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Great product, easy install, EXTREMELY BRIGHT!!1/17/2019 12:55:51 AM

Pros: -Well worth the price. -Very easy to Install. -Looks amazing. -Includes 3 short 3-pin cables (1 for each port on the HUB) and 1 much longer cable to allow for installation of strips further away from HUB. -Magnets on LED strips are strong (also includes 3M double sided tape for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces.) -Magnets on controller hub even stronger allowing it to be easily placed on any magnetic surface (also includes 3M Velcro tape if installing on non-magnetic surface. -Hub turns a single Addressable RGB header into 3 allowing you to connect many addressable components to it. -Hub is SATA powered and can be controlled via motherboard header (3-pin Addressable header) or with included controller if your motherboard doesn't have an addressable RGB header. -Hub supports up to 7 different addressable components if using included controller -OR- 9 components if using motherboard header (3 output ports total; max of 4 components daisy chained to a single port.) -Compatible with ASUS Aura sync. (and MSI mystic light sync for rainbow only i believe, but i have no personal experience with MSI) -Extremely bright (if you like that), Almost blinding if you look directly at them.

Cons: -Biggest and only complaint for me is they are just TOO BRIGHT, they outshine all other RGB components, and i am unable to control the brightness with ASUS aura sync and have not been able to find another way to do it. ***see more about this in other comments. -Possible Issue for customers using non-Phanteks brand RGB components: Phanteks uses a proprietary connector (Phanteks brand only) for their RGB components, therefore, daisy chaining non Phanteks branded components with standard addressable RGB connectors will probably not work without a special adapter or some DIY-ing.

Overall Review: -As far as brightness issue goes: i have not been able to find a way to dim the brightness with ASUS Aura sync. -Other thoughts/possibilities regarding this issue that i have not tried but will probably try soon (because the strips are just too bright for my taste and they overpower all my other RGB components) : 1. may daisy chain to one output port and unplug SATA power from hub and see if it gets dimmer (if it still works without SATA power to hub) 2. May ditch the HUB and daisy chain directly to my ADD_RGB header and see if brightness is lower. 3. Will do further research into ways (if any) to adjust brightness of only the components connected to ADD_RGB header. (I am open to any suggestions from anyone who has an idea) 4.Will research DIY electrical solutions if any possible and safe ones exist (such as possibly adding a resistor to force a lower brightness) (again open to any suggestions) 5.If all else fails i will purchase some opaque tape or smoked black/grey clear tape to tape over the LED side of the strips thus reducing the visible brightness. And yes i would definitely recommend this product to anyone using Phanteks RGB components such as HALO and HALO LUX fan frames or additional Phanteks brand Addressable/Digital RGB LED strips (Especially if they feel that brighter is better as these strips are crazy bright) Wish i could give 4 and a half eggs as i hate to deduct a full egg for being too bright, and honestly i think i might just give it 5 eggs and this lengthy in depth review that i hope potential buyers will read. (and even more so hope someone with some advice for me will read as i will check back the in the reviews for any suggestions, thanks in advance if anyone comes up with a workable solution for me) Last thought, addressing the review above or below mine by Joseph H : the connector only has 3 pin holes because it is an Addressable RGB component, or as Phanteks would call it a "Digital RGB component." It is meant to be connected to a 3-pin Addressable RGB header on the motherboard with this pin-out (+5V,Data,N/A,GND) as opposed to traditional 4-pin RGB components that are pinned (12v,G,R,B). if you are somehow using the 4-pin connector with this product than you probably aren't able to take advantage of the full capabilities.

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like em11/13/2018 2:30:07 PM

Pros: Good ram. XMP2 works fine. Set to 3200mhz. Aura sync makes me look good

Cons: Tight fit if you have large air cooler like the cooler master ma620p. Had to move the fan on the ram side up slightly to fit them all in on the ASUS strix z390-e, and one of them is basically touching the heatsink. Still fit and work fine tho so it’s all good.

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Purchased to clean install windows ten9/7/2015 11:39:44 AM

Pros: bought this drive to increase speed when booting windows and running programs and it did just that. First I upgraded my hdd to windows 10 using the free upgrade option from my oem pre installed windows 7 Than downloaded the windows 10 media creation tool from Microsoft and burned the proper ISO. Removed the hdd and replaced with new Evo ssd. Booted from the windows 10 cd I made and it installed like a charm requiring no license keys because the upgrade license links to your motherboard and cpu. After the fresh install of windows 10 on the ssd, it takes longer to get through my 5 second posted delay than it does to start windows. Turning on the computer for the first time literally takes about 7 seconds minus the 5 second delay I put on myself. Great drive so far

Cons: doesnt come new Sata cable.

Overall Review: Price was very reasonable. Shipping was extremely fast. Buy a Sata cable if you know you'll need another one.

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