Perfect balance of economy vs. features1/20/2014 11:37:16 AM

Pros: This is a name-brand budget tablet with great features. I bought it for sub $130, so I wasn't expecting the world but got more than I bargained for. Android OS, Jelly Bean 4.2.2 upgradeable. For CPU it uses an Intel Atom 2.0 GHz dual-core Z2580 which stays very cool and more than adequate for ordinary needs. The 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB flash memory and an external micro SD slot rounds out a pretty nifty package. No complaints at all about the 1280 x 800 8" display. GPS with the free MapFactor app will get you to your destination. WiFi works great even with weak signals. Has Bluetooth. Responsive. Doesn't choke on multimedia. Load data to the tablet with a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable, and plug in multiple peripheral devices using a powered hub. When in Sleep mode, uses almost no power.

Cons: Battery life over-estimated. Depends on your brightness setting, Wifi radio and GPS usage, number of active apps. I don't expect 7-8 hours of mixed usage on a full charge. Brightness level too high even on minimum for dark room reading (there are apps to cure this problem). 5/2 camera: not the tablet's best feature. I've shot some good, fairly sharp pics, just not reliably. If you have naturally oily fingers like I have, the tablet lets you know right away.

Overall Review: The OTG cable was my first accessory purchase. The tablet "mounts" a USB flash drive through it; be sure to "unmount" it when finished: Settings/storage. Same as with an external flash card. I bought a 32 GB Class 10 ultra high speed card to facilitate processing. Charging on AC: expect 20% per hour. Offcharge: When I forgot to turn off GPS, and in Sleep, battery depleted 75% in 14 hours; lost only 2% in 21 hours with WiFi and GPS off. Bought Evecase screen protector for Venue 8. Easy to apply and you get 2 each of gloss and matte. This is the perfect all-round device to lug around with me, best size for reading eBooks, for light internet browsing, map & nav, multimedia player, huge document storage and viewing capability...etc. "XDA member has found a root method for the Venue 8 4.2.2."

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The Fortron Bunny11/9/2011 1:26:43 PM

Pros: Has seen almost daily service for almost 4.3 years, shutting down at the end of the day. It your basic reliable power source, highly recommended. Quiet. Oh, yeah, the warranty: 3yrs.

Cons: As one reviewer commented I recall that the wire bundles were a little crossed, limiting somewhat the separation of each cable. Lots of molex, few sata connectors. There might be others in the price range with active pfc, rebates.

Overall Review: Computer is quiet but not silent,adding Themaltake 80mm case fans to be as quiet as possible with good air flow. I've changed out mobos, ram, cpu, hdds, but have kept the psu. Just purchased an Athlon II X4 Propus and to my surprise, using the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator, this one still provides plenty of watts. I'll be using its mate which was purchased at the same time, but has very little use. Got to take capacitor aging into account.

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Loved it while it lasted10/20/2011 11:11:13 PM

Pros: Good resolution. Saturated colors. Adjustable field of view. Hefty, solid build. Weatherproof. Affordable. Night vision pretty sharp with a little auxiliary lighting. Today's price is cheaper than when I bought it.

Cons: I got exactly the wide angle I wanted, but it took awhile to adjust. Lasted 18 months (I was hoping for a little longer life). Doesn't come with a power supply. Limited mounting options.

Overall Review: It had a much better image than the $200 cam I have pointing the opposite direction. I don't think you can go wrong if you set this one up. It was the equal to another camera costing twice as much. But they are still alive and this one is dead. Yet, it did the job and exceeded my expectations for an inexpensive camera...while it lasted. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 3 because of how much I was delighted by it.

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Only ok*1/29/2010 10:31:16 AM

Pros: Compact. Has a nice big copper core. Many thin heatsink fins. The fan spins fast. Keeps proc cool by design*.

Cons: The fan is Loud and annoying! Not a huge loudness, but more of a whiny next-door through-the-walls router noise. Maybe even that is an exaggeration. "Where's that sound coming from...?"

Overall Review: I put this cooler on a friend's comp I upgraded several years ago -- and I was instantly sorry I did. *If the sound of a vacuum cleaner spins your world this one's for YOU! Luckily, it was hidden under her desk and she didn't seem to mind. Fast forward several years. She buys a new computer and I get this free. Good hard drives and RAM. The space beneath the fan, on top of the fins, is caked solid with dust. Moral: this one will require diligent maintenance to keep it cooling efficiently.

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Retracting previous 5-star review9/6/2008 9:34:07 AM

Pros: Still writes to DVD-RAM. Reads all my discs brilliantly. Still quiet and hasn't gained an inch in length.

Cons: I liked this model so well I bought another one in July. My computer would never boot to desktop with the new one installed. The only thing I knew about the new one was that the tray would open and close. Put the old one back in: perfect...until just recently (late August), that is.

Overall Review: What a difference a few months makes. Writing to the same batch of Sony CD-Rs (burned over 30 and a few Fuji (Taiyo Yuden) discs successfully), burns stopped completing, numerous errors. Also, haven't burned to DVD since, having lost my enthusiasm for this model. Will return. Customer service is the name of the game, and Newegg is the preeminent leader. This is my seventh year buying from Newegg and they've only gotten better!

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Best one yet!5/22/2008 6:25:51 PM

Pros: Excellent price. Quiet. Short, so fits nicely in a mid-sized case. Burns flawlessly. DVD-RAM and InCD 5 function well beyond my expectations.

Cons: When the tray gets pushed in, it doesn't close quite as easily as I would have liked. I normally use the button or "load" in the right click menu in "my computer" to close the tray.

Overall Review: Best burner I've gotten in the last 6 years. I've had a number of brands over the years. This one stands out -- but doesn't stick out. Like the earplugs-tightly-seated, full-power-spin-up, rattle-in-your-boots, lift-off-to-Mars, burn sequence favored by some "Heavy-Off" models. I've always wondered what the heck I could use DVD-RAM for -- and now I know. The disk just sits in the tray boot after boot, and I back up important downloads or documents anytime I like. This happened accidentally at first, but now its a permanent function. A word about Nero 7 Essentials (apparently not everybody receives it): Use good parental techniques. Install just the programs you want to use, then just say NO, NO, NO! It's demanding like a spoiled kid, but make it behave. I installed Express, Tools, CoverDesigner, and InCD5. LightScribe installed by default. What a well-behaved Little Gentleman!

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Take a break3/9/2008 5:56:41 PM

Pros: Cheap price and 2GB. Sound quality while not superb is above average (you won't know this with the supplied earbuds). Very easy to use Explorer to add and delete folders & songs. Exporting a playlist of songs from MusicMatch to a folder is totally effortless. Uses 1 AAA battery. Okay equalizer and repeat functions. Easy to toggle songs. 1-yr. warranty. "Yes all of our MP3 Players will play Audio Books."

Cons: #1. USB 2.0 FULL-SPEED device -- not Hi-speed! (Check out mfg. product page) The manual states the speed erroneously in 2 places. You'll get 1.5 MB/s max (12mbps) upload to the player. Not bad really - just take a break. #2. Folders - you can easily make them using Explorer, but accessing them in the player is tricky (and ultimately insane). Must be an easier way than mine (see below). #3. Wobbly "Mode" switch on the toggle. #4. The manual is rotten. Not one word about folders!

Overall Review: So far, I LIKE this player a lot, contrary to the impression given in the cons section. To navigate your folders: Press and hold "mode" button (toggle) to access menu. Toggle to "Setting", quick push (QP) to submenu, toggle to "Repeat Mode" and QP. Toggle to "Dir normal", then QP to confirm. Then press "play" button 2X back to main screen. What this does is to allow you to FF or REW to 001/0xx song in the current folder. Press and hold "mode" button (toggle) to access menu again. Toggle to "Folder" and QP. You are now in the song listing for the current folder at the 001 song. Toggle back one click to the "up arrow" line and QP. You are now in the folder directory. Choose a folder & QP to that folder's song listing. Pick a song and QP. Then QP to confirm the song ("play now") as well as the New Folder. Press "play" button 2X to main screen. Pretty Stupid!

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Solid and reliable10/3/2006 11:31:11 AM

Pros: The picture quality of my graphic series crt is undiminished when hooked up to this unit. The image is rock steady on the computer with a Matrox video card. I'm suggesting that the quality of the card determines the quality of the output -- not the switch. This switch is a wonderful performer, switching almost instantly to keyboard input and the button on the unit is useful. 4 sets of cables are included in the kit. I like the deep blue color and the contrasting red lights. The quality of the unit along with a rebate offer at the time of the purchase makes this an outstanding buy.

Cons: I guess you have to mention the mess of cables.

Overall Review: Finding a suitable KVM switch has been without question one of my harder tasks (without having the need to keep buying and returning). Thankfully, I wasn't in a real hurry. I pored over these Newegg reviews for months until recently, one small comment just seemed to make sense to me. Newegg is a real gem of an operation for providing this type of tool. I've used it for years and my computing life has been made all the easier and less expensive for it. Thanks, Newegg!

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Fast and reliable10/3/2006 10:28:56 AM

Pros: Reads and writes very fast on all Windows systems (that I use) including ancient ones with sub 500mhz processors. On NT computers it simply blazes (I'm comparing this to a product I own that has sand in its disks). The unit is slim and fits easily into tight spaces. The Win98SE driver is remarkable: there is no need to safely remove the unit nor eject it. Just pull it out (on Win98SE systems only).

Cons: Cap fastens securely to the tail-end of the drive, but is clear and transparent, and can easily be lost. I doubt the lanyard ring is aluminum. Looks like plastic to me.

Overall Review: Memorex's reputation for media products is pretty low (that's my take from reading Newegg reviews of some of their products). However, I have older smartmedia cards that performed exceptionally, and this product is a clear winner in my book. Every time I use it I'm glad I bought it.

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Blue Wonder!9/12/2006 10:16:36 AM

Pros: Superb sound quality. The equalizer can be customized to fit any environment you listen in. In 2 mos. of use I've used very few batteries, even with heavy bass. Tiny. Comes packaged with a great kit, including armband. In the silicone rubber case it holds up really well in outdoor use, including many yanks to my sony rubberized earbud cord. Filling the player with mp3s is simple and fast in Windows Explorer at USB 2.0 speed. One fabulous feature is ripping mp3s on the fly from a portable cd player. No problems at all with WinXP or 2000, and the driver for Win98SE worked fine (although I must admit my very reliable DVD-Rom drive decided to head south during this operation. Coincidence?)

Cons: Plays songs alphabetically (can order them using Zen Nano Media Explorer). Scroll wheel sometimes sticky, but always works. I give the FM radio and voice recorder merely a pass. I grew to like Creative's Mediasource Organizer except I couldn't rename folders.

Overall Review: A 2-gig unit would have fulfilled all my needs. Hope they end up making one. All in all, this turned out to be a great investment. A knockout mp3 player, a useful flash drive, and the small size is just unbelievable. If only we could get this much bang for the buck from our government...!

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US Blasterpiece!8/17/2006 1:52:46 PM

Pros: Stunning appearance, flawless functionality, and the Win98 drivers really work. It's a steal. Thanks, Newegg!

Cons: >Power supply and cables are black. A light color probably would make the desktop look less cluttered. >The endcap screw attachment holes should have been made fractionally larger so less people would complain. I had no trouble. >Smudges easily. A micro-fiber cloth works wonders without scratching...if you care.

Overall Review: I found everything to fit perfectly and easily. The parts were made to close tolerances. Think about it...the case is supposed to get warm! That's how a heatsink works. A really hot hard drive deserves a different type of enclosure. Bending the power and ide wires to fit inside the case is a normal procedure. Vantec merits high praise for this kind of quality. Newegg is matchless! I know I'm raving, but if you knew how much time I spent trying to get the Bye-Bye-tecc usb2.0 to ide adapter to work with my Win98SE boxes (no problems with Win2000, however), then just install this driver in an eyeblink, then load 80gb worth of data in 3 eyeblinks -- well, you'd be raving too.

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