unbelievable1/14/2012 1:22:15 PM

Pros: This is by far the best monitor I've ever seen. If you love gaming, it's worth every penny. I cannot believe the difference 120 Hz makes. You may have to see it to believe it. It's like going your whole life being near sighted, and then putting on a pair of glasses when you're 20 and realizing trees have leaves. Regular, 60 hz monitors have a lot of "flicker" or "stuttering" that is completely gone on this monitor. I spent the first 30 minutes just moving windows around my desktop with my jaw agape at how smoothly they move around. BF3 is INCREDIBLY smooth as is SC2, SWTOR, etc. I have a permanent grin on my face whenever I play a game simply because of the incredible smoothness. -zero input lag (can read other reviews online where they've tested this monitor relative to CRTs) -120Hz -height adjustment -superb color and brightness you'd expect from one of the best monitors out there -RGB component inputs for my xbox or other forms of media

Cons: -Glossy panel, but nothing a set of blinds wont solve -$100 more than most, nice 60hz LCDs. -not LED backlit

Overall Review: System Specs: Intel 2500k (@ 4.2 ghz) MSI P67A-GD65 8 Gigs Ram Nvidia 560 ti Win 7 Ultimate - 64 bit

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Outstanding!! Worth every penny!10/5/2011 8:07:43 AM

Pros: -5.1 sourround sound -USB or 5.1 sound card compatible -control puck works perfectly and really helps you to differentiate between front / rear channels in games (every game renders the surround sound differently and without the puck, I would have to load a different profile before every game and spend a lot of time setting up those profiles) -incredible amount of control over the sound in the driver software -bass is incredible, can go so high it tickles my ears and is overkill for me...some people can't get enough :) -audiophiles beware, these sill give your sennheisers a run for their money, but with more flexibility, bass, and 5.1 surround (my roommate has a pair of $300 Sennheisers, and they are simply amazing, but I'm serious, these are pretty darned close... especially for the money)

Cons: -driver software a bit buggy (for example, in order to access all of the features, you have to right click the speaker icon on the left, but there is nothing prompting you to do that... took me a couple hours to realize this) -to unleash the full potential of these headphones, they need to be configured, and that can take some time and patience and an attention to detail when it comes to sound quality... however, non-audiophiles will enjoy better than average sound quality right out of the box, but there is a monster lurking underneath if your palate is a bit more refined. -you can definitely hear people sneaking up behind you, and in movies the surround is great, but it's still not quite as good as having speakers behind you in a well-setup room, but I'm also not keeping others awake when playing games / movies late at night. -none of the little annoyances are enough to remove an egg, the sound is just too awesome

Overall Review: The sound in Battlefield 3 (beta) with these headphones is UNBELIEVABLE!!! BC2 had some of the best sound effects of any previous FPS, but BF3 blows it away! Ya, the graphics are great, but the sound is just amazing, especially through these headphones. My recommended settings for best quality: -5.1 surround (on) -Surround Max (off) (see below) -7.1 virtual speaker shifter (off) -flexbass (on) but reduce the cut-off frequency to between 100Hz-110Hz -play with the equalizer to your liking The most important sound quality setting is the following: Right click the speaker, go to speaker settings, and deactivate (un-check the box) "surround max". The additional "software emulated surround sound" is not needed at all, and just muffles the sound, making it sound like you're constantly in a hallway (over-engineered... just enjoy the 5.1 speakers) You must watch Avatar with these headphones on... yes it's a visually stunning movie, but you hear so much more with these head ph

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awesome card!!!8/29/2011 11:03:22 AM

Pros: -best bang for your buck -cuda -very overclockable -dual fans -quiet, unless you really crank up those fans, which is unnecessary if you have decent air flow in your case.

Cons: -a friend got one (on my recommendation) and one of the fans rubs on the case of the card (making a terrible racket). As always, newegg customer support took care of it right away. I've been a newegg customer since my first build in 2001 for this reason!! <3 <3

Overall Review: If BF3 is even a little slow, I will be buying another to run in SLI. Two of these is cheaper than a gtx 580, and much faster on every benchmark I've seen. System Specs: Intel i5 2500k (stock speeds for now) 8 gigs ddr 1600 1 Tb drive MSI mobo

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awesome drive - so fast and huge3/14/2011 8:51:27 PM

Pros: Huge, cheap, fast!!!!

Cons: none

Overall Review: Partitioned the first 100 gigs as boot drive for windows and a few games, games load MUCH MUCH faster than they used to on my old, 150 Gb drive. Benchmarks showing much lower seek time. Could not be happier!

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love / hate12/9/2010 5:33:16 PM

Pros: I've owned a razer diamondback for almost 5 years now, and it's still kicking, but lately I've been gaming a lot more (SCII and some FPS's) and I feel the need for more / adjustable DPI. This mouse fits me like a glove. I claw / fingertip grip mice and this works great. You could also palm this mouse with ease, if that suits you. Asthetically, this mouse is superb. The drivers are great. You can set 5 different sensitivity levels to suit your needs. I prefer the thumb buttons in the rearward position (because I "claw"). Being able to move those buttons was what first drew me to this mouse.

Cons: The material for the thumb is grippy, until I use it for 30 minutes, then my thumb starts to sweat and it's pretty annoying. I've never had that problem with any other mouse. I will be returning this mouse because of the z-axis bug... because of the increased sensitivity, I dont have to pick up the mouse very often, but when i do, the cursor or my view (in a FPS) goes down and to the left, and it's really annoying... I have to search for the cursor or move to compensate, which drains my wrist. I've installed the latest firmware and drivers which did not fix the problem. My roommate bought a G500 at the same time as me and his doesnt do that at all, so I will be getting that as a replacement. Also, something that scares me, is 3 hours after first plugging in the mouse, it just stopped responding... yikes... I definitely don't want it to fail on me in a couple months and I'm out an $80 mouse.

Overall Review: I hope razer gets the z-axis bug figured out. I'm pretty sure it's hardware related, which sucks. I have loved my diamondback for years, and it's a shame I can't continue to patronize razer.

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it works...8/11/2008 8:56:56 AM

Pros: It works. It's not too loud. It's cheap. It matches my case. It's the 4th one I've owned, and I've never had a problem with any of them.

Cons: It's not a bluray player too...

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They way it was meant to be priced...8/11/2008 8:53:32 AM

Pros: For $150, you can't beat it! It runs supreme commander with 1000 little gunships flying around, on a 22" monitor on high settings. I couldn't be happier.

Cons: I don't have a second one yet... because it's just too fast...

Overall Review: E8500 @ 3.8Ghz, G.Skill DDR2-800, DFI lan party x48 mobo. It's my budget gaming rig...

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awesome!8/11/2008 8:49:35 AM

Pros: What can I say? It's awesome!

Cons: It's not 1TB.

Overall Review: E8500 @ 3.16ghz, 4gig G.Skill ddr2-800, ASUS 4850, DFI lan party x48 mobo, 750W PSU. hit 3.8Ghz with ease on the 8500. I don't see any reason to push it any harder.

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DA-lite manual screen is great!!!1/12/2008 6:17:34 AM

Pros: It's lightweight, solidly constructed, and works perfectly. I have no problems getting it to retract fully on the first try, and it pulls down with minimal effort. The screen quality is superb and really makes my projector image look great! I'm using it with an Epson Home Cinema 400 (720p) and play mostly xbox 360 games and watch movies. The picture is outstanding, and at less than half the cost of a nice LCD TV! At roughly $70 shipped, this screen is an absolute steal!!

Cons: it's not electric? (but I didn't want to pay $200+)

Overall Review: I considered one of the other brands, but at a friend's recommendation, I bought this, and could not be happier!

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