5/19/2016 12:46:10 AM

Pros: Lighting improvements over the previous version I bought (MX-2000) Looks slightly better overall Buttons take a decisive amount of force to click. I can rest my hand on top without clicking accidentally Came with 7 weights Driver software has any setting you need while being a very small program. Thumb button bigger and a more satisfying click than previous model thumb button. Too bad its farther away from my thumb.

Cons: Has one less button than the previous mx-2000 but now the DPI switch can be re assigned. No more ring finger button. No more side to side scroll buttons. Thumb button farther away from my thumb. I have medium sized hands and my normal resting state has my thumb completely off the switch.

Overall Review: This thing is so cheap for how well made it is. I have high hopes for this new one, I broke the previous mx-2000 by accidently crushing its scroll wheel into the mouse. It lasted me almost 4 years for 20 dollars. AMAZING.

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holy crap this mouse2/13/2016 10:53:06 PM

Pros: I bought one in 2013 and I'm still playing Csgo with it. seriously 25 bucks for 3 years. Seems to save button configurations internally because I reinstalled windows and my key binds were still there??? I did not reinstall the driver software. Comes with plenty of weights and extra pads. I lost the extra pads, so I super glued the other ones on. Not pretty but functional. Has a thumb button and a ring finger button which I set to double click and my push to talk. All buttons are responsive, not crisp anymore but that's to be expected after 3 years of FPS.

Cons: suffers slightly from walking. Which is where you lift up the mouse with your wrist planted over and over, then see if the cursor "walks" in any direction.

Overall Review: Absolutely blown away by this mouse. I can buy two more of these for the cost of a brand name gaming mouse and it seems to perform on the same level. Don't get sucked into other brands sensor race. In reality the extra sensor accuracy is not going to change your gaming abilities at all. BUY IT.

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Used for months on keyring1/30/2016 2:32:47 PM

Pros: Rugged, feels durable and has been on my keyring for months getting used for OS installs, data, kill disc, and back up storage and both of mine are going strong. 140/46 read/write which is plenty fast enough for 16 gb. (to fill it up at 46 MB/s it would take about 40 minutes to write)

Cons: Not quite what USB 3.0 is capable of but I dont care because its cost and seemingly durable design. For the people who seem to be getting ones that fail quickly I think they didn't do much quality assurance on this drive. Not having a cover can be a bad thing when the pins inside start to get worn down from use and dirt/dust.

Overall Review: Just bought 3 more. At under 50 cents per GB come on just buy it. I couldnt mark with a sharpie, (not a con really) as it just rubbed off. I have to file marks onto the ring to distinguish mine. When the next three get here I will have 32 GB with all my drivers backed up and my Windows install disc creator / kill disc creator / essential programs 16gb made into a kill disc, 16gb made into windows install disc, 16 gb with diagnostic/virus hunting programs, and 16 gb empty to have for any extraneous boot disc i may need. I kind of wish there was an 8 gb option as things like killdisc arent even a single MB and windows install doesnt need 16 gb.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
As seen on Linus Tech Tips!12/28/2015 3:30:40 PM

Pros: Love the feel of the switches. Very bright back light Volume wheel has small amount of feedback Customizable WASD/Arrow key brightness Cable routing (if you move your keyboard around a lot they dont work)

Cons: As wide as my old keyboard that had 3x as many macro buttons that I never needed so I thought i would downsize. The sloping sides of this keyboard take up too much room. The keys sort of float a little bit around the switch and Its the biggest noticeable difference between this and my old plastic dome keyboard. I don't know if that's an inherent property of real switches or just shoddy build quality.

Overall Review: Im glad i bought this for 70 dollars, It seems like it should last me a very long time as the keys are easy to remove and clean under.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Noctua is killing it with these low profile air coolers.12/28/2015 3:21:02 PM

Pros: I have this on my i7-4790k @ 4.0ghz no OC and at idle I sit at 28-35 c on all the cores with a room temp of 22 c. One fan doing both push and pull and optimal static pressure means it does the job of a much larger cooler 110mm tall means i could have more than 2 of these stacked up on each other in my Thermaltake Level 10

Cons: Price, no egg off because of it though, i believe in paying a higher price for something that will last. I was unable to attach a second fan that I purchased because my mobo has heat syncs on one side and ram on the other. But thats my fault for not checking clearance.

Overall Review: I bought this for my primary gaming rig because I want to be able to use it in a micro case eventually. I honestly have never seen an air cooler this small be so great.

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12/15/2015 3:14:40 PM

Pros: Quad cores makes newer games run a lot smoother Unlocked Not even necessary to over clock Dat Sale doe

Cons: Does run hot with stock cooler but thats because the stock intel cooler is worthless.

Overall Review: I picked up this and a z97 Classified mobo for 400 dollars!! Came with 8gb ram and free games Dat cyber monday deal man

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11/27/2015 1:07:19 PM

Pros: For most people the 1600mhz is just fine. Fills all my slots and thats when peak bandwidth on dual channel is reached 16 gbs is about the maximum needed for normal use of a gaming computer. You may be able to justify 32 gbs for video editing or modeling.

Cons: I would have liked to see 1866mhz standard on these but no luck no eggs off because I knew what i was buying.

Overall Review: To test these I used a 32x32 texture pack on minecraft and loaded up 32 chunk view distance in 64bit java and was able to load up to 10gb of map. (you have to manually set the java memory limits in the custom profile settings)

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11/26/2015 10:27:56 AM

Pros: Small enough to fit in a guys pocket. Comes with a uniquely short micro usb Supports 2.1a charging (aka fast charging) Rubber textured plastic feels nice Auto turns off when device is full

Cons: For the price I paid (9.99) there really is no con unless this catches on fire.

Overall Review: It came with a full charge but I was going to drain it and recharge it so I could get an idea of how long it lasted vs how long it needed to charge. It took me until the next day to drain it. I put every device I could on it to drain it down and it took forever

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11/16/2015 3:13:37 PM

Pros: Macro key making on the fly 3 Different profiles via just the keyboard Logitech gaming software suite has always been fairly easy to use Screen is best served as a time/date or MSI afterburner HUD Has a Keypad USB ports x2 12 G keys on the left side for macros or custom hotkeys Cable routing channels underneath (only work if the keyboard stays relatively stationary)

Cons: The actual keys have gotten soft over time and seem to be plastic flexing This actually makes them easier to press but less tactile response for those looking for a more precision click. PRICE. Dont buy it here, obviously nobody else has. I'd even say try to find it used because its a great buy on the cheap.

Overall Review: Im glad i got this from a friend for half the price thats listed everywhere else besides here.

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11/15/2015 11:58:29 AM

Pros: Read/ write speeds were as advertised 1400/700. Windows 8 boots in 20 seconds, most of that is probably my slow bios. From sleep my monitors are the last thing to turn on Option to move into a laptop if needed

Cons: Is less mobile, no easy tray to hotswap on pcie cards (just an idea)

Overall Review: Glad i got it, 3x faster than a sata ssd and games that load alot from the hard drive go much quicker than before.

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9/19/2015 2:03:18 AM

Pros: UEFI Bios is simple and has all the options you want Automatically installed drivers for Windows 8, I only had to do the graphics driver. Under 100 dollars

Cons: None that I encountered. Any lack of features can be explained by the price point.

Overall Review: Very impressed with its readiness for win 8. I didnt think Win 8 would download the chipset drivers automatically but it does and Its very easy.

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9/19/2015 1:55:05 AM

Pros: Fast. Priced reasonably for its performance 3 Antennas Comes with small form factor bracket 2.4 or 5 ghz

Cons: wont make me breakfast

Overall Review: I have bought 3 of these and none have had even the slightest problem yet after roughly 6 months. I can really utilize my 100 mb connection and have seen speeds of 300 mbs via lan transfer over a usb 3.0 network drive.

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7/23/2015 3:20:12 PM

Pros: It contains perks one would see in a much more expensive case. I personally would love to have tons of these just for the ease at which you can switch motherboards out. Multiple levels in the case give it a more compact footprint while streaming more air over the components that need it most. Hard drive bays are hot swappable and in the front Lots of space to route cables

Cons: Taller than I expected, but I could have done the measurements so no eggs off. Badge on the front cant be taken off without gaping hole. I was going to replace it with a sick MSI badge.

Overall Review: Not small enough for the top of a desk but I use it in my living room and I just barely didnt have enough room for it in the entertainment center, so the glass shelf is now resting a few inches in the air with wood blocks on the case corners (to keep from blocking the top vent) This was because I didnt measure and I was barely wrong enough to have to work around it.

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6/8/2015 10:26:28 PM

Pros: Efficient little card excellent for light gaming.

Cons: Will not do 60 fps on modern games maxed out There was essentially 3 versions of this exact card all for the same price. A normal card, a superclocked, and a superclocked with 2gbs. And I accidently bought this one instead of the 2gb. Make sure you check the prices on each one

Overall Review: This is probably the best card Ive seen thats compact and less than 150 dollars.

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2/25/2015 8:37:46 AM

Pros: As stated in its description the light is very bright and white colored (makes me see how dusty my desk is!) With diffusers these could be makeshift mini stage lamps. Wood Pattern grain on the lamp looks really nice with my desk which is also wooden. Armed with a magnifying glass I tested its "Sharp visibility for more detail" and color distortion and it is excellent for viewing anything you want up close. Text on paper is very easy to read with this lamp and should be its primary function.

Cons: 26 inch height refers to extended out height so the light is shining horizontally. Its a terrible light this way because its not enough to really light a room up if pointed at a wall and is much to bright to be pointed towards the face. In reality this light is only a little over a foot tall when facing downward at the desk, which means the desk is the only real use for it. The description also said "Glare free for computer use" So i pointed it at my monitors and its not really a focused point of glare but a softer glare. but its definitely still there so if thats a breaking point for you dont buy this. If not on sale then the price makes it too expensive. They are trying to sell it as a mood lamp which it isnt. It doesnt give off the same intensity as the sun so it wont do much for your mood besides the placebo + having a new lamp thats so bright!

Overall Review: Im satisfied with the lamp because I got it on sale and it does what I need it to do. I only knocked one egg off because of the price when not on sale.

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Works1/19/2015 8:06:28 PM

Pros: Converts my computers DVI port to an HDMI

Cons: Does not cook and clean

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Great1/19/2015 8:01:35 PM

Pros: Cheap 7.1 surround sound Dual charging station and usb dock Long battery life (dont charge it until its dead!) Sound is sharp and crisp Easily drowns out noise Logitech Gaming Software is easy to use

Cons: Have never been able to get the mic to work in any game though it comes through the headset just fine. (Using Realtek HD audio drivers and Logitech Gaming Software) Not comfortable for long periods of time, top of my head and ears are sore after about 2 hours wearing them. Not terribly sturdy, but not a problem for careful users. I see it lasting a few years with no accidents.

Overall Review: I use the usb dock/charger for my other computer's mouse and as an extra charger for when friends are over. It charges most phones but slowly depending on the usb port you're using. If you have it, a low battery message will show up on the Logitech G13 gamepad when its critically low and will show you when you've turned on surround sound or not. When listening to high bitrate music turn surround sound off or else you get a lot of clipping. (Havent really tested with movies in 7.1 surround sound.) If you spend hours on end playing games get something more comfortable.

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7/26/2014 12:06:08 PM

Pros: Effectively doubled my battery life. Better for battery life to start charging around 60-70% to top it off and this case will do that twice fully before its done. kickstand = meh its just long enough to keep your phone up but if anything bumps it not so much. Gives the s4 more grip in your hand and makes it feel more solid in general.

Cons: As a phone case goes, it wasnt very tough. A couple of drops and the top part that kept my phone in the case had chips. But the case finally died when I accidently dropped my phone in water (phone is completely fine)

Overall Review: Im probably going to buy a different charging case that is more durable.

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7/26/2014 11:33:36 AM

Pros: Its actually really good and you should buy it, lots of USB 3.0 and it sits right next to my monitor with my gamepad, keyboard, flashdrive and webcam all plugged into it. I was skeptical about the name, and the box had some grammar issues but the product is good. Power adapter for when you have lots of power hungry devices! Glowing blue logo if your setup is blue based. Little numbered light tells you if the port is working or not when you plug something in. Looks sleek and feels durable. Buy this one. Ive had it just over a year and it hasnt shown any signs of wear.

Cons: The only reason I dock an egg is because when I turn on from sleep, or even from off, it doesnt refresh whats connected to it so they stay off and I've had to unplug it and re plug it in (might just be a Windows fault, not sure yet). It works great otherwise.

Overall Review: I recommend buying the 10x usb one, and just have all your peripherals run through a hub on the desk (with power adapter of course) and boom it becomes trouble shoot heaven if something goes wrong.

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5/4/2014 5:19:53 PM

Pros: Had strong signal

Cons: Stopped working after two days, was intermittent.

Overall Review: Not exactly worth the hassle.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Please contact our support team to assist you with warranty options. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: rma@rosewill.com Email2: techsupport@rosewill.com We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
4/11/2014 6:46:10 PM

Pros: Got for 50 cents/GB so thats a pro. Speeds are significantly faster than spinning disc drives, particularly in seek time. There is no seek time. 240 GB is big for an SSD, Im putting my entire steam library on it.

Cons: Probably was just me, but I had some trouble moving my OS from my smaller SSD to this one. But I wont knock eggs off for that. I recommend using Paragon Migrate OS to SSD. Its the entire program, and its super simple.

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3/12/2014 9:12:02 PM

Pros: Does what its supposed to do. Got on sale for 60 dollars Plugged everything in and called Comcast, I was online in 30 minutes. Fast modem, can handle any speed package you have with Comcast. Doesnt overheat or turn off randomly or need to be reset (not that i've seen yet)

Cons: May not have been the hardware's fault, but It did take multiple tries to get the comcast network to accept the modem. The lady said that was not normal and usually only took one or two tries. I wont knock an egg though because that couldve been a multitude of things.

Overall Review: Has some weird design of shaped holes in the plastic, not sure if its aesthetics or for cooling. Either way it works and I have had no issues so far.

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3/12/2014 9:04:52 PM

Pros: Goes below advertised frequency, I got mine to 28 hz but it was very quiet. 30 hz and above is enough to fill my entire apartment with chest thumping bass. Got on sale for 100 dollars I got the black one and it looks perfect with my other black wood sided speakers. Has RCA inputs as well as speaker cable inputs/outputs. I recently moved and something went wrong with my receiver where the sub out was not working. It was not a problem though, I wired up just one of my satellite speakers through the sub and it works perfectly.

Cons: None for the price I paid, but for 250 dollars I would've expected a lot more out of it. Ill take an egg off for the price tag.

Overall Review: This sub has presence and depth but one would expect it to hit a bit harder, the punchy sound some people describe it as. I am listening on carpet, If you have hard floors, this woofer will sound a lot better.

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3/12/2014 8:11:50 PM

Pros: Best sound quality human ears can hear. Directionality aside, 320kbs properly mixed audio played through these speakers is no different from sounds in real life. Four of these spaced properly in a 5.1 surround system would be a godly home theater system and being a klipsch product, they will certainly last forever. My old pair of klipsch's is going on 10 years old and sound exactly the same. Comes with rubber footies to elevate them slightly and for grip, I only put two on the front ends of mine, to angle them up slightly towards my head.

Cons: Size. I have a couple of these but they are a few inches taller and wider and I was expecting the same, though being lazy I did not bother to measure. For almost 300 dollars you expect a bit bigger speakers than these.

Overall Review: I got these on sale, no way I would pay close to 300 dollars for them. But you definitely get the quality you are looking for. I have these as my front left and front right with a pair of Denon satellites as my left and right and a 100 watt 10 inch sub.

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1/29/2014 12:03:25 AM

Pros: No ghosting so far Havent used the hotkeys on the side at all because I have a G13 Illumination on nice mechanical keys is pro. Calculator key comes in handy more often than you'd think.

Cons: "Wrist Support" is useless for anyone with hands bigger than those of a small monkey.

Overall Review: Good keyboard!

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