air holes in back of case: the air holes above the PUS serves no purpose but allows unfiltered air to enter the case…again it would have been ok if Corsair had provided a air filter…but no that would have been too easy of a fix…I don’t get it! 5. Un-necessary holes below 3.5 dives: these serve no real function and just allow air and dust to enter from the bottom of the case. Again a air filter would have been nice…I wanted to cover this area with Alum but found that Corsair in their design prevented me from attaching a plate under the case…seems there are 8 downward facing tabs that have to be cut in order to close these holes…again Corsair what were you thinking? 6. Sideways mounted optical drive bays: I am not a fan of these but knew what to expect. However, seems Corsair did not plan on letting the consumer install fan controllers in the case. Yes you have to remove the tool-less hardware to use screws (bottom Of case) but there is only 1 screw hole at the top of the case and there are no holes in the top of the case to allow you access…how hard would it have been to have provided a hole of two in the top of the case? If you got really skinny fingers you can get a thumbscrew in...but only in the outer (door side) drive day and just barely…just an FYI. 7. If you use anything but a Corsair fan at the back of the case you will not be able to use the upper (top) window side panel thumbscrew. Seems Corsair fan don’t have the standard square frame that most manufactures use….a square frame will block that thumbscrew hole…what Corsair could not have moved the hole or enlarged the case by 5mm…again how dumb! 8. You not given any top M/B side case fan…I am ok with that…but would have liked fan mount covers to close these open fan holes if you not going to use them…most other case manufacture provide them…their cheap plastic so I cant’ think they would be that prohibitive…lucky I had some from my Landcool case ( a cheaper case than this)…again Corsair…what gives?

Overall Review: Packing…case was delivered with about a 10 inch hole in the side of it…I don’t fault Corsair but put the blame on Newegg...why must you send a computer case through UPS this way…the manufacture designed the package to survive transport on a pallet from the ship to the retailer not the UPS…shame, shame, shame on you for being so cheap and sloppy!

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What a sweet case!8/22/2012 9:14:15 AM

Pros: Easy to remove front hand can do no hard yanking or tugging. Easy to remove front Optical Drive covers...simple press on each side and out they come...sweet! USB 3 to USB 2 converter...also nice. removable HD cages...typical on much higher end and cost cases...also drives can be mounted facing rear of M/B...also sweet! Rubber washers on side panel thumbscews to protect paint...nice touch! Thumbscrews instead of typical screws to hold PCI cards...a very nice touch! Large cable mounting holes above M/B...more quality features! 2 140mm or 2 120mm fan mounts on left case panel...with blocking panel for when not in use...allows single 120 or 140mm fan that can be mounted in the upper or middle or lower portion of the grill...another quality feature! Wire management rail that runs from the optical drive to HD cages...can hold most of IO...also sweet!

Cons: M/B cut out could be a bit larger...but I had no trouble mounting a Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO. Clips in the wire mounting rail should be up beefed up to hold move of a load. Would have been nice to see a 120mm blow hole on the top of the case... These are not deal breakers in my mine just minor issues.

Overall Review: Cant figure out why Lian Li does not promote this case and why there is only 1 review on the web (3dgameman)...this is a real sweet has features that you would pay much more for in other cases with less quality...I have owned several cases including a Lian Li PC-K60, several German cases made in China and have been building my own custom cases as of believe me when I say that THIS IS a GOOD case give the features and build fact I will be buying 2 more to house my backup MB's....

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Nice case5/25/2011 10:25:17 PM

Pros: As others here have said the case has a lot of room inside, comes with 3 fans (2 –120’s and 1 – 170), painted interior, M/B cutout, rubber feet, bottom mounted PS with dust filter, water cooling capabilities, good cable management and all for a price that other company’s would have charged much, much more!

Cons: Yes like other the fan controller quality is lacking and is prone to failure or overheating and like others have said the drive cage design is lacking…having to pull it out of the front to get at the drives is dumb…and like other have said you have to purchase your own screws in order secure your drives (so it have cost Xigmatek another $1.00 to do so…what gives?). Also why is no reboot switch provided? Has no one Xigmatek ever gotten their computer locked up under windows OS…come on! Another minor point is that Xigmatek claims hat 140mm fans can be mounted on under the front bezel…that’s not so only 120mm…and of all things they did not provide mounting holes on the first drive bay forcing you to mount any fans lower on the case…it would have been nice to mount a fan pointed at the CPU…these are minor items…in all the case is one of the best even with these minor flaws…

Overall Review: I see Xigmatek is coming out with its new Elysium case soon and it’s reported to be one of the best water-cooling cases with 12 optical drive bays for under $200. Don’t have that much cash but want a rad case? Here’s what I did…buy 2 of Utgards ($120)…1 window and 1 mesh…on the window case discard the left side panel…on the mesh case do the same but replace it with the mesh side panel from the right side…yes you can do that with these cases! Now buy a piece of acrylic and cut out the center…then mount the 2 cases together…purchase a set (4) small wheels from you local hardware store and install on the bottom…on the modified mesh case drill out the 5 or 6 pop-rivets holding that cases MB in (you don’t need 2 MB’s do you?). And in that space you can add more optical drives or just cove the hole with acrylic…now you have a case with 18 optical drive bays…2 bottom mounted PS locations and now have 14 120mm fan locations or 2 170mm fans and 10 120 mm fan locations or…you get the idea…and

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