fail rate11/14/2010 2:18:30 AM

Pros: Good ammount of storage, good price.

Cons: I owned the drive for approx a year and a half, no issues. then one day my computer freezes, after a reboot the drive was lost. the disk spun up but would not be recognized. i guess you get what you paid for...

Overall Review: Drives will die sooner or later, these just happen to die more often than others. If you do purchase this drive be sure to upgrade the firmware to the latest available release.

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good stuff2/12/2009 9:28:32 AM

Pros: single slot video card with good speccs. Doesnt take up two expansion slots like the other behemoths like it's kin.

Cons: lengthey, about this long -->| |<-- (note: not to scale)

Overall Review: if you are strapped for space and you want room for other expansion cards this is the way to go. again, beware how long this little sucker is though...

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