Improvement over Atom, but not much2/22/2011 11:56:22 PM

Pros: Idles at ~34 watts, ~39w playing 1080p h.264 through XMBC (~15-30 cpu, 805MB ram usage), slightly faster than atom/ion (5-10%), Youtube 1080p flash plays smoothly now with adobe 10.2. Youtube HD and smoother web browsing is a ++

Cons: Still stutters when playing 1080p h.264 videos through MPC or VLC. Still needs XMBC hardware acceleration like the ion to play smoothly.

Overall Review: Gigabyte E-350 (Zacate) Seagate XT 500gb 2 x 1.5TB Seagate LP 2 x 4GB G.Skill ECO 1066MHz @ 1.3v Lite-on Multi-Drive ***Asus Atom 330/Ion with same config. but with 1.65v ram. I also have N550/Ion2 Netbook and first gen Atom 230 itx when intel release mobo. Bought this hoping it could out perform the Atom/Ion in video playback. Used about 5 watts less than my Atom. Atom/Ion OC 2GHz idled @ ~40w, played 1080p @ ~44-46w. It might be because of my 1.3v ram vs my 1.65v and OCed. I would say the CPU is about 5-10% faster than a D525. Graphic wise it would be similar to an Ion 2. HD 6310 would be faster in some cases and vice versa. **Use a power efficient psu and you'll notice about ~15-20w difference. Everything is measured with Kill-A-Watt. Mobo, 1 standard hard drive, and ram only = ~24-26w idle. Boot with non efficient psu = ~40-44w idle (Mobo,1 Hard D., Ram). Overall if you have an Atom/Ion/2 it is not a big upgrade. If you don't have a low power PC yet, get this over the At

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Low Voltage2/22/2011 10:40:49 PM

Pros: Bought for Gigabyte Zacate platform. It ran at 1066MHz (1.6v) by default. I decided to kept the frequency but adjust the timing and voltage. Now Running @ 7-7-7-20 @ 1.3v. Works great!

Cons: none

Overall Review: 2-3 watts decrease (measured by kill-a-watt)

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