Delivered quick ... quiet10/13/2019 11:51:22 AM

Pros: lots of gigabit ports quiet

Cons: status lights are not on the connectors, but since there is a panel on the front showing status of all ports, that's not a big deal

Overall Review: I'd buy again

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Very comfortable ...10/13/2019 11:31:18 AM

Pros: Wear it during the entirity of a 5 hour flight Incredible battery life pretty good active noise cancelling

Overall Review: if these broke or got lost, I'd buy another one immediately

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Upgraded my Asus Zenbook10/13/2019 11:29:27 AM

Pros: Doubled my storage Fast Used Acronis to clone my boot disk onto this disk and fired right up

Cons: Not a "con" on the disk, but when putting this type of disk in, you need a heat sink, so order several sizes because you don't know which physical size you need.

Overall Review: I'd recommend it to anyone

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Great machine ...4/20/2019 8:50:39 AM

Pros: - small - light weight - fast - I can game with it ... World of Tanks ... 70 FPS on low resolution with 10 ms ping times - RUGGED!!!! My friend in a wheelchair snagged my power line and jerked the unit off the dining room table and onto the floor ... about 34 inches ... no dings ... no cracked screen ... didn't even re-boot. Now THAT is what MIL-STD-810G gets you I guess ;-)

Cons: - the track pad sucks ... I just gave up and carry a mouse with me in my bag. - it uses the NVMe disk drive form factor, so not "cut and dried" to install larger disk (if your used to SATA architectures) ... but I'll be installing a 1TB shortly.

Overall Review: - would recommend

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lasted 3 months ...12/15/2018 10:20:24 AM

Pros: cute

Cons: wifi cuts out routinely IoT support lacking

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your feedback on this model. We're sorry to hear about he connection issue you're having and please allow us to make your experience with at ASUS a better one. We would recommend that you follow the steps in FAQ below: It seems as if something is interfering with the WiFi signal. We would recommend that you that you follow the steps below: For further assistance please feel free to reach out to us by email: Please use a link to this review as reference. I do look forward to your response. Have an extraordinary day. Thank you for choosing ASUS. Best Regards, Joan ASUS Customer Loyalty US Support
Switch works great ... but ...12/2/2018 6:59:42 AM

Pros: easy setup ... small ... light weight .. no fan to die

Cons: - power supply died within 2 weeks (luckily, I save power supplies and I found a spare laying about ... you need 12V @ 1A and had one from another piece of equipment) - wish it came with flanges for mounting it under a shelf ... even HOLES thru the box would do the job

Overall Review: The power supply dying was probably an anomaly, but be warned.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
No better VOIP around2/9/2018 4:53:12 PM

Pros: Naturally, from the EGG, super quick delivery ... good price too. More than that, Obihai has great technical support via their forums ... my ?? were answer in hours. Wanted to set up my Google Voice phone number to ring BOTH my land line and my cell ... forums helped and got it done in hours.

Cons: Only issue is that you can configure your OBI unit via it's IP address or via the OBI web site. Don't use the IP log in as those settings always get over-written by the web site.

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Works, but barely ...7/2/2017 6:58:32 AM

Pros: small does charge

Cons: RF output is too low to overcome the noise from a crowded spectrum of the big city ... probably only works well in rural areas. Bluetooth modulation so low that you need to turn the radio up about 3x what you normally use

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easy to setup ... good instructions ... good web site ... POOR SUPPORT ... POOR TICKET REVIEW12/4/2016 5:45:33 AM

Pros: It was easy to setup and the instructions were clear. I like the POE option that is included in the package, and found lots of good material on their web site, and of course shipped fast from 'the EGG'

Cons: I was using it in CLIENT mode, which is how you would convert WiFi into wired ... I have a bit coin miner that only supports RJ45. So I wrote a ticket explaining that it seems to be working, but I cannot get my computer to be able to log into the unit. The answer back was totally worthless, saying "It seems your configuration is failed. Please try to reset this TL-WA701ND, and reconfigure it again". REALLY ... what did Einstein say ... Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Then, in the email, they don't say how to respond ... respond in the email?? ... go to the web site and respond 'in the ticket' ?? So I figure "go check out the ticket and see if I respond there ... that's how most do it". So I go to the web site (I use Chrome) and log back in and when I click on my ticket, it takes me right back to the log in screen ... so their web site is either broken or incompetent. So I have now drawn up a diagram showing how my whole network is wired (with IP addresses) and submitted it. But on my own I figured out that the bit coin miner IS working and connected (by monitoring the units work output that it shows on the miner site), but I cannot log into it from my computer. I emailed that information via a REPLY option as I ASSUME that is how they want a response.

Overall Review: I'd recommend the product (5 eggs) but know that for 'cutting edge' applications, you may be on your own. Their web site and documentation are great, but don't open a ticket ... the support isn't there (minus 1 egg), so I give it 4 eggs.

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Poor Support11/28/2014 12:08:54 PM

Pros: USB 3.0 Twin gigabit Enet that let's you double the effective transfer speeds

Cons: Mine will not let you see all the shares ... the main one is locked out. Bought extended warranty to help fix, and they cannot ... say that they cannot duplicate, and will only put an engineer on it Mon-Fri, but I'm not available Mon-Fri, so I spend $150 for someone to day "huh ... sucks to be you". The software is very confusing ... I had an Infrant and loved it ... NetGear bought Infrant and the "easy software people" obviously got fired.

Overall Review: Looking for a replacement so I can pull all the data off, reset EVERYTHING, and dump it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hey tpg, We are very sorry that you are having trouble with your RN10400 and want to offer you help. There are several options for us to assist. You can contact our support team at, ask a question on our forums:, or you can email us directly at Please get back to us when you get a moment-- we once again apologize for the problems. Regards, NETGEAR Team
All I could want ...9/8/2013 4:18:50 PM

Pros: Love all the plugs on it.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I was just about to re-wire my entire computer area as it was just a mess. Since I do wiring and computers, I was going to make everything custom ... but then my APC died and I bought this one (CyberPower is what we use on the servers at work ... and IT loves em). With all the plugs, I just connected multi-outlet strips (backed up strips I painted red) to each plug (since nothing really takes a lot of current anymore) and now I have a very neat computer area.

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